Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 53


“Shouldn’t we report it first to sensei?”

Akabane looked troubled.

Once they knew the hideout of the Hidden Mist’s ninja, the other two want to go there to confront them head-on.

“Hmm, Let’s check them first from outside. We won’t go in!”

Tsunade said excitedly.

I’m convinced that you’ve said that before…

Akabane murmured secretly in his heart.

He looked at Orochimaru, hoping that he had a better thought of the situation.

Orochimaru thought of something for a moment, and explained, “I think that sensei asked us to came here because he wants to test us again like before, so it wouldn’t be a problem if we keep checking the hideout first.”


Orochimaru is just as reckless as her…

Akabane sighed lightly, and the two didn’t care about his “reasonable” advice.

At this moment, they have already set off, ready to go to the rebel’s hideout.

Seeing his teammates had left him, Akabane can only follow them even if he knew it would be a bad idea.

The hideout was located on the upper reaches of the river, and they saw a mountain not long before they went there.

“It isn’t far away.”

Orochimaru whispered to Akabane.

“There must be a Jounin as their leader, I supposed, so we can’t go further than this!”

Akabane just doesn’t want to throw his life easier, and have to face a Jounin is like approaching a death sentence.

“Akaba-Kun, what does kill you makes you stronger, don’t you think it’s a good opportunity for us?”

Orochimaru said it while licked his lips. He looked like to be ready for everything.

“Opportunity? Do you think their leader is retarded!?”

Akabane rudely retorted.

For him, one retarded like Jiraiya’s work is enough.

“I’m not sure why we should check it out.”

Orochimaru pointed to the front.

Akabane felt something and then looked up. There, he noticed some bushes shrugging.


By that time, he realized.

His opponents who have never seen a real art must be obsessed with Jiraiya’s comic.

“Wait… I have a certain plan.”

Akabane analyzed his situation smoothly, then quietly stepped back to hide.

“What are you talking about?”

Tsunade was confused.

But then she saw Akabane sitting down and quickly swiped the pen.

“Why the hell he is drawing an adult content at this time!?”

She leaned over, and Chakra is surging on her body.

As she is about to take a good punch to Akabane, “Tsunade, wait!”

Orochimaru hurriedly held her. He knew it would be the right time to fight with each other.

“I don’t like this kind of drawing, but I want to let them know about the real meaning of art.”

After he finished painting, Tsunade glanced at it and found that it truly looked amazing, more erotic and seductive style. Even as a woman, she wanted to read it a bit.

“That’s it?”

Orochimaru finished reading it and realized that Akabane had no intention to continue drawing.

“I said, I don’t like this kind of art. One page is enough to deal with these invaders.”

Akabane said proudly.

“What is your next move?”

It looked like Tsunade had a better understanding of his plan.

“I’ll summon a shadow clone in disguise, and then go there to show them the drawing.”

“After that, we will wait for the signal. If suddenly my clone is forced back to me, it means we must retreat immediately.”

With such a dangerous task, his shadow clone is a perfect subject for it.

“This is the best plan that I’ve thought.”

Tsunade and Oshemaru looked at each other and nodded in response.

As they instinctively agreed at one thing.

Akabane is a dependable person in times of crisis, just as their teacher told them.

Akabane cast his shadow clone, then used Transformation Jutsu to disguised the clone as one of the ninjas before.

Akabane handed over the drawing. Then the clone looked at it dumbfounded.

He just knew whether he or the drawing wouldn’t return in the end…

“Go now. I will remember your sacrifice.”

There is nothing more humiliating other than holding an erotic drawing for some pervert invaders. But he won’t say anything else.

The clone took the drawing and went to the cave entrance.

Passing by the bush, he glanced, and those invaders were still reading Jiraiya’s comic obsessively.

Without daring to interrupt their doing, Akabane’s clone continued to move forward until reaching the mountain, and no one came to a stop or probed him.

“They don’t do anything to me, why they were so scared…”

He secretly complained.

With only a few pages that he held, such an erotic story could cause an uproar. Thus he must handle it with care.

The greatest physicological weapon!

The clone shook his head and continued to move forward.

Then a fire appeared, followed by a narrow cave entrance. The cave was camouflaged, and it was difficult for ordinary people to detect it without looking closely.

Just stepping into the cave, he said, “Boss, it’s me.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve sent someone to searched outside and found the remaining pieces of that white-haired kid, but he couldn’t catch him, and I came to give it to you.”

The clone said respectfully.

“Another page? Hand it to me.”

the leader walked out from inside, and after receiving it, his face looked surprised.”

After just a few glances, he was ready to keep on reading, but unfortunately, they’re only one page of it.

“Ahh damn it, you only got this page?”

He asked irritably.


Akabane said with shame.

“Where did you find it?”

“He found it by the river…”

The words that the clone said were half-truths, leading the leader to go check it by himself

“There is only one person there?”

“Yes, boss, he seems to have separated with his friends perhaps because of his strange ninjutsu before.”

The clone continued to explain.

The leader was struggling to endure it, but he was moved when he heard that there was only one of them.

He thought, if he can capture the boy, not only he can get the next pages, he can also use him as trading with the Konoha.

I was catching two birds in one shot!

”Take me there to see it.”



The clone turned around and immediately led the way, but after a few steps, he asked with some worry, “Boss, what if Konoha’s ninja found this place while we were going outside?”

“Even the Uzumaki Village doesn’t know that we were here, how for a Konoha’s ninja know if they only have been here for a few days, impossible.”

“Besides, does this matter?”

He sneered. Konoha’s strength was amazing. If they found out his hideout, he will leave his comrade without a second thought.

What a nasty person!

“Yes, sir!”

According to Akabane’s guess, there should be no other Jounin here, and their leadership is fragile.

This is our Opportunity. We have a chance to win!

Thinking of this, he didn’t imagine that he could lure the leader himself to go outside alone, while the leader seemed to be close with the ninja whom he took the form of, with his surname of Yanagawa.

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