Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 54


“It works!”

Akabane just happened to be able to see his clone successfully lure the leader out of his hideout.

“Good, I cant wait to put some sense to that leader.”

Tsunade clenched her fist.

It was all because of the invaders that ruined the happiness of Uzumaki.

Even though she is not from the Uzumaki Clan, it’s her relationship with her grandma that made her felt that way.

“Calm down. We have to wait for now.”

Orochimaru held tight his kunai.

This is a chance to prove themselves on how they could overcome their situation.

Akabane’s clone leads the way with the leader to the river. Then he waved his hand as a signal for everyone to start stalking behind.

Orochimaru and Tsunade left instantly and headed for the mountain.

“You two should be enough to fight him. I’ll stay here.”

 Akabane sat cross-legged in a hidden position down the mountain while observing the movement around the hideout; he starts to restore his chakra.

He had wasted too much chakra after two consecutive summoning shadow clones.

On the other side.

 The clone and the leader had arrived at the river where he told him before.

“So, you met him here?”

Something felt wrong!

He was suspicious but did not do anything because he is obsessed with the erotic comic.

“Yes, boss, that kid had put up a good fight with our man, and he managed to escape leaving his pages scattered around here…”

The clone made up some false details.

The leader stepped on the liquid under his foot and understood in his heart why his man was ambushed.

“Stupid! You aren’t even able to catch one boy, shameful of you!”

“Yes, boss, I’m very sorry…”

The clone must keep acting like his subordinate and admit his mistake.

After that, the clone pointed to the location of Uzumaki Village and said, “He was able to escape when we chased him near the village border. That’s where we stop because it was too risky.”

“With our power, we can’t just enter the village for the time being.”

When it comes to the Village, even the leader must admit their lack of manpower.

But here was the problem, if he didn’t dare to enter the Uzumaki Village, how could he delay the plan?

Just to think about it makes him a headache.

To let the leader return to the hideout will put Orochimaru and Tsunade at great risk.

In any case, he must stall for a little longer or give them a warning!


“Yanagawa, what are you thinking?”

The leader asked lightly.

 The clone suddenly trembled. He felt some murderous aura targeting him.

Did he suspect me?

He made a decisive decision, instantly forming a seal with both hands, and used substitution jutsu to changed his positions.

“Water Release Water dragon bullet Jutsu!”

The huge chakra surged, and a magnificent water dragon jumped out of the river, just in the blink of an eye…

It was too fast!

Just before the clone managed to escape, he was hit by the water dragon.

But at the same time, he able to released his last ninjutsu

Hell Viewing Jutsu!

The clone had disappeared, Akabane felt it instantly.

“He was hit by the water dragon, insane!”

The water dragon is B-level ninjutsu. It belongs to the powerful water release that only a Jounin can use.

Not to mention, he was only using a shadow clone. It was an inevitable outcome.

More than that, Jounin’s combat experience is far beyond him.

Complete defeat!

Akabane quickly got up and headed up to aid his teammates. Now he had acknowledged the strength of their leader. He had to finish all the invaders on the hideout as soon as possible.

Not long after…


A loud noise came from the corner of the mountain.

Needless to say, Tsunade couldn’t hold back, and her fist was stronger.

Akabane quickly approached there, and a moment later, another big tree was broken, and the tall trunk fell straight down.

“That was too much!”

The physique and chakra of the Senju Clan are almost abnormal. Those who were unlucky enough to take a direct hit by her will be dead in an instant.

A trace of cold sweat appeared on Akabane’s forehead.

“Tsunade, the leader, has taken notice of our plan. We should retreat!”

After a command, Akabane quickly moved to another direction.

“What? Damn it!”

Tsunade heard it but tried to catching up with a ninja and killing him with a full blow, and then she was about to find Orochimaru.

However, they turned around and found a figure at the foot of the mountain quickly approaching.

“argh, we got no more time. I’ll finish it!”

Tsunade shouted out, and then ran up the mountain quickly, reaching the top of the cave in a short time.

She lands a clean hit on the cave entrance


With a loud noise, the cave couldn’t bear the huge force.

With another punch, the cave collapsed.

“Retreat now!”

After yelling, Tsunade fled directly to Uzumaki Village without looking back.


Akabane was surprised that she managed to block the rebel’s entrance and then retreat towards Uzumaki Village.

Although it was unclear if Hiruzen was secretly protecting them, from the strength analysis, the combat prowess of the Jounin was far from what they could handle.

On hearing the signal, Orochimaru immediately gave up his fight and quickly retreated to Uzumaki Village.


“Three Gennin dares to mess up with me and my hideout, who do you think you’re facing right now? For I am Akima Takaichi, the leader of the invaders.”

An indifferent voice was heard, and a thick fog filled the surrounding area.

The Hidden Mist Jutsu covered the entire mountain!

Orochimaru looked hesitant, and after knowing what was wrong, he quickly evacuated toward Akabane and the others.

“We have to go back right now!”

Akabane also noticed the fog that was gradually spreading. If he didn’t go back at this time, it would be a death sentence for them.

“How could we find Jiraiya in the mist?”

Tsunade was anxious.

She couldn’t save Jilaiya, and if she couldn’t save Orochimaru as well, she will breakdown.

“Follow my lead.”

Akabane made it simple and led the way directly.

The fog is the hunting ground of Hidden Mist Ninja, Akima is a Jounin level ninja, but he was baffled on how Akabane able to talked and navigated in the fog.

Although Orochimaru hasn’t trained in this certain situation, he had a very strong memory, and he clearly remembered the location of the mountain road and Akabane’s last location. He used both the instantaneous Jutsu and the substitute Jutsu, and he did not dare to stop.


There was a faint sound, and Orochimaru immediately turned sideways, and at the same time made a big breakthrough with hand seals.

The whirlwind flew out, and although the mist could not be blown away, the shurikens were blown down.


There was a splash of water, and then Orochimaru sensed a chakra wave.

Water Release Water Bomb!

Its power was outstanding

Orochimaru’s face was slightly pale, and he couldn’t move for a while,

just at this moment…


A big tree fell from the fog, blocking the middle of Orochimaru and the opponent, and the water bomb was blocked by the trunk for a while.

At this slight window, Orochimaru barely slipped away.


He was stunned and then moved slightly in his heart.

“Don’t talk nonsense, what else should we do next?”

“The opponent’s Chakra has at most 10% left. We’ll fight and retreat soon after, just enough time to depleted his chakra. He wouldn’t dare to chase us again after that.”

“Your part is important. Listen to my orders closely; don’t act on your own.”

Akabane said calmly.

“I know.”

Tsunade looked solemn.

With her extraordinary strength, she was facing a ninja with two-level above them. She is invaluable.

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