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Comic System In Narutos World Chapter 57


“This punch simply takes the Chakra control to another level.”

Tsunade marveled at Akabane’s ability to used his ninjutsu, but at the same time, she was extremely distressed. “Doesn’t that means it needs much stronger control?”

“You said that you’re clueless, I just gave you a clue, the rest is up to you to decide.”

After Akabane finished speaking, the illusion collapsed.

How to learn it is her’s problem to solve. This is the process she must go through.

But she is too impatient now, if he intervenes more than this, it would be bad for her.

“You are right. There is already a clue. I’ll figure it out myself.”

If it’s just a control, I can do it!

Tsunade took a deep breath, then jumped up and continued her training.


Her movements were still full of flaws.

At first, Tsunade was a little impatient, but after a few tries, she gradually figured some tricks, and her Chakra control became more stable.

Akabane was not surprised by her progress.

After all, she will be one of the Three Legendary Ninja.

It was coming from her personality and mentality. She just needs small guidance.

After she settled down, she slowly gets used to it, and everything will come naturally.

“It’s amusing when you’re serious.”

He stepped aside, lying on the grass while watching her.

The noise came one after another, but from the sound and movement becoming more and more efficient, it can be seen that she had made great progress.

She began to control her strength and save unnecessary Chakra consumption.

Akabane spent the afternoon with the ear-filling roar until evening…

“Hahahaha, I finally made it.”

With a big laugh, she quickly bombarded the ground with one punch, and every punch had the same power.

“That was just the first step, and now you have another mission.”

Akabane finished speaking. He yawns, looking sleepy.

Although this place is only a barren land, it still belongs to Uzumaki Village, and she smashed it into this small hole that had to be dealt with.

“I know you don’t need to remind you.”

Tsunade smiled and started to push back the surrounding soil and rocks.

As Akabane said, controlling power is only the first step.

If you want to use the full power of the Chakra control, she must control it while exploding the force at one point.

Moreover, the real Chakra control is not just relying on fists but can be used anywhere within her body.

In short, Tsunade wasn’t even close.

“Well, the only benefit you have with so many holes here is that in the future, you can plant some trees here.” Akabane stood up and looked around, smiling and joking.

Tsunade surprisingly did not refute, but was silent for a moment and said, “That’s good, at least it shows that I’m useful.”

“Ha, don’t be arrogant.”

Akabane kicked some dirt in with his foot, pretending to be helping her cleaning the mess.

“That’s true. At least I can fight a Chuunin, much better than that idiot, Jiraiya.”

Tsunade said with a smile.

“Jiraiya, he is really stupid for a lot of reasons.”

Akabane seemed to have a feeling, glanced back, and then agreed with her knowing Jiraiya’s characters.

A moment later…

“Damn your flat chest, talking behind me again!?”

An angry voice came from the forest behind, and a figure jumped out of the tree in the next second and revealed his identity.


Tsunade was surprised and delighted but followed by another burst of anger.

Flat chest!?

What a joke! I just haven’t developed it!

She clenched her fist and about to rush towards him, but she took a deep breath and told herself, “Huh, Restrain…”

“Hey, Jiraiya! Where did you go?”

Akabane asked while smiling gladly.

“Do not mention it, a weird place, I was forced to learn some weird ancient ninjutsu, and I still haven’t figured it out yet.”

Jiraiya was also looked distressed and sighed, “I have to go back there within a few days. “

“Oh, it’s just so your style stupid, but to met, that kind of thing out of sudden is a blessing for your three lifetimes, you should cherish it.”

Tsunade’s words were harsh, but they also implied that she was concern about him.

Jiraiya didn’t notice it at all. Instead, he was angry with Tsunade’s harsh words and retorted: “Blessing? I don’t need to rely on such a place!”

“Okay, okay, but Jiraiya, you must learn it diligently, don’t waste such luck.”

Akabane interrupted their meaningless quarrel and continued to ask, “Did you say that someone forced you to practice?” “

That place is called Mountain Myoboku. There is a group of weird toads. I couldn’t believe it. First, there are such strong toads in this world!”

Jiraiya also remembered some of it with a bit of fear on his face.

Although his whole body was sore from the training, he had to admit that he made rapid progress during his time in the mountain.

“Mount Myoboku, huh?”

Akabane nodded, getting the answer that he already knew.

The sacred Mount Myoboku is full of mystery, and only a few people know their existence.

“Yeah, and I even saw a super scary big snake there!”

Jiraiya also showed off excitedly.

“Big snake? With so many terrifying beasts on Mount Myoboku, but there are still snakes who dare to go there!? “

Tsunade surprised was authentic.

Snake, although a toad predator, but a big toad fighting a big snake, was too much for her to swallow.

“If Mount Myoboku is a sacred place for the toads, and that kind of serpent dares to go there, it might also be a sacred place for the other psychic beasts.” Akabane said his “guess.”

“Indeed, I asked the toad, and it told me that the snake was from the Ryuchi Cave.

Jiraiya replied.

“Ryuchi Cave… is as mysterious as Mount Myoboku.”

Akabane sighed lightly, and couldn’t help but envy the Sannin’s luck.

Ryuchi Cave, Myoboku Mountain, and Shikkotsu Forest are the sacred places where the three beasts are located, which were met by Sannin in the future, and they will act as the protagonists of the Second Ninja World War.

However, it is not too strange to get two names at once, and the corresponding information will appear in the comics.

He secretly said in his heart.

“By the way, where’s Orochimaru? I feel stronger now. I want to test it with him!”

Jiraiya looked very stubborn and wanted to find someone to fighting.

He had just wanted to provoke Tsunade, but when he jumped down from the tree, and saw the big holes on the ground, and immediately stopped by the thought of death.

Akabane was speechless.

He didn’t know whether to say it or not. Just as Sasuke discovered that Naruto became stronger and began to change his character in the original story, he wasn’t sure what kind of character would change when Orochimaru, whose character was already a little broken.

What will he do when he sees Jiraiya?

Tsunade also considered this point and did not answer for a while.

Just when the two of them were lost in thought, the voice of Hiruzen came: “He is on the mountain behind Uzumaki Village. If you want to find him, then go.”

 “Thank you, Sensei, wait until I defeat Orochimaru, and then I’ll tell you everything that has happened.”

Jiraiya immediately jumped up from the treetops and headed towards the back of the mountain.

“Will they be okay, Sensei?”

Tsunade asked worriedly.

“It would be fine, don’t underestimate Orochimaru.”

Hiruzen said it while smoking from his pipe.


Akabane did not refute, and the future is inherently uncertain, and deep in his heart, he wants to know what happened with the Sannin during their training times, while Orochimaru is still very different from the future.

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