Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 58


“Orochimaru, Jiraiya has came back!”

The voice came first before the person arrived.

The loud shouts spread all over, and Orochimaru, who was practicing his ninjutsu, stopped.

“Oh, the idiot is back, at last, he looks very different.”

A smile appeared on his face.

There has been a lot of bad news recently, so the come back of Jiraiya has lightened the mood a little.

“Of course, this genius has trained on Mount Myoboku, and now I’ve surpassed you.”

Jiraiya said it proudly.

“Mount Myoboku?”

Orochimaru was startled slightly. It seems that the teacher and Akabane were right, and Jiraiya was indeed being chosen by a certain sacred spirit.

Then he inspected Jiraiya from the bottom to the top.

He doesn’t seem to be different from before?

“Come on, I’ll show you myself what real talent is!”

Jiraiya taunts Orochimaru arrogantly while clenching his fist.

“That’s what I meant.”

Orochimaru chuckled softly. He had just completed his training and had just mastered the ninjutsu and he needs someone to test his new ability.

Although I don’t know how far Jiraiya has improved, he is undoubtedly a decent opponent.

On the other side.

“Sensei, who do you think will win?”

Akabane sat on the stool and watched the live broadcast comfortably through Hiruzen’s crystal ball.

Hiruzen did not answer, but only keep smoking from his pipe.

Who will win?

To be honest, he didn’t have the answer right now, because he didn’t know what Jiraiya had learned.

Tsunade was shocked. This is her first time seeing Hiruzen used his Telescope Jutsu.

“Sensei, is this?”

She pointed to the crystal ball, a little in disbelief.

Hiruzen’s face was slightly stiff, and his hand holding the cigarette pipe shook, almost shaking the fire-hot soot into his hand.

“This ninjutsu…”

He thought about it, on how to put it simply for Tsunade.

“As I wrote in the comics, this crystal ball is ninjutsu called the Telescope Jutsu.”

Akabane helped Hiruzen to explain it.

“No, I’m not asking about that… with this kind of ninjutsu, there must be some other lewd usage!”

Tsunade clenched her fists and looked at the crystal ball suspiciously.

“Ahaha, Tsunade, how can you think of me that way… You would think of me doing that kind of stuff don’t you…?”

Hiruzen said it with a bit sweaty.

“What do I think? I think you did the same thing as what Jiraaiya did! No wonder you took him as your apprentice, ugh!”

Tsunade is surprisingly quick to catch up, and her sensitivity is quite strong with this kind of thing.

The mood was awkward in an instant.

Hiruzen smoked, thinking about how to repair his prestige as a teacher.

Akabane stared at Tsunade and said, “Tsunade, remember! Restraint and control!”


Taking a deep breath, she gradually loosened her emotion.

But, seeing her reaction before seemed to warn Hiruzen to be more careful next time, very careful…

“Cough cough…Look at them!”

Hiruzen awkwardly changed the topic, if not, he doesn’t know how long he could maintain his remaining dignity any longer.

Hiruzen vowed deeply in his heart that he would never show this ninjutsu in front of Tsunade ever again after remembered that Jiraiya was hospitalized because of it.

While they were arguing about this, in the crystal ball, Jiraiya and Orochimaru had almost finished.

“Look! “

Akabane interrupted their thoughts.

Let the two people turn their eyes back to the crystal.

“Vacuum Wave!?”

Tsunade was baffled, this afternoon, Orochimaru had mastered vacuum wave, and this proofed that his talent was indeed undoubted.

“Not only ninjutsu but also a gap in combat experience.”

Hiruzen tried to give a depth explanation of it.

Jiraiya was also forced into the corner by the vacuum wave.

Moreover, Orochimaru still has a lot of stamina to spare.

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave!


With a loud noise, the vacuum wave slightly missed Jiraiya’s head and blasted a rock behind him into debris.

“Your lost.”

Orochimaru said it nonchalantly.

Jiraiya was still shocked and disbelief.

Afterward, he touched his nose angrily and said, “I haven’t summoned Gamabunta, otherwise you are far from being a winner!”

Gamabunta is still at his young age right now, but even though his strength is already sufficient.

However, Jiraiya didn’t want to rely on anyone.

“You have quite notable progress, but I don’t just hang around on your absence.”

Orochimaru consoled his heart.

Akabane snuck a glance at Tsunade – both of them were so proud of themselves, obviously caring about Jiraiya, yet they made such a face.

“This genius will surpass you, Just you wait and see!”

Jiraiya was also lost for a while. Anyway, he was used to losing and he didn’t care about winning or losing this match, he simply just want to prove his progress.

Orochimaru is different.

If it turned out that he didn’t even need to use ninjutsu, he could defeat Jiraiya with physical skills alone, but now he knew he couldn’t do it. Jiraiya has improved a lot.

“Everyone is making progress!”

He looked at the mountain and said in his heart – not enough, I am not strong enough!

Before, he had no direction, but now he has set goals ahead, and this small improvement is insignificant.

“Anyway, I’ll just say that you still as arrogant as before, but you proved your point.”

Tsunade said while curling her lips.

However, she had to admit that now Jiraiya is getting closer to their level.

“Jiraiya’s current strength can be regarded as the best among a normal Gennin, and you guys thought that he was weak because you are all already surpassed the strength level of Chuunin, including you Akabane, Thus I’m proud of your progress.”

Hiruzen said it with a smile.

Each of these students has its strengths, which made him very pleased.

Of course, he couldn’t admit that he was helpless with Jiraiya before, and didn’t know how to teach by his aptitude-the only aspect that Jiraiya was good at was impossible for him to teach.

Fortunately, now, Jiraiya also got his chance o to prove himself.

“Okay, but now it’s his time to bite the dust.”

Akabane yawned, thinking that he could see a more exciting battle, but Jiraiya still needs more time to improve.

“That’s right, he is still below us.”

Tsunade said with a gleeful smile.

Hiruzen canceled his telescope jutsu and prepared for their lunch.

Akabane could see that his index finger moved. If it hadn’t been for Jiraiya and Orochimaru, would have already started the lunch in advance.

Before long, there was a mess of footsteps outside the door.

There they are!

Akabane immediately rolled up his sleeves, ready to eat.

However, the first thing Jiraiya jumped in was not to eat, but to come over to find Akabane: “Akaba, I found this by the river, take a look!”

“What is it?”

Akabane turned his head, but already grabbed a prawn and peeled it.

“Look at this character, drawing style. They are truly exceptional, but unfortunately, I only got fragments of it…”

Jiraiya also sat next to him, and mysteriously took out on a piece of paper.

The paper was broken, but it was pieced together by Jiraiya into a full page of the picture.

“You are a master in comics, can you help me find out whose work this is?”

“This…how do I know about this…?”

Akabane was dazed and answered in denial.

This thing was hit by the water dragon bullet, but how possibly it could still be collected?

Also, how much free time he has!?

“Hey, isn’t this…”

Orochimaru was about to talk about the author of the page but was held back by Tsunade.

“Let me see…”

Hiruzen took a glance and suddenly had a moment of clarity.


Tsunade’s eyes were fierce, like a tiger.

“Um… I was just curious about what kind of drawing is that.”

Hiruzen could only restrain his intention and stepped back with regret.

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