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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 6 Ninjutsu Exam


In the afternoon after the first break time.

“It is time for the Transformation Jutsu exam.”

“The first one will be Ryuu.”

Ryuu Uchiha, the future leader of the Uchiha clan.

He was the best Uchiha from his generation. However, he always on the second place right behind Orochimaru since second grade.

He walked up, confidently towards the podium.

In less than a second, he managed to cast Transformation Jutsu, imitating Hiruzen flawlessly.

“Impressive!, next is Jiraiya. Come over here.”

Transformation Jutsu used to be a weak point from Jiraiya, but weirdly now he approaches the podium with confidence. Is he planning something?

Hiruzen gives him the sign to begin.

“Okay then, Transformation Jutsu!”


A cloud of smoke filled the room.

After the smoke slowly disappears, a fair skin sexy woman with only a piece of bra and thong appeared.

“Hahaha, isn’t it Harem Jutsu? I got caught off guard!” Akabane burst with a laugh.

“Holy shit, Jiraiya is genius, this must be his ultimate jutsu” said his other classmates

There was an instant outburst of laughs in the class. Nobody couldn’t imagine that such an awesome jutsu was performed in front of a kid’s eyes.

“What are you doing idiot!!!”

Hiruzen suffered the worst blow. He scolded Jiraiya as he tried to covered his nosebleed.

Even someone his caliber couldn’t predict such a thing.

“Come down here Jiraiya. I’ll give you an extra lesson.” Said Hiruzen with a sarcastic tone.

“Humph, mediocre Jiraiya-kun, but you still need to learn more.”

Orochimaru put a fair word for Jiraiya seems not affected by the jutsu’s charm.

“Sorry sensei,  my bad, hahaha.”


His jutsu was canceled.

“Hah! That kind of jutsu is just for a kid.”

Ryuu just mumbled with himself, but Jiraiya could hear him.


Jiraiya looked at him in annoyance, but he knew that Ryuu’s jutsu was better than him.

To be honest, Hiruzen thought that Jiraiya’s jutsu wasn’t far from Ryuu before. But that just too much for this middle-aged man to handle.

Ryuu smirked.

Offstage, Orochimaru licked his lips, his eyes fierce. He seems to enjoy the argument.

“Cough! Cough! Jiraiya, I’ll punish you for making a review for today’s lesson!”

Hiruzen still couldn’t keep his composure after that fatal blow.

“Yes sensei.”

He glared to Ryuu when he goes down the podium, it seems there is a rivalry between the two of them.

“Okay, enough of it. Next is Akabane Kurama.”

Akabane walks toward the podium with confidence.

without further ado, he begins “Transformation Jutsu!”

However, he chooses to become Ryuu.

With the same arrogance and the same look. Just like the real twin of Ryuu.

He tried to recreate some words that Ryuu might say, “Hahaha… I am Uchiha Ryuu, the strongest ninja here, hahaha of course, lesser than Orochimaru…”

“Akabane! You bastard!”

Ryuu rises from his table with anger, but for a moment, he was speechless again.

Because Akabane had become almost identical with him, and he couldn’t deny that he was thought of something like that before.

“Sensei, how does my Transformation Jutsu compare to him?”

Akabane pointed at Ryuu.

“Well done Akabane, I’ll give you a perfect score.”

He knew from before that Akabane already understood Transformation Jutsu better than any other student in his class.

Ryuu was speechless. He needs to suck up his pride for now.

“A piece of advice for you, next time, don’t underestimate anyone too soon. They might be better than you thought.”

Ryuu keeps boiling.

“Hah! I admit your capability, but we, Uchiha Clan has more to offer at the real battle.

Another Uchiha’s tried to defend his clan’s pride.

“Your Genjutsu is useless against our Sharingan. I’ll prove it to you at the exhibition exam tomorrow!”

Ryuu is still as ignorant as before.

“Fair enough, I’ll looking forward to it.”

Akabane replied to the taunt.

It seems now there is bad blood between Akabane and Uchiha students.

“It will be a piece of cake to beat him. Just you watch Akabane.”

He told himself in his mind.

On the other hand, Akabane didn’t really think about it.

Even if he might fight against someone from Uchiha Clan, they are still only a kid and haven’t awakened their Sharingan yet.

“Thanks, Akabane.”

Jiraiya thanks Akabane to stand up for him. He knew he is not as strong as Ryuu yet to defend himself.

“It’s fine. We still got room to grow. You might be the strongest ninja in the future. In fact, I really like your jutsu before.”

“hey, hey, Jiraiya teach me that jutsu another time, okay!”

Akabane knew that Jiraiya would be one of the three legendary ninja in the future, he needs closer their relation.

“Hahaha, I knew it was a masterpiece!”

Jiraiya nodded solemnly.

Akabane’s table hasn’t been replaced by Tsunade punch before, so he simply leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs to watch the others taking their test.

At the same time, he flipped through his system panel.


[Point: 94]

“Yes, almost there.”

The shadow Clone Jutsu is getting closer within his reach.

This B-class ninjutsu is versatile at any condition, and he wants it as soon as possible.

Of course…

Even without Shadow Clone Jutsu, he still could manage to beat Ryuuu.

But with Shadow Clone Jutsu, he could open more windows to teach Ryuu and his ego some respect.

Soon after the exam finished, Hiruzen goes back to Hokage’s office, and his anbu is waiting for him to deliver a piece of information.

“Akabane has awakened the Control of Five Senses?”

“Yes, Hokage-sama, not only that, but Kurama Akabane showed superb chakra control in the Transformation Jutsu, and from what I heard from Kurama Clan, his mental power is at the level of Chuunin.”

A string of information leaped out of the dark clan member’s mouth, and The Third Hokage smoking motion faltered slightly at the words “Hmm, already at the level of chuunin”.

“He might be a new genjutsu genius at this era.”

Hiruzen thoughtfully asked, “What does the Kurama Clan do after knowing about this?”

The Anbu answered in a confused tone.

“Well.. there are a lot of Akabane’s comics that were printed and distributed among the clan.”

“I see, thank you, you may leave now.”

He motions him to leave his room.

He used his telescope jutsu to looked at what Akabane was doing right now.

He sits alone in the garden with his pen and board; he seems drawing again.

Hiruzen frowned slightly.

“since when he becomes this hard-working?”

With Hiruzen as his class teacher, he knew about Akabane’s nature more or less.

Not a lazy student but not a hard worker either.

“Does that mean…”

Not far away from Akabane, there is another him lazily sleeping on the grass.

The Third Hokage couldn’t stop laughing. It seems true that someone’s nature might never change,

But he was slightly in awe. “Shadow Clone Jutsu, huh?… At such a young age, he had already mastered B-grade ninjutsu and awakened the best gift from his clan.”

“Hahaha, I couldn’t deny his talent.”

His opinion of Akabane growing slightly, but that was why he had an even bigger concern.


A voice came from outside the door.

“Hiruzen, give me Akabane to the Anbu root division, we could use someone like him.”

“No, Akabane can’t go to the Anbu root division.”

The Third Hokage said decisively, “Moreover, The Kurama Clan is at their weakest states right now, there is no way they allowed him to go, and he is still a kid that needs to be trained.

“I’ll take Orochimaru then…”

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