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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 60


When Akabane got up the next morning, he was baffled by the group of people outside his house—to put it precisely, almost the entire villager had gathered up.

Thus he went out to check what’s going on, and everyone outside immediately took notice of him.

“There he is, Akabane from Kurama Clan!”

“The author of the drawings! I mean comic!”

“My children love to read it, but …… alas, this makes me feels sad about their departure, but later when they go to Konoha, they might have a good time there with more of comics to read.”

The parents’ presence today was because they will be part of their children, the atmosphere was a bit gloomy, but Akabane found out that they talked about him and his comics the most.

Akabane looked at them curiously while there still a pillow mark on his cheek.

Suddenly a figure squeezing out from the crowd, running towards him.

“Nii-san, shall we go to Konoha today?”

Tsukiha’s hands were full-on holding her belongings. It seemed that her father didn’t plan for her to return to the Uzumaki Village in the future.

Akabane touched her head, smiled lightly, and said, “Yes we will, you get inside my house to play for a while.”


Tsukiha responded nervously, but she wasn’t timid.

“Where’s your father?”

Akabane glanced around, looking for her father including Hiruzen that they were not seen.

“Dad is very busy he said, so he can’t come over to drop me off. Then I decided to take my things and go to see you Nii-san.”

Tsukiha looked so mature at such a young age.

She seems to be very independent, different from other children, and moreover, today she is dressed beautifully, like a princess.

Akabane felt something was wrong, but couldn’t say anything specifically, and couldn’t remember it for a while.

Seeing the presence of Hiruzen, Akabane wondered as he walked.

When he looked upon the way, he saw a few mothers coming to send their children, and he thought secretly in his heart – where is Tsukiha’s mother?

“I just realize I never saw her before.”

During this time, he was too busy to pay much attention to other issues, and only that he thinks of it, it bothered his mind.

“Ah, all I remembered was I’ve been tricked by those two old men!”

Akabane still felt that he was pushed by their agenda, and got fooled around.

And there is no way that she only stays for a while, with the current situation happening here, they only sweet-talking to ease their children that everything will be okay.

Well, I guess that’s what is a parent should do, to make sure that their children can live a peaceful life even without them around.

He accelerated his pace and hurried to the place where he last saw Hiruzen.

“Well, everyone, you can go back, now that we have everyone here, we are ready to go.”

Hiruzen waved his hand and motioned to the parents to gives their goodbye, which might be their last.

“Sensei, Akabane is here, let’s set off, it may take much more time to get to Konoha with this many children.”

Orochimaru informed Hiruzen that everyone had gathered.

“Okay, let’s set off!”

Kazama left a greeting and departed the caravans.

From start to finish, he didn’t give Akabane time to speak at all, before he arrived, he saw Hiruzen only looked to the front without looking back.


Afterward, Akabane glanced at Tsukiha and followed with a flustered look.

It’s… nothing.

Akabane touched her head, and at the same time sighed lightly.

“Are you okay Nii-san?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Even if his blood was boiling, he can only appease Tsukiha, since her father hasn’t come, he can’t leave her halfway.

On the way back, Hiruzen directly revealed his true face.

This is a warning, which “Invader Ninja” dares to fight with them, and they will taste the anger of the “God of Shinobi”.

The first world war ninja has just ended, and Hiruzen’s reputation is at its peak, which reaches the level of the five villages Kage. Few ninjas dare Came to provoke him, so everyone who came out from Uzumaki Village back to the Fire Country will be guaranteed safe and sound.


When everyone returned to the Fire Country’s border and arrived at the side of the Fire Temple, Akabane saw a splendid and gorgeous caravan.

The eye-catching banner, clearly from an army escort, instantly made it clear at a glance who he was – That was the Daimyo of the Fire Nation!

Hiruzen was baffled.

He knew that the Daimyo would oppose his plan, but he never expected that the Daimyo would be bothered to stop them himself.

This is too sudden!

When the two convoys met, Kazama didn’t dare to stand in the way, quickly withdrew to the sides, kneeling respectfully.

Orochimaru and others stood aside, half-kneeling respectfully.

“Salute to you, your majesty.”

Hiruzen salutes.

Even if he is the Hokage of Konoha but nominally he is appointed by the daimyo and was considered to be a subordinate of the daimyo.

“Oh~ it’s you Hiruzen, I just went to the temple of fire. I didn’t expect to meet you. It’s been a long time since we last met, why not come up for a cup of tea. “

Daimyo’s voice came from the carriage.

His voice was gentle and elegant and had a peculiar persuasive power that made people feel as if they were in a spring breeze, I’m afraid that many people would unconsciously believe Daimyo’s words just by listening to his voice.

“Thank you, your majesty.”

Hiruzen then slowly approaching the Daimyo’ carriage.

Before driving, he nodded and smiled at the head guard. The head guard paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “Hokage-same, please!”

Then, he put down the wooden ladder, lifted the curtain, and signaled Hiruzen to move forward.

Akabane watched the Hokage go up, then lowered his head.


He didn’t believe it.

It is by no means a coincidence!

Perhaps it was a warning, or perhaps it was an exchange of benefits, but in any case, the daimyo’s intentions were already obvious, and he just didn’t want to make the relationship between the Fire Country and Konoha Village too rigid.

After weighing the pros and cons, he chose to visit the Temple of Fire and meet Hiruzen by chance.

“Hiruzen, during this time you led the team to escort the caravan. I heard some of it. I heard that it was quite thrilling. It made me worry about your students. I happened to see them all safe today, and I felt relieved.”

The daimyo poured a cup of tea and smiled gently.

“Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty. Fortunately, the students that I took were amongst the best, thus they could protect themselves until I arrived.”

Hiruzen said.

“Is that so?”

The Daimyo smiled and looked careless, and turned to him, “Well, tell me then, whose these students?”

“Your Majesty, the patriarch of the Uzumaki clan took an interest in Akabane Kurama, and wants to arrange a marriage between Kurama and Uzumaki clan, which is why he sent a team back, while the rest of the children came along.”

Hiruzen continued to explain.

“So, speaking of Akabane Kurama… I have heard his name before. He was well-known for his artwork, I wonder which one is he?”

Daimyo nodded his head with a smile and looked curiously from the carriage.

“Have you seen the most beautifully dressed red-haired girl? The boy next to her is Akabane Kurama.”

Hiruzen pointed out for him straightforwardly.

Tsukiha was clinging to Akabane. Although she is not inseparable from each other, for them, a glance was enough to identify the affinity.

The Daimyo curiously glanced at them, chuckled, then retracted and said: “The last time there was a marriage was with the Senju in exchange for a close bond with the Uzumaki village for many years, and this time is the Kurama clan… However, it is a good match.”

“Thanks for your praise, your Majesty.”

Hiruzen said with a smile.

“Marriage is the rise and fall of clans, Uzumaki clan has always been a good candidate for it, this time I want to be no exception, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Alright, I still have to go to the temple to burn incense, so I won’t delay Hokage’s trip.”

As the Daimyo finished, he took a sip of tea.

“Yes, thanks for your time, your majesty.”

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