Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 62


The group of children followed Tsunade to her house, and they were shocked by the situation of the Senju clan.

“Did we come to the wrong place?”

A boy said straightforwardly.

In the mind of these children, the Senju Clan represents the strongest clan in the world. Thus their place must be luxurious.

But instead, an ordinary old courtyard without gates or clan’s marks.

If it weren’t for the story that they heard, they would believe that the Senju clan was once the most prestigious clans all over the world.

“Hahaha, my grandfather said when he was alive, that was not our taste.”

Tsunade laughs happily, but her face instantly turned indifferent when she turned her head and said at Akabane, who was leading the way,” Let’s go…friend!”

It’s not like I volunteered for this… she’s bitter!

He sighed silently and led his head to the courtyard of Mito Uzumaki.

If he can, Akabane doesn’t want to see her, but if he doesn’t come to pay a visit, he will suffer the next time.

Just, gotta see.

As he walked, he comforted and encouraged himself.

Before reaching the yard, Akabane heard a sigh from inside when he turned the corner: “Some boy hasn’t been here for some time. I wonder if there any compensation for it… hey, I’m old, I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”


How old are you!

Akabane was full of resentment in his heart. She was only thirty years old, but she was like an old lady all day long. It was…

“There is no compensation for my late visit, but there are a bunch of other special gifts.”

He stepped into the gate of the yard and said angrily.

“Oh, presents!?”

Mito shook her chair with a relaxed look.

“Dangdangdang~~~The present is here!”

After shouting, Tsunade jumped out from the door.

In the next second, a bunch of red hair cute children emerged from the door, followed by strange and lovely faces.

“Uhh? They.. they are…”

Mito was struck, and after a moment of surprise, she quickly regained her calmness.

Smiled serenely, her demeanor revealing the boldness of once the Princess of Uzumaki Village and the wife of the First Hokage.

“Ooh, children, come here and let grandma see you…”

Her face was calm, but her trembling hands revealed the excitement in her heart, this was just too much for her to process.

The group of children is a little timid since in front of them is Mito Uzumaki herself, but her beautiful face with the red hair made them felt familiar.

Before long, Tsukiha was the first to stand up and walk towards her.


“Yes! I know you must be Tsukiha.”

“and you are Manami, Chiharu…”

Mito had seen them before at the pictures.

Her eyes swept when the names quickly matched the faces.

“Are they the only ones?”

She looked a little upset, adding a bit of irony to her heart.

“Well, only these ten children came to Konoha.”

Tsunade actually understood some details on why these children came to Konoha.

At this moment, she understands Mito’s mood very well, but in front of her children, she can’t express too much sadness-even if she was, in fact, just a child.

“Tsuna-chan, will they all lives with us?”

Mito’s smile didn’t diminish.

“No, Tsukiha lives at Akabane’s house.”

Tsunade said grimly.


Mito was stunned. Her eyes swept towards Akabane.

What happens here?

But soon she realizes.

After a moment of silence, she nodded and said: “I understand, Tsukiha will be fine boarding in the Kurama’s house.”

She thought it well for a reason.

As the daughter of the patriarch, there is no way Tsukiha could normally live at Konoha.

“Okay, okay, I’ll take you all for a tour around the house first, and by the way, feel free to pick your room along the way.”

Tsunade took the children away because she knew that Mito must have something to say to Akabane.

Tsukiha stood still right next Akabane.

“Let’s go and take a look. Here are your family members, don’t worry about it.”

Akabane touched her head.


Tsukiha turned around and followed the group.

Mito lay on her chair, as if her face changed instantly, lying there doing small things, and after a while, she said, “Why is she so clingy to you? And you hadn’t taken the initiative to visit me when you were in Konoha. Look at me? You finally came he empty-handed, where’s your comic?”


Her questions were too much for him to process, and her attitude changed drastically towards him.

Is it because you are handsome?

At this time, Mito sat up.

Akabane, who was also only ten years old and just the right height to be at eye level with her sitting, stared at Akabane and said, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I always thought it was something rather rude.”

“Why… I just want to surprise you, grandma.”


Akabane took out the comics in his arms—this is the 11-15 episodes he drew on Uzumaki Village, which was just too troublesome to send here via courier.

“Oh~~~This is the original drawings!”

Mito’s eyes lit up, and she immediately sat up, her tone softened instantly, “I did not misunderstand you, you are a good boy.”



Women at least have two faces just in case. Otherwise, it is impossible to turn their mood so easily.

Akabane murmured secretly, and then bravely squeezed out a smile: “Ehehe Grandma, but don’t remember to print a copy, and send it to Yamano-san, and let him print it out as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, my precious, grandma will do this for you,” said Mito gently.

“Well then, about Tsukiha…”

Akabane hesitated for a moment but still asking.

“Rest assured. I could see the bigger picture. I will entrust her entirely to your household. I’m more relieved that way.. by the way, don’t you dare to influence her with your laziness, and the other thing, while your hands will full, unfortunately, I could help you.”

Mito, Speak softly.


What do I want you to help?

Akabane could think of anything related to her words. Thus he remained speechless.

“Hey, you have to understand. As a grandma, you can’t force her to be tolerant, right?”

She sighed on how dense Akabane was.

“Grandma, please stop telling me that…”

Akabane admitted that he had thoughts about Tsunade, and she seemed to have some feelings for him, but he didn’t have many thoughts about Tsukiha.

It was just a brother and sister relation…maybe with a little love here and there…

But these seem to be unnecessary to talk to Mito.

An older woman is scary and can make up thousands of stories in minutes.

No way I could tell her!

“Hey, if there is no other for you to say, I’m going to read, don’t disturb me for a while.”

Mito waved away.

“Thank you, Grandma Mito. I will come to see you another day.”

Akabane fled as fast as possible. This terrifying woman is simply a wolf in sheep cloth!

Ahh, my poor drawing

He sighed inwardly, but then he thought that there would be an extra 300 points, which was a bit of good news.

300 points are enough for him to redeem the lowest-rank Sharingan.

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