Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 63


However, there is one problem with Sharingan, Akabane isn’t from Uchiha, can he use it freely?

He can only get the answer until he made the exchange.

But with Sharingan in his possession, it would cause distress around the Uchiha Clan, unless he planned to leave Konoha, he couldn’t take the chance.

“Forget it. I’ll wait for the next volume to be released and see Uchiha’s reaction.”

Akabane shook his head and rejected the idea.

In the next volume, Kakashi’s Sharingan will appear, which may test Uchiha’s standpoint.

But the other thing that needs to pay attention to is Danzo.

How will he react when he sees it?

Everything is still unclear.

After handing out the third volume, Akabane was seriously distracted and almost hit by Tsunade, who was taking the child back around the corner.

“Did you finish talking to grandma?”

Tsunade was a little surprised at how fast they had finished talking.

“We only talked about minor things. Well, I shall take Tsukiha to meet with my clan.”

Akabane said.

“Yes, go ahead. I got my hand full here.”

Tsunade didn’t hold back.

During this period, they must focus on other important things, and the first is to settle the problems of Uzumaki’s children.

Akabane nodded and waved to Tsukiha.

“I’m leaving first, come find me if you need anything.”

Tsukiha said tenderly to her friends.

Out of ten children, she is the most talented and also the most serene other.

“Goodbye, Tsuki-chan.”

After saying goodbye, Tsukiha walked next to Akabane.

Walking on the street, her eyes glanced at everything that she passed, her hands trembling slightly.

“Don’t be afraid you will be safe here.”

Akabane tried to assure her.

“Yeah, Nii-san.”

To the Uzumaki’s bloodline, they aren’t only being monitored by the Hidden Mist ninja but also Danzo.

But the three generations will take care of it. Thus that leaves Akabane to rest assured.

“We will now go to the patriarch of my clan to change your surname. Your new identity is my little sister starting from today.”

Akabane said as he walked.

Tsukiha stayed for a while, turned her head to look at him, and said suspiciously: “But daddy said it should be a wife…”


What the hell did that old man doctrine her daughter!?

Akabane was slightly choked heard that, fortunately, he was determined, looking at Tsukiha and shook her head and denied: “It’s just a sister, don’t mind what your father says.”


She nodded and said nothing.

Akabane put away his underestimated thoughts. He found out that Tsukiha was very precocious, seemingly ignorant, but as a mirror of himself.

In the future, some things are better to be prepared.

For example… she is testing her blood.

Akabane needs to test further whether the blood of the Uzumaki can reduce the points requirement for him to exchange their traits.

At the Anbu headquarter.

“Danzo, stay your roots away from her.”

Danzo has just begun to arrange his plan, and the Third Hokage, who has just returned, has found out about it.

“Hiruzen, Tsukiha Uzumaki is the most suitable vessel for the next generation of Jinchuriki. Moreover we got her under our possession.”

Danzo said solemnly.

“No, she is the patriarch of the new Uzumaki clan, and there is no room for negotiation.”

Hiruzen shook his head.

“Everyone can be a patriarch, but not a Jinchuriki.”

Danzo said indifferently, “That weakness of your will cause Konoha harm in the future.”

“I said… stop it!” Hiruzen snapped, looking cold and stern.


Danzo clenched his hands, took a deep breath, and sat down with a cold snort.

“In addition, regarding the situation, we must recall Sakumo and Murasaki to come back from the Land of Waves.”

Herzen continued.

“Hiruzen, you!”

Danzo stood up as his face was full of anger.

“The five major villages have just gone through the war, and we can’t do any more stunts. Secretly supporting the Uzumaki Village is the bottom line.”

Hiruzen said nonchalantly.

“Whose idea was that!?”

“Me, The Third Hokage!”

Hiruzen rarely this firm and unhinge.

“Just do as you wish then!”

Danzo punch at his table after his plan being halted.

At Akabane’s house.

“She must be Tsukiha!?”

The Kurama’s patriarch looked at with a strange gaze, and after a careful looked, he took out a scroll from underneath.

“Yes, the patriarch, but our agenda here is to add her to our family as my sister.”

Akabane explained his intention.


The patriarch was surprised, and then he took the scroll and said, “But, what’s written on this..”

Akabane took a look at it. It recorded the many seals of the Uzumaki clan, each with a seal, which requires special ninjutsu

He looked at Tsukiha and asked: “Can you unlock these seals?”

Tsukiha glanced at the patriarch and shook her head slightly.

“It’s okay, anyway, you can keep this scroll.”

The patriarch smiled reluctantly, and then said after a pause, “Since you insist, I will change her to your sister, but the genealogy is impossible to be added.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Akabane doesn’t care about the genealogy, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t include it.

“Well, let’s settle this first.”

The patriarch nodded and said nothing else.

Akabane took the scroll and left.

After walking out of the patriarch’s house for some time, Akabane turned his head back. He sensed something off.

“There was a second person in the room just now.”

Tsukiha whispered.

“I know.”

Not only did he know a person was eavesdropping on them, but he also knew that it was probably Anbu… No, to be precise, “Roots”!

The patriarch of Kurama seemed to be working with the Roots!

The Roots’ existence within the Kurama clan could lead to distrust.

“We will be going to my house now, and you mustn’t go outside.”

Akabane said solemnly.

“I know.”

Tsukiha nodded slightly.

I hope the Third Hokage could settle this situation faster…

Akabane held the scroll.

The both of them walked towards his house side-by-side.

Once they reached the front door, Akabane stopped.

Compared with the Patriarch of Kurama clan, his front door is indeed not as atmospheric, no wonder those people look for him through the window.

“Nii-san, is this your house?”

Tsukiha looked up.

“Yes, here live your godfather and godmother.”

Akabane touched her hair and then led to introduce her to his parents.

Of course, as a sister!

Kurama Chiaki and Kurama Saki were both there, but they didn’t know what was going on. They saw Akabane come in with a little girl holding his hand, and they looked a bit confused.

“Who is this little miss?”

After a moment, his mother asking him who is the girl that he brought.

“My sister, your… new daughter.”

Akabane couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed when he said the second half.

He himself is the troublesome son, and now he brought back another kid for the to take care of. Thinking about it carefully, he could only felt sorry.

“Our daughter?”

His mother was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted and said enthusiastically, “Bring her in first. You both must be tired from the walk, go take a shower, and change your clothes.”

She knew, and she had tons of questions, but she couldn’t ask it all in front of a little girl.

“Thank you…”

Tsukiha was blushing as she thanked her, and she was about to say the last word but still hesitated.

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