Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 64


“Sharingan user, from outside Uchiha clan… This is going to cause a lot of trouble.”

Mito Uzumaki sighed.

She didn’t understand Akabane’s thoughts. She knew what kind of people the Uchiha clan was and by writing this story as if he were asking for a death wish.

As soon as the third volume release, the Uchiha probably couldn’t sit still after reading it.

She was hesitating whether to cancel the manuscript from being printed or just go with it.

“Forget it, the young man can’t think straight, let him be.”

After pondering for some time, Mito finally decide didn’t cancel the manuscript. But, as Akabane said, printed the book in its entirety for the third volume, and then sent the printed one to the printing factory.


Akabane didn’t know that something bothered Mito’s mind, but he was sure that Mito had read those five chapters-because his points were increased.

Adding three hundred points to the original over one hundred points, he now has over four hundred points.

But, with his fast growth in recent days, four hundred points are pretty much useless now.

Currently, the only ones that can be exchanged are Liquefy Jutsu, Water Prison Jutsu, Water Dragon Jutsu, and Great Waterfall Jutsu, in addition to Sharingan and the Uzumaki’s vitality.

The water dragon jutsu could be a good choice of complement, and as for the Great Waterfall Jutsu…

It’s good, but it costs 500 points.

[The points exchange succeeded!] [Liquify Jutsu has been learned] [Water Prison Jutsu has been learned]

Akabane thoughtfully of his choice, and instead choose that both ninjutsu.

The water prison can be more versatile, which is quite useful for him-the five senses control uses drawing as a medium, and drawing can be done with one hand, and the other hand can completely maintain the water prison.

After exchanging the water prison and liquify jutsu, in addition, he exchanged his physique by 6 points, increasing his physique by up to 30 points.

“Ooh! my current strength has reached the Chuunin level.”

At this time, Akabane found his rank has risen.

But specifically, he didn’t feel much change, as if… it was just an overall evaluation.

“Hey, don’t you know how to care?”

While he was studying, the clone drawing next to him couldn’t help but ask.

“Is there anything to care about?”

“Forget it. I can do this alone…”

The clone answered directly with a sarcastic tone, and then paused and said, “Have you considered how you would deal with the Uchiha after your volume released?”

“Not yet, my hands are full right now.”

Akabane said directly.


With a chuckle, the clone said no more.

There is a chance that Anbu might be listening to their conversation right now, in order to prevent it, further details mustn’t be discussed.

Akabane got up and prepared to meet Danzo.

It stands to reason that after Tsukiha’s affairs were done, he should report it back to his teacher.

But as soon as he leaned on the bed, the bed was like a suction leaving him unable to move.

Downstairs, Tsukiha and his parents get along quite well.

Although it can’t be called “Godmother” or “Godfather,” it is enough to make both of them happy to have another kid to take care of, since Akabane has grown older.

Akabane smiled slightly and informed them: “I’ll go out to meet my teacher for a while.”

“Okay, Akaba, take care.”

“Nii-san, be careful…”


I just got a sister like that, huh?

Akabane sighed and walked slowly into the street.

Passing by the comic store on the street side, he saw a lot of people got inside the store and brought a comic on their way out.

Are sales doing good ey?

His comic sales in Konoha were slightly comforted. He lightens up his bad mood.

Not long after leaving the store, to a more secluded spot, a figure appeared in front of him.

“Akaba, Shimura-sensei has been waiting for you.” The figure wore black clothes and a mask with a unique mark using a familiar sound to Akabane.

“Oh, Yoriku, you have joined the Anbu.”

Akabane greeted weakly.

In an instant, the atmosphere was deadly silent.

“Ahem… how can you know it’s me?”

Yoriko couldn’t help but coughed a few times, looking rather upset.

“You need to practice your voice more.”

Akabane reminded briefly while smile slightly.

Capable of being recruited by the Anbu proved that she got some potential, but her body was still weak as ever, made her voice easy to distinguish.

“Well, follow me now.”

Yoriko is not yet an official Anbu Ninja, but on still on orientation.

One after another, it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Anbu headquarters.

“Shimura-sensei is inside. He wants to meet you alone.”

Yoriko pointed the way, slightly nodded, then left immediately.

Walking out of the cave, he was slightly surprised.

Anbu was well known as elite assassins from Konoha. With such a reputation, he expects their lair will look like underground prisons or something like that.

But what he saw was a beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains.

This is…

“You seemed a little surprised.”

Danzo appeared silently. He has mastered a various set of skills around the assassination. It is not difficult to perfectly cover up his footsteps and breaths.

 “Sort of, but I didn’t expect the Anbu would be so beautiful.”

Akabane smiled reluctantly.

“Well, you guessed wrong. This is not Anbu but the Root.”

Danzo said lightly.

Akabane almost jump out, but fortunately could maintain his composure, and then asked in surprise, “Root?”

“Konoha can be taken as a big tree, with prosperity around it. To support such a tree, it needed countless underground Root. That is my philosophy, and here.. is where I make it come through.”

Danzo was unusually patient and went inside while talking.

Obviously, he has been waiting for Akabane to come there.

“Sensei, what are you saying to me?”

Akabane was anxious, knowing that the deeper he went, the closer he is to die.

“You came to me for the contents of your third comic volume, right?”

Danzo took out a book in his hand.

Akabane glanced at it. This is not the original volume. It should be a printed copy stolen by Danzo from some source.

He smirked and said, “You can’t hide anything from your teacher.”

“Why would you do it if you know the danger?” Danzo said with a sneer.

“No, I just wish Sensei wouldn’t step in to stop it.”

Akabane shook his head and answered.

“You want to test Uchiha. Why?”

“Curiosity. What will happen to with Sharingan when it was used by an outsider.”

Faced with Danzo’s question, Akabane simply replied, “Will its power still exist? Are there any side effects, and whether its power is weaker than the original version…I want to know all this.”


Danzo did not answer as he walked forward silently.

The two walked from outside the cave to the inside of the basin, that is when Akabane saw the Root’s training ground.

The scale is small, only fit for a dozen people.

It seems that Danzo has reached his peak, which was less powerful than it was later.

Akabane secretly said in his heart.

At this time, Danzo broke the silence and continued: “Your ideas are dangerous.”

“I simply just want to know. Anyway, I just think about it, but I didn’t actually…”

Akabane was cut by Danzo.

“For Uchiha, you have insulted their heritage.”

Danzo sneered lightly. “They are extremely sensitive and able to harm if they want to.”

He doesn’t have a good impression of the Uchiha clan, and even has a bit of disgust.

“Extreme affection and disgust, it seems that the sensei knows their secrets.”

“You can continue your printing. If the Uchiha’s patriarch tries to take the initiative, I can accommodate you a help.”

Danzo did not answer his question but turned into another topic.

“But there is a price for it.”

“It is my honor to be under your protection, sensei.”

Cooperation reached!

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