Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 65


“The Root was just established not long ago. We have implemented harsh training and assessment to the trainee, and the casualty rate is very high.”

Danzo said slowly, “In order to reduce our losses, I need your Genjutsu.”

“Five senses control?”

“Yes, It will allow them to be repeatedly immersed in the experienced of death without causing harm.”

Danzo nodded.

“Piece a cake.”

Akabane agreed, but in his heart, he gradually became confused-how did Danzo know?

Hell-viewing Jutsu is fused with five senses control, which is an unorthodox way to use it.

There are very few people in the Kurama clan who know how to use it, let alone outsiders, and there are only a handful of people who know Akabane had studied and tested it.

After thinking about it, a name came to his mind.

“Orochimaru was working as Danzo’s intel?”

Akabane thought the possibility and quickly settled it.

At this time, Orochimaru had nothing to offer to him. Perhaps it was just Danzo’s investment.

Here comes the problem.

Did Danzo reveal this “Secret” with any other intention in mind?

This is the reason why he doesn’t like to be around Danzo. This old man has tons of eerie secrets and plans, and for Akabane to understand the bigger picture, it might be too late.

After a while, Akabane was too lazy to think about that much in a short time.

Let’s not worry about Orochimaru for now. I’ll focus on Danzo’s request.

He followed Danzo and walked into a courtyard, and then heard the sound of clattering irons.

It was the sound of kunai and shurikens.

When a ninja was only a month old, he naturally knew what weapon it was all at once.

“Do you need to wear a mask?”

Danzo asked lightly.

“Five senses control, does Konoha have another user other than me?”

Akabane shook his head.

What’s the use of wearing a face mask?

“Then, everyone, gather up!”

Danzo walked in with his sword neglecting Akabane’s question.

The audience was silent for an instant, and in the blink of an eye, everyone gathered in front of him.

This is the Root!

Akabane glanced around. Although he could not tell from the appearance, he could still tell the origin of these people from the subtle differences in their attire.

Two members are from the Aburame clan, and there is one from the Hyuga clan, and a huge one must be from the Akimichi clan.

There are more than a dozen others, but I can’t see them clearly.

“You should know him, Akabane Kurama, and he will train you all under his Genjutsu.”

Danzo said this with a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, “The Genjutsu of Kurama clan, you should understand what it is, you will feel the real sensation of death, whoever can’t bear it, are free to leave now.”

The audience was silent, and no one stood up.

Akabane pursed his lips slightly. He didn’t know what kind of brainwashing method that Danzo used. But he knew one thing very well-no harm doesn’t mean that he couldn’t kill them.

“Well, since no one leaving, then from now on, you must resist.”

He continued.

Akabane stood there, adjusted his state, and preparing his chakra.

When everyone sat down, he cast the seals with both hands and completed the seals in the blink of an eye-

“Hell Viewing Jutsu!”

After a surge of chakra, everyone was unable to move.

“Sensei, Hell viewing Jutsu can be deadly if used too frequently.”

Akabane warned the side effect of his genjutsu.

Hell viewing Jutsu can seek what’s their heart fears the most.  Those who are still traumatized by their past are most likely to go insane- permanently.

“I know, but this is the best way to reduce casualty without lowering the difficulty. They must pass no matter what.”

Danzo was silent for a moment, and then said softly, “There is no short cut it the Root.”

“Well, that is reasonable.”

Akabane said it nonchalantly.

He does not agree with Danzo’s philosophy, but he equally disagreed with Hiruzen’s. Besides, here is the Root, Danzo’s territory…

“Heh, sly…”

Danzo sneered, but he was secretly satisfied.

Hiruzen wants to take two of the most talented people into his grip, but not knowing that neither of them agrees to it, thus there is an opportunity for him.

In the end, it would just be a waste of time.

As time passed by, the Genjutsu gradually reached its most terrifying stage. The screams resounded through the valley.

The next second it was over, everyone woke up, all covered in cold sweat and trembles.

“Take a break. “

Danzo said lightly.

“Sensei, we still can…”

“Didn’t you hear what I said!?”

Danzo sternly repeated.


“Thank you, sir.”

A group of people sitting, some panting for breath, and some still felt depressed by the experience. Akabane felt slightly tired; Danzo has found the best way to torture people.

If they keep exposing their mind to the Genjutsu, without a doubt, they will completely break down.

It would be best to let them regain their control, but because of the trauma caused by the Five Senses Control, their trauma will be dug deeper as the training continue.

Now some of them looked at Akabane in horror. A mere boy possessed such a Genjutsu is unthinkable.

After some time, Akabane cleared up his mind too focused on how to maximize his Genjutsu.

This is a good chance for him to hone his genjutsu since he got subjects to be played with.

Akabane thought for a while and had something in mind.

A few minutes later, he started the second session, and a few more minutes later, everyone woke up…

“Rest again.”

Danzo spits out the two words.

Akabane, on the other hand, sat down as if to start chattering: “Many of you are the best of the best, had gone to war and killed people, death itself is not a fear, I want you to understand what the true meaning of the Root.”

The group listening intently, but some were questioning and mocking with a low voice.

“Konoha is a big tree. What will happen to the tree without its roots?”

“You can imagine that you are the roots, and your family is the big tree or the fruit on the tree or the birds that perch on it. what will happen when the roots are no more, and the wood leaves will be broken …”

As Akabane said this, his hands suddenly cast hand seals

Hell viewing Jutsu!

Their imagination extended to another level.

Before, they may have seen their death in battle, suicide due to failed missions, or all the fears in their hearts, but this time… they will see the death of their parents, children, and lovers.

“No, stop!”

“I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you!!!”

Agony, anger, hatred, eerie voices, and emotions radiated from their words.

Danzo was silent for a moment and finally laughed out loud.

After all this time…

He looked at Akabane and said, “Are you interested in joining Root?”

By joining, he is certainly not talking about becoming a regular member, but implying a position of a successor.


“Sensei, I’m not suited here. You might find another fit candidate.”

Akabane waved his hand as a rejection.

This is enough to stop Danzo for trying, but you can’t deny it. This is not a normal place to live.

Danzo was not surprised, but still regretful.

Afterward, he smiled dumbly and said: “It doesn’t matter, who knows the future.”


Akabane glanced at him, feeling a little surprised.

Seeing that he was moved, could it be that his remarks fooled Danzo too?

No way!

He was thinking about it, wandering, and suddenly he noticed something was wrong with one of them, and immediately said, “Sensei! wake the person on the far left of the second row.”

Danzo who appeared next to him suddenly and patted his head. Using a dispel for genjutsu, the man was able to regain his consciousness.

However, after he woke up, he kept yelling, as his shadow expanded wildly, trying to control everything around him.


“He has just fallen into the depths of the genjutsu, so dangerous…”

Akabane took a deep breath, a little frightened.

“Smart people always think one step ahead.”

Danzo was sorry, and was a little bit disappointed, “Release your genjutsu, this is enough for today.”


Akabane immediately knots the seal to release his genjutsu.

There was no serious damage. Everyone had been released from the illusion, and their emotions were in a mess.

However, after seeing Danzo and Akabane, most of them quickly gained their control, but a few of them almost ran away like some form the Nara clan.

“This ends for today, take your rest.”

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