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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 66


After the training, it will take at least three days to start again.

Although there is a price to pay, the deal would be very cost-effective as Danzo guaranteed his safety from the Uchiha clan.

As long as the comics are in place, he can start selling them immediately, but this may take another two or three days.

In two days, Akabane hadn’t been out of Konoha.

On the one hand, he has to accompany his family and go out to help Danzo with his Root from time to time.

On the other hand, from the encounter to the final success of the bridge construction, it is a long series of coherent plots. To keep the heat, he needs to rush to the system as soon as possible and update these completely in the fastest time.


On the third day, Akabane had just got up, and his staff, Yuma Kurama, was already waiting underneath.

“Akabane-san, Yamano-san has waiting for you at the store.”

“Got it, I’ll come right over.”

Akabane rubbed his temples to ease his headache.

After washing his face, he hurriedly went to the store.

When he got there, the printing factory had already stacked the comics on the shelf.

“Akabane-san, this is the profit from before…”

“Just give the money directly to my parents, and this is for you.”

Akabane handed over the draft of the fourth volume that he just completed yesterday to Yamano.

“Fourth volume?”

Yamano flipped it through.

It just happens to link in the last sentence. Zabuza was killed on the plot. He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised, this time it was completed so quickly… incredible!

“Well, you help me print so many within three days, plus if you guys can help me selling this around, I can give you 20-30% of the profit.”

Akabane said.

“So generous of you Akabane-san, I’ll inform this to the others.”

Yamano gladly agreed.

Their main business is an arsenal, and caravans are often traveling around the country.

Some of these caravans came from the country of fire, and some came from the neighboring countries that had good relations with the country of fire.

“That’s it from me, Yamano-san.”

“Farewell, then, I’ll go back to the factory and tell them to start print the next volume.”

Izumi Yamano nodded and greeted his caravans to leave.

Akabane sat down at the front door, took out his drawing board and pen, and started painting to waste his time.

It didn’t take long…

“Oh, Akabane is back?”

Looking up, it wasn’t Shikato like always, but instead Ishi Inuzuka.

Ishi is one of his classmates who graduated at the same time but hasn’t much-been friends with Akabane, but they both are friends with Sakumo, so they are indirectly familiar with each other.

“I just came back three days ago, and I am going to take a vacation for a while.”

Akabane glanced around and replied casually.

Inuzuka clan is a family of ninja known for their use of ninken as a fighting companion and are easily identified by the distinctive red fang markings on their cheeks.


He knows nothing about it.

Ishi glanced at the comic store, looking hesitant.

Just as Akabane had thought, he had never bought it, only read the contents in the hands of a friend.

Now that he happened to be passing by, Akabane couldn’t help but struggle inside.

“Uh, is the third volume is on sale today?”

His eyes were bright, and after a few glances, he saw that the cover was different from before.

“Woah, new comic!”

“Yes, I came here right after I printed it.”

Akabane replied smoothly.

Ishi was taking his dog for a stroll as he happened to passed the store and saw an old classmate.

It was ridiculous to see what Naruto had done to the Konoha. What a brat!

“The Land of Waves…Speaking of which, I haven’t been out of Konoha yet.”

Ishi dropped 100 Ryo and then sat down in front of the stall, reading the comics while observing the posters drawn by Akabane.

“You don’t want to be anywhere outside the village.”

Akabane sighed. His peers have a strong desire to go outside the village, but all he wants is to come back as soon as possible.

“Dangerous? I don’t think so. I think I might…”

Just as he said that, he saw a shadow of a sword flying over from the comics.


The huge sword, just looking at the drawing, makes him sick.

He sucked deeply after taking a sigh of relief. He swallowed back half of the words he hadn’t finished before, followed by the sight of Kakashi’s hand on the forehead guard-

“What’s under his forehead guard?”

Ishi couldn’t help but ask.

“Just turn to the next page. You will see it yourself.”

Akabane completed a poster, and he continued to the next one.

Originally he can just stop there, but since there was his old classmate came by, he decided to give one away.

As he was about to make a stroke, suddenly—

“What!? Sharingan!?”

Ishi yelled. His face was full of horror.

Sharingan is the distinctive trait of the Uchiha clan. Since the dawn of Konoha, they have kept intermarriage within the clan, unwilling to let the bloodline mix with other clans, but now Akabane was told that Sharingan was used by an outside.

He was surprised but more worried.

Even if it’s just a comic, knowing how the Uchiha behaves, I’m afraid that this will cause big news.

“Don’t mind about it, calm down.”

Akabane glanced at him, then prepared to continue to put pen to paper to paint.

But Ishi stood up and said solemnly: “Akaba, this is your last chance, before everyone buys it, you must change this story ASAP!”

“I got it under control, Ishi, don’t worry about it.”

Akabane said nonchalantly.

Although he might be right, I’ve made a deal with Danzo. By him backing me up, what is there to be afraid of?

“Ahh Akaba.. fine, then, I’ll take my leave.”

Ishi put away the book and hurriedly got out from the place soon to be a murder scene.


Akabane was dumbfounded, then sighed softly.

Even if you are afraid of being involved, there is no need to rush. Uchiha’s people wouldn’t come all of a sudden from the sky.

Akabane sat there, thinking for a moment.

The Uchiha clan indeed has authority in the village now, and Ishi reacted wasn’t exaggerated.

Akabane was about to draw the next poster and suddenly heard a voice from behind.

Turning his head to see… Hey, Jiraiya?

He hadn’t noticed it at all, but Jiraiya’s level of chakra had improved a lot!

“Oh, it’s Jiraiya. You want to buy my new release?”

Akabane said he didn’t plan to tell his thought to him

“Hey, the third volume!? I want one!”

Jiraiya hurriedly got inside, took a comic from the shelf, and then dropped another 100 Ryō.

After taking the comics, he immediately disappeared again.

After a while, he reappeared and said while grinning: “Yes, I just forgot to say… Akabane, how do you think about my progress!?”

“I can feel you’ve trained a lot…”

Sure enough…

Akabane knew that Jiraiya just came here to show off.

“Hehehe, I have something else, goodbye then.”

Jiraiya also laughed happily, then waved away, probably looking for Orochimaru for another rematch.

After that, he sat for a while.

“Yuma, our store… has the business been so intermittent?”

Akabane was a little speechless. He thought the business was busy, but in fact, only a few got sold.

“They are busy with tasks and work during the day, and some people don’t know that the new release has arrived, so there will be fewer people, and normally there will be a wave of customers in the evening.”

Yuma explained.

“It seems that we have to set a fixed opening time and place an advertisement along the street.”

Akabane thought.

He was in Uzumaki village when the second volume was released, and he didn’t know anything about sales. Now it seems that many people don’t know that there is another volume got released

But in the evening, it is estimated that a large number of people will buy the comics.

I can predict that by tomorrow, Uchiha will have a corresponding action.

Hmm…no hurry, just another day to relax.

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