Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 67


“Patriarch-sama, someone leaves this thing outside the door.”

“What is it?”

Once he checked it, Izuna Uchiha frowned in confusion.


He arrived at the courtyard in an instant. Then he pulled out a book wrapped in black cloth from his bosom.

Spread out the black cloth- it is a book with a picture of a man on its cover. The man wears a mask, his forehead guard slanting over his right eye, looking charmingly cold.

“What does this book from a boy in the Kurama clan have to do with us?”

Izuna didn’t understand.

After full of hanging questions, he turned over a few pages. Because he hadn’t read it before, he didn’t understand the plot and just kept looking at the pictures.

Because of that, he flipped through the pages quickly.

Before long, he reached the answer to his questions.

“Hah!?” Waves of chakra exploded instantly.

Izuna could contain his anger that he was so angry that his hands trembled.

“Patriarch-sama, what’s the matter?”

Sensing his anger, his wife walked out and asked suspiciously.

“It’s nothing. A member of our clan was informed me about something.

Izuna replied.


Turning around again, he found out.


He was taken aback for a moment and looked at the picture album in his hand.

Someone used a shadow clone and disguised just to gave me this book. What is the motive?

Izuna lost in his thought.

This is just fiction made by a boy. I must respond to this carefully by hold a clan meeting.


This mask ninja has the surname of Hatake, who is a foreigner.

“A foreigner, but has a left eye with Sharingan.”

“Comic… Akabane Kurama… Danzo.”


He thought about it one by one, and his expression suddenly changed.

Uchiha’s greatest strength to maintain their hierarchy on Konoha is by having Sharingan.

If anyone can also use it, can the Uchiha clan still retain their supremacy?

Hypnosis, replication, illusion…

The functions of Sharingan can be used perfectly by Kakashi.

Although it was only a comic, once everyone in Konoha had this idea, the Uchiha clan position will be in danger.

“Patriarch-sama, there is a boy…”

Before his servant able to finish his words, someone rushed over.

Izuna looked up, and it was Ryuu’s father, Han Uchiha.

He saw the comic in the patriarch’s hand, froze for a moment, then touched his head and said.

“Do you already know about this, patriarch-sama?”

“I just knew it recently.”

Izuna said calmly. “Go ahead and call an emergency meeting.”


Han left immediately.

Before long, all the elders and important officials of Uchiha gathered together.

Because of their bad relation with the Kurama clan, there are only a handful of Uchiha people who have come into knew about the comic, and most of these elders have never read it.

Izuna distributed a few pages that had just been printed and then sat on the main seat speechless.

After a while…

“This brat is too presumptuous. How dare him to tell a story about our clan like this!”

“Patriarch, this is an insult!”

“Hokage must be punished severely. Otherwise, our clan will lose face.”

For a while, the meeting The scene was rowdy with compliant.

But the patriarch remains speechless and gradually calmed down the other.

Han hesitated and asked, “Patriarch-sama, is this…is it just a story made from imagination, or..”

“What do you think?”

“I think there is a possibility…”

“That brat is a disciple from Danzo’s team.”

Izuna lost in thought, then suddenly stood up.

After glancing at each other, everyone quickly quiets down. Then he continued:” This is probably Danzo’s doing, but also a warning.”

“The villagers mostly are uneducated. If the majority think that Uchiha can’t be replaced, even if Danzo did this, it wouldn’t matter much.”

An elder who has never spoken told his thought.

Uchiha has got the privilege to become the military force of Konoha, but that doesn’t exclude them from public affairs.

“If Danzo threatens us with this, we can join hands with the Hyuga clan.”

After a while, an elder thought of a plan.

“Patriarch-sama, I think it would be best for us not to join hands with Hyuga.”

Izuna sighed.

“This is our problem to handle…”

The Hyuga clan is one of the strongest clan established on Konoha right now other than Uchiha, and it would be too much for the two strongest clans to deal with this, or else it would blow up and could cause bigger problems.

However, among the Uchiha’s elders, many of them hold a grudge with Konoha and Danzo…

“Han, I order you to teach that brat a lesson, and we’ll see how his teacher will react.”

An elder said.

“Exactly, we must teach that brat a lesson!”

His decision was approved by the majority. The others thought for a while and felt that there was no loss in doing so, and at most, they would only scolding him.

Izuna looked around for another opinion and sighed: “Do it then.”

The proud and arrogant Uchiha.

However, Izuma looked reluctant with their solution. The decision-making of the Uchiha clan had changed after the rebellion of Madara. Thus he couldn’t disagree.

“Brother, if you’re here, maybe things would be completely different.”

The next day.

Akabane was about to lie down on his bed, but early in the morning, there was a rustling sound from the window, and a figure surprised him by jumped in from the window.


Akabane was baffled, but when he opened his eyes, he immediately sat up and covered his body with a blanket.

“Hey, don’t make it a fuss. It’s just me!”

Tsunade glanced at the bed, a smile appeared on her face, and then waved her hand weakly to greeted Akabane.

“What are you doing here in the morning? Also, I’ve said it before, go through the front door!”

Akabane was a little angry.

He was still sleepy before, but now it all gone, and his heart was still pounding hard from the shock.

“Huh, I just saw your latest volume… are you planning to die young? Be careful who you poke with that comic.”

Tsunade said it like an old hag.

“Well… it’s just a comic, and if you can go out, I want to change my clothes.”

Akabane waved his hand and said weakly.

“Ah! Don’t be bothered by me. After all, we are entrusted, comrades.”

Tsunade said with a smile.

“Whatever, I lost hope in you a long time ago…”

Akabane sighed while grabbed the clothes and started to change.

“I’ve got to go to the store now. Do you have anything else to say?”

“Nothing else, but I’m very curious. Do you know what will happen after what you do?”

“So what?”

Within a few seconds, Akabane was already dressed.

He didn’t have time to wash his face. The Uchiha should get the news by now.

“You’re going out knowing Uchiha’s will come after you?”


Akabane said calmly.

Although he doesn’t know what Danzo will do, since they’ve set an agreement, there will be some way he could help him with the Uchiha.

It’s a risk worth taking.

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