Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 68


“In that case, I also want to watch the excitement.”

Tsunade continued, unaware of the subtle hint on Akabane’s eyes.

After a few moments, Akabane lowered his head: “I want to take a bath. Can you not blocking my way?”

“Uh, in that case…I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Tsunade finished speaking, opened the window, and crawled out quietly.

“Urgh, Everyone’s habit of climbing the windows seems to have started with her…”

Akabane sighed weakly, then directly went to his bathroom.

After some more time, Akabane left his home early to check his store. When he arrived with Tsunade, they saw several people come in and out of the store-bought his comic.

Business is good, I guess…

 But obviously, the Uchiha’s representative hasn’t yet to be found.

If it weren’t for Tsunade, I could sleep a little longer.

“Akabane Kurama, you’re finally here.”


Following the sound, Akabane saw a middle-aged man walking out from the street in front.

Looking at the dress, judging by the dress, he is at least a Chuunin, but there is a familiarity with his face that made Akabane wondered.

He was like, “Is he the father of that …… whoever he was last time?”

After some moment, he still couldn’t remember the name.

“Ryuu is my son.”

Han sighed lightly, “If you think that this will irritate me, then you’ve failed.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m just a peace-loving cartoonist.”

Akabane smiled and waved his hand.

Peace-loving my ass…

Tsunade was speechless, and she would be as stupid as Jiraiya to believe in such nonsense.

“I’ll be straight. I want you to revise the plot of your latest volume. We Uchiha can’t accept such an insult.”

“Insult? Uncle, it’s just a comic book.”

Akabane smiled.

“Then, I have to teach you a lesson!”

Han’s eyes sharped instantly.

With their few words of exchange, this brat looked confident and has some support behind his back.

Danzo’s plan starts with this comic and then ends up as a civil war with the Uchiha clan.

If he wants to fight, it means to kill Akabane!

In his heart, there is a murderous aura.

“Akaba, something is wrong.”

Tsunade’s expression stiffened.

“Even if you kill me, the comics have been sold, so does the story in it.”

Akabane tried to intimidate.

“I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.”

Han’s eyes turned blood red, and he opened his Sharingan, “I’ll demonstrate to you the power of these eyes.”

“Oh, yeah? Why do you think I talk so much nonsense for…”

Akabane Sneered.

Tsunade was a bit left out but later found that Han was standing there motionless.

Genjutsu! But when!?

When She was still caught by surprise, she saw a figure hidden in the store secretly drawing.

“Ridiculous!” She couldn’t help but vomit. This is not a sneak attack.

“He’s trying to kill me, so it’s not too much to ask for me to sneak up on him, right?”


If he couldn’t detect it, it’s over!

Akabane had a hint of coldness in his eyes. If he does it now, he can easily kill Han with a simple move.

“Let’s stop here, Akabane Kurama.”

The familiar voice was unprecedentedly nonchalant, and the figure slowly stepping out stopped Akabane’s thoughts.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi!


His shadow clone who was standing in front disappeared,

At the same time, Akabane lifted his genjutsu.


With a scream, Han Uchiha covered his eyes, and drops of blood flowed from the corner of his eyes.

How did I get into this brat Genjutsu!

However, the way Akabane executed his plan is beyond imagination, just like… how Danzo would do!

“Forcibly breaking through the illusion, isn’t it?”

Akabane chuckled.

Han’s chakra is fairly strong with a set of skills from the Uchiha clan, and Akabane would be at a disadvantage if not for his sneak attack.

However, Han has a superior rank and a member of Uchiha, who claims to have the best at Genjutsu. This alone embarrassed him more than death.

“You brat! I will…”

“Han Uchiha, you are not responsible for today’s guard work. What are you doing here!?”

Hiruzen snapped angrily.

“But… Hokage-sama!”

Han only just discovered that Hiruzen was there.

His face suddenly turned pale. Hokage has appeared. No matter how he wants Akabane to die, he simply couldn’t continue.

“Akabane, come here.”

Hiruzen’s clone disappeared, but this fight stopped right here.

 “Akabane Kurama, you better think about what I’ve told you…”

Han leaves it halfway as if thinking of the battle just now-if they’re fighting. Will he survive?

Thinking of this, he held back the latter half of his sentence and left in silence.

Seeing that Han has left, Tsunade breathed a sigh of relief and secretly said worriedly.

“This is the first time I saw my uncle this angry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll leave you be.”

Akabane replied.

With the wisdom of Hiruzen, this kind of plot goes as well.

Therefore, the result is still under control, not too far from his prediction.

But he just doesn’t know what Hiruzen wants to talk about.

Akabane was secretly guessed that he had reached the bottom of the Hokage Building unknowingly, and he just saw a pair of eyes looking down from the upper floor when he raised his head.

Danzo Shimura!

He paused for a second or two and waited for Danzo to turn around before continuing to enter the building.

When he reached the second floor, Akabane happened to passed Danzo on the stairways.

“Don’t forget that you still have training today.”

Danzo left a sentence and then coldly left him.

Hearing these words, Akabane was more relieved-it seems that Danzo has taken their agreement as promised.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Come in.”

Knocked on the door lightly, and after receiving a reply, Akabane entered the office and bowed slightly to Hiruzen.

“Akabane, why are you doing this!?”

Hiruzen immediately snapped him with a question.

“Hokage-sama, the Uchiha was too arrogant and has forgotten that they lived side by side with other clans in Konoha. It’s like they want to create a village of their own inside Konoha.”

In front of the Third Hokage, Akabane did not dare to perfunctory.

“Even so, you shouldn’t do this. You have ruined the peace of the village.”

Hiruzen stood up and said angrily.

Akabane was speechless.

Danzo and Hiruzen must have a dispute, so not answering this time is the best answer.

“You must stop the comics. This story needs to be revised!”

Hiruzen said it while raising his tone.

“Hokage-sama, but seeds of suspicion have been planted. Besides, I didn’t even draw anything. I just said that the Sharingan appeared on foreigners.”

“Isn’t that enough to cause an uproar? Do you want to force Uchiha to rebel against Konoha?”

After that, Hiruzen sat back again. There was disappointment in his eyes.

Akabane was remained speechless. Hiruzen had good intentions, but it’s a pity that the Uchiha clan didn’t appreciate it, so they chose to do so in the end.

After a moment of solemn, he took a cigarette and said in disappointment: “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t accept Danzo’s condition to make you his student. Maybe you will be different.”

“The condition?”

Akabane moved slightly. Vaguely understood.

“It’s nothing, you can go back.”

Hiruzen closed his eyes and didn’t mean to spill secret anymore.


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