Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 69


“Patriarch-sama, the Hokage has intervened.”

Han came back with his trembled legs, not mentioning that Akabane had made him experiencing a life and death event.

“That’s good.”

Izuna Uchiha breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, “An intervention by the Hokage means that Konoha’s situation isn’t that extreme. It was all just because of Danzo and that brat of him.”

“But we can’t let it slide from our hands. Otherwise our clan’s name will be in disgrace.”

Han said solemnly.

“Of course, we will intimidate the Kurama clan and contact the Hokage at the same time, implying that he must resolve the conflict.”

“If that brat isn’t stupid, he will walk down the stairs.”

Izuna said.

“But Danzo must have thought about this ahead, and maybe Hokage and him…”

Han was indignant, but Izuna raised his hand before finishing talking, stopping him from continuing.

They were speechless for a moment. Then Izuna continued, “Where can we go if we leave Konoha?”


“There is no next Uchiha. If we leave Konoha, we will be the next Uzumaki clan.”

Izuna said lightly.

“The Uzumaki clan?”

“Hokage just brought back ten red hair children recently from his travel to Uzumaki village, I’ve asked an investigation for it, and I was told that the Uzumaki clan is facing their downfall.”

He sighed as he spoke, and his tone became firmer.

“What!? What’s going on!”

Han was shocked and unable to add to it. The Uzumaki clan has always maintained a strong relation with Konoha, and they are equally powerful. Such a clan is facing a downfall. It is hard to even imagine it.


When Han was processing all the information that he just heard, he understood one thing.

No matter how strong or talented you are, even the impossible thing could happen to anyone!

Regardless of whether it was written on the comic or not, every ninja village wanted to claim the Sharingan.

This problem itself had nothing to do with the comic, but Akabane’s drawing was straightforwardly told that there is a possibility.

He sighed as his mind became more blurry.

But at the same time, Izuna suddenly smiled and said, “Actually, we could turn this situation into our favor. We will ask Akabane to describe the side effect of transplanting the Sharingan much more seriously.”

“Which means…To make everyone understand that the cost of transplanting Sharingan far outweighs the benefits?”

Han was shocked by the plan.

“That’s right. It’s useless to used Sharingan but must live like ‘Bird in a cage.’”

Izuna couldn’t help but laugh when he said this. “We can tell others about it through the wave of publicity.”

Comics can be a tool to your advantage if you play along with it.

“I want to meet that brat and Danzo .”

Leaving the Hokage Building, Akabane still remembered the conversation just now.

 There is no doubt that the three generations have enough understanding of Sharingan, so they can say that.

“Listen to what Hokage said, and within a few days at most, there will be a reconciliation…”

Akabane walked bored down the street.

Starting from the second generation, the Hokage has tried to suppressed Uchiha in various ways, and after the Kyuubi rampage, he decides to annihilate them.

It can be said that the Hokage had never trusted them. Akabane just pushed the boat along the way.

Of course…

Standing on the eye of the storm always requires a certain price.

The advantage of this is that on the one hand, the Uchiha clan also paid more attention to my comics and could gain me more points.

On the other hand, Danzo’s willingness to take the blame means that he has made his moves.

If he invests in this research,

In the future, Akabane can get the Sharingan and give it to him.

But… it’s not enough!

Akabane’s mind turned sharply, thinking about another question.

Should I modify or postpone the release of the next volume?

When a foreigner acquired Sharingan, Uchiha’s clan will jump off their feet, and as soon as the story reaches the extermination of the Uchiha clan, the only god knows what they would do.

While thinking, he headed over to Danzo.

And it didn’t take long…


“Shimura-sama has an order. The training is canceled today. Please immediately go to this location…”

The ninja of the Roots!?

Akabane took the scroll, and the root quickly disappeared.

Opening the scroll, a string of coded words was displayed on it, and he pondered at it

—Death Forest, 32nd Training ground…

What does this mean?

Is it possible that Danzo is now moody and wants to train him as revenge!

“Impossible, this is too naive, that’s… Uchiha.”

Akabane took a deep breath.

Being able to make Danzo cancel the training at short notice and arrange another meeting on a remote location like the Forest of Death could only be the reason. But in case it was a trap…

He thought about it and split a shadow clone.

“Here is your mission, take the trip for me.”

There are dangers everywhere in places like the Death Forest, not to mention that the Uchiha clan’s plan is still unclear.

Going there like this is undoubtedly a death sentence.

If there is no danger, a shadow clone is enough to do it.

“Yeah.” After the clone replied, he quickly set off to the 32nd Training ground on the Forest of death.

Danzo stood in the center of the forest, waiting quietly.

“Danzo-dono, it’s been a long time.”

Izuna appeared, ” 

Where is the kid?”

“Not here yet.”

Danzo said lightly, “What do you want to talk about exactly?”

“What else can we talk about, that kid’s work, we Uchiha took a good Interest of it.”

Izuna Uchiha smiled.


Danzo frowned slightly, not understanding what he meant.

“It’s nothing, wait until the kid arrives.”

He leaned against the tree, and it didn’t take long for the two to look in the same direction at the same time.

There he is.

There was a sound of rustling leaves, and in the next second a figure quickly jumped from the tree and fell between the two.

“Sorry for my delay.”

Akabane glanced at the two of them, with a calm expression but a little doubt in his heart.

Surprisingly, Izuna Uchiha met Danzo directly instead of looking for the Hokage.

“It’s okay. I’ll first introduce myself. My name is Izuna Uchiha, and I am the patriarch of the Uchiha clan.

Izuna smiled slightly, without any excessive motions.

“Hello, I am Akabane Kurama.”

Even if it is an opponent, for now, the courtesy is still the same.

Akabane bowed slightly. He noticed Danzo’s expression. It was obvious that the teacher had also gotten word of the appointment on short notice.

“Since everyone is here, then I’ll just get to the point.”

“Akabane Kurama, I hope you will explain in your comic that the foreigners who got the Sharingan paid an excessive amount from it.”

Said Izuna nonchalantly.

Akabane thought secretly in his heart, Do these two took the initiative to meet just for this?

Not likely!

Akabane thought for a while and replied with the same rhetoric: “I don’t know much about Sharingan’s nature. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Sharingan is also known as mirror wheel eyes. We don’t know the specific power that he obtained, but it is certain that even if foreigners could use it, it is still almost impossible for him to release the full potential.”

Izuna explained it throughoutly.

“Which means…”

“It is not just eyes that derivates through the bloodline, but also evolve in the process. It is integrated with the Uchiha’s blood. Foreigners can’t use it. Even if it can be used, I think it is a very special case, and the bearer must have paid a great price.”

Danzo and Izuna asked and answered, then fell silent again.

“You want me to explain this in the comics?”

Akabane catches the whole point.

“Even a fiction story should follow certain common sense. With these messages, it will make your story whole. As for how to picture it, this is your freedom. I only hope you will have a reasonable explanation.”

Izuna said kindly.

“I understand…”

Akabane looked at Danzo and finally nodded slightly.

Izuna’s goal is still to reconcile. The difference was that he chose to told the messages and let Tuanzo discern the truth for himself.

The second Hokage was very hostile to Uchiha, so naturally, there has been researched for it. He believes that Danzo has a certain ability to distinguish between the two.

In some ways, indeed, Sharingan transplantation has not been successful so far.

Danzo thought secretly and finally remained silent, tacitly agreeing with the two parties.

For Akabane, this is not just an agreement but also a manifestation of goodwill. He believes this is another reason why Izuna Uchiha himself arranged a meeting with Akabane and Danzo.

It’s not that Uchiha can’t talk about these things.

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