Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 7 Konohamaru


Akabane took notice of Hiruzen peeked at him from his office.

“Hmm, Hiruzen-sensei must be heard something about me after the exam. It seems he is going to monitor me for a while.”

Akabane lay on the grass as he was secretly thinking.

After his outstanding achievement from the exam, no one will doubt his capability anymore.

Even so, Akabane didn’t think or plan that he could become a Sannin.

Being in the list of The Third Hokage’s team would still be hard for him, even if he wants it so badly.

There should be already the name of Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru, as the history said.

Moreover, Hiruzen may not prefer a genjutsu user like him.

“It’s almost impossible to become an apprentice of The Third Hokage.” but as he thinks again, he realized being a Sannin is tiring.

He is not interested in standing on the top of the Ninja World, but this world is as harsh as his original world. He wants to save some money to survive, so Akabane still hopes to have a decent mentor.

“Hey! How many pages have you been drawn?”

“One a third, you should’ve drawn it yourself or just stop complaining!”

His clone angrily replied

“No, no, keep up your good work.”

Akabane has been working hard before he acquired Shadow Clone Jutsu,

Now that it has been learned, he just used it to the full extent.

“Damn, you need to summon another one. This is too much for me alone!”

The clone cursed and but continued to draw.

It seems it is too much for a clone to do all his work.

“Nah, I’m sorry I didn’t have any chakra left, I might pass out if I summon another one.”

Akabane said lightly.

After exchanging 2 points with mental power, he already has 50 points of mental power, which really reaches the limit to become a Chuunin, but even so, it is still too much to summon two shadow clones for high-intensity work at the same time.

“But being able to halve the workload you used to do before, I think it’s worthwhile.”

The clone said as he continued with his work.

“Even if the war is still far away, we need to hurry up with the preparation.”

After Akabane finished speaking, he ignored his clone and continued to lay on the grass.

He must be well prepared for what to come, or else it will be meaningless.

His body is better than before, and his efficiency increases drastically.

“I finally found you Akabane!”

At this moment, Tsunade’s voice came from the direction of the Academy.

“Damn, here we go again.”

Akabane sat up hurriedly, canceling his clone.

“You still lie here to draw. Aren’t you planning to study for tomorrow’s exhibition exam?”

Tsunade walked towards him, and when she saw a page of Akabane’s comic held with a rock, she was surprised, “Oh! So you were drawing for the next chapter, I suppose!?”

“But I still wonder why did you choose drawing rather than other things, do you think it is reliable?”

 Akabane smiled.

“You might beat Ryuu at the exam, but you still at least practice more.”

Tsunade know Akabane had master his genjutsu and awaken his Kekkei Genkai.

“Well, I have my plan…”

Halfway through the conversation, he glanced and saw Tsunade dash forward to sneak attacked him.


A big hole was directly hit on the ground. With this punch, he might need to be hospitalized.

“Don’t you dare to use your genjutsu at me again!”

This girl is still holding a grudge!

Akabane ran to the forest. He wanted to find cover.

“Don’t run!”

Tsunade quickly chases behind him.

Akabane made seals as he was running, and quickly set seals on the edge of the tree.

Tsunade jumped directly upon the tree. A few jumps close the distance, Akabane is no match for her strength.

But when Tsunade jumped over a few trees, she always couldn’t catch up, and immediately felt something wrong “How could Akabane, a weak at physique to be so fast?


“When did it happened?”

Tsunade stopped and wondered.

“As you crossed that tree.”


A handful of kunai rushed towards Tsunade, she charged for dodging, but a strand of hair was cut down.

Subsequently, the genjutsu effected slowly disappeared.

Tsunade escaped from the genjutsu, but she found… her hair fell off, and the cutted hair was floating in the air.

“This is… Am I still in the genjutsu?”

“No, I have already canceled it

Akabane appeared from behind the tree and raised the torn paper in his hand.

“Then this thing that happened to me…I remember your Kurama clan can turn fiction into reality.”

Tsunade squeezed her hair, but after a while, she felt something wrong again, “But the one I chased…”

“It’s my shadow clone.”

Akabane yawnedr. It seems he drained a lot of chakra for that setup.

“The Shadow Clone Jutsu…B-level ninjutsu!”

Tsunade was surprised, but also quietly relieved.

This is enough to show that Akabane still has a lot of cards, and it is not difficult to deal with Ryuu.

Because all of Uchiha’s jutsu is straightforward, but Akabane knows nothing about it.

“So don’t worry about me, my opponent is only a kid from Uchiha.”

Akabane packs up tools and drawings and prepares to go home.

“Cut it out, who is worried about you? I just want to beat you up.”

Tsunade snorted coldly.

“Well, okay, I wanted to show you the comics I just drew…”

“Let me see!”

In an instant, Tsunade appeared to Akabane’s side.

Akabane saw it through without saying it as he handed her half of the pages, and said, “Hey, let’s finish it here. I’ll go back home after I finish this and distribute it.”


Tsunade sat down as she was holding a stack of pages and began to read it.

The content of the second chapter is about Naruto and the Third Hokage’s grandson, Konohamaru. But Tsunade didn’t know that it is something about to happen in the future.

“Hey, Konohamaru… is it the grandson of Uncle Sarutobi?”

Seeing the new kid on the stage, Tsunade’s wondered, “Whose kid is this?”

“The father is Shinnosuke.”

Akabane said.

Shinnosuke Sarutobi, the eldest son of Hiruzen Sarutobi, and their classmate.

At this moment, Asuma hadn’t been born yet, Tsunade would naturally not think of someone who hadn’t been born yet.

“Shinnosuke…what do you think, I thought your protagonist was stupid enough, but this time I thought of something even more ridiculous.”

When she read that Konohamaru couldn’t even grasp Harem Jutsu, her face showed an even more disgusting expression, “Stupid. He is even more stupid than Jiraiya.”

“Jiraiya is also quite smart, but he still needs more time to learn.”

Akabane shrugged.

“Yes, so I said that Konohamaru is more stupid than Jiraiya. I don’t know if Uncle Sarutobi and Shinnosuke will beat you up after they saw that.”

When Tsunade said this, his face was full of gloat.

“This is just a story. I think they will forgive a child’s imagination.”

Akabane explained calmly.

After reading half of the draft, Tsunade returned the draft to Akabane and said, “Akaba, you go back and print a few more copies. I will give it to let some of my family read it too. They might found it interesting.”

“No problem!”

After heard this, Akabane was ecstatic, but he might refuse.

If he remembers correctly, the current Jinchuriki in Konoha Village is Tsunade’s grandmother, Mito Uzumaki.

Before the Third Hokage has contributed a full 50 points after read his first chapter, how much will someone like Jinchuriki give?

Just think about it!

“I’ll finish this soon and go back home.”

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      don’t think Tsunade was a genius like Orochimaru so yes it is not possible for her to be that strong. I like new and different developments and such but this is cheesy and childish at best.

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