Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 70


“Take your time to think about my proposal.”

Izuna Uchiha said with a smile.

Danzo’s expression remained unchanged as if he had not been affected by what Izuna has said.

Then Izuna bowed slightly and disappeared instantly.

“Sensei, do I still need to go for training?”

“No, now disarm your clone.”

Danzo glanced at him and said angrily.

“Well, I was just doing this for countermeasure. I’m not as tough as you sensei…”

The clone grumbled.

Danzo was too lazy to bother and disappeared instantly.

Akabane clone was released at the same time, and the memory returned to the original body.

On Konoha Street, the original body took notice.

He was planning to go home and sleep, but he thought of Tsunade, so he had to go to the comic store again.

Many people at the store came to buy comics, but Tsunade sat in front of the door and wandered, so distracted that he didn’t even notice that Akabane had come.

“Not leaving yet?”

“Ah? You are back!”

Tsunade got up and then immediately asked, “How is it? What did my uncle said to you?”

“Nothing important, just let me patch it.”

Akabane sat down and said.


Tsunade thought for a long time but still didn’t understand what the word meant.

“Just to add the setting.”

Akabane explained.

When it comes to patching, the main story is essential, but the settings need to be slightly modified in case of some situations.

He sat down, without thinking, started swiftly draw Kakashi’s portrait.

This page setting needs to be added to the next volume, so it must be finished as soon as possible.


Tsunade glanced, then stood behind and watched in amazement.

A minute or two later, a black and white portrait of Kakashi appeared on the paper-his forehead was moved up, revealing the Sharingan on his right eye.


After drawing the portrait, Akabane put the paper away.

“Hey, what did you just do!?”

Tsunade imagines that the large blank space needs to be filled with something. How can he stop drawing halfway?

“I’m a little tired. I’ll go back and rest for a while and then continue.” Akabane said and yawned, “You forgot, I was woken up by particularly someone this morning.”


Tsunade muttered dissatisfiedly. Isn’t it about climbing the window in the morning…

“If you don’t climb the window in the future, I will continue the drawing.”

“Urgh, you!!”

Tsunade clenched her fist, then took a few deep breaths and sneered, “If you could be easily wake up, I wouldn’t be bothered to climb the window in the first place!”

“And by that, I will reluctantly work overtime.”

Akabane spread it out again and continued to draw.

In the beginning, it was Kakashi’s brief introduction-Konoha’s Jounin and a former member of Anbu…

“Ten-year-old Jounin!? Your setting is exaggerated!”

Tsunade exclaimed in surprise.

“Jounin are just titles. During the war, the mortality was high, as well as the promotion rate.”

Akabane replied and continued to draw.

Next is a bunch of data, Ninjutsu 10, Physique 9, Genjutsu 8…

Tsunade didn’t understand at first, but she quickly realized it later.

Ten is estimated to be the highest point. The higher the data, the stronger the strength.

Looking at the first few descriptions, the ninja named Kakashi in the comics is almost overpowered, and there is no shortcoming.

She was about to say until she saw the data of his chakra- 5.

“5? Are you kidding? That’s minuscule.”

Even amongst the Chuunin, such a ninja that had 5 points of Chakra hasn’t existed, which is too exaggerated.

“I’m not an exaggeration. Sharingan wouldn’t come with a price.”

Akabane had to explain his reason while continuing to write the description.

The main reason for this paragraph was to revised the use of Sharingan by an outsider, so questions about Kakashi’s chakra are naturally a top priority.

“Sharingan, also known as The eye that reflected the soul, its power is closely related to Uchiha’s bloodline and their spirits will…”

Tsunade looked at it word by word and was shocked when she saw the last sentence.

“Because of his teammate’s voluntary gift, Sharingan was successfully transplanted, but without Uchiha’s blood, he had to pay a huge price to use it.”

Akabane did not describe it too clearly, to make a vague that thirst the reader’s imagination.

Tsunade carefully thought about it, and then asked: “The condition to fully adapted with Sharingan is by ‘voluntary’ gift, and his lack of chakra was used as compensation?”


Akabane wrote a final line of “Note” – thanking the Uchiha clan for their help with the information.

“This information was told by the Uchiha!?”

Tsunade stunned, impossible to believe.

” Yes, ah, Uchiha patriarch himself he said. “

Akabane smiled, did not elaborate.

She was still speechless, but that is the truth.

Akabane put one hand on the drawing board and showed it directly to Tsunade.

“And what I’m supposed to do?”

Tsunade was confused.

“You were more familiar with Izumi-san, please help me send this to him, and tell him to patch this to the last page.”

Akaba said nonchalantly.

Tsunade wanted to give him a clear punch in the face, and no matter whether she agreed or not, the piece of paper would fall into her hand in the end.

Akabane sat on the chair, the piece of paper hanging in his hand.

“Hey, take it!”

“Urgh! I’ll deliver it for you, but expect me to knock on your window~”

Tsunade took over the page and sneered.

“I have a door in my house…”

Akabane is speechless, did she forgot her promised a few minutes ago?

“That wouldn’t be enough for you to wake up! I don’t care, it’s a deal…”

Tsunade waved and ignored him.

She didn’t say that she couldn’t sleep yesterday, so she got up early and rushed towards the window to see who was in his room.

“Forget it, it’s up to you, I have to go back and get some rest.”

If persuasion failed, Akabane could only give up.

It’s not a big deal anyway. Although Tsunade has a sense of shame every time she comes in through the window, what can you expect from her?

Tsunade cast instantaneous jutsu and quickly disappeared from his sight.

Akabane was planning to go home and went to sleep, but when he turned around, he suddenly thought-Isn’t the direction Tsunade is running…?

“That direction is the factory. Did she sent it directly to there?”

He was confused for a while…

Somehow Akabane felt a little guilt in his heart, and he should have taken a trip by himself.

“Akabane-sama, you’re back?”

His employer asked with some regret.

“What’s the matter?”

Akabane took a look and found that a lot of people came around.

They were all holding the comic, and suddenly one of them asked, “Akabane, my child likes your comics very much. Can you… draw a poster for him? I’m willing to give you money!”

He is just an ordinary person, not a ninja, one hundred taels is not a small number for him.

Akabane took a closer look, and there were many people like him because they were ordinary people, so they didn’t dare to ask.

“Okay, but it doesn’t matter what the money is. I can only draw ten posters. In addition, I will choose ten lucky winners for free posters every time the new volume is updated.”

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