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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 71



Everyone glanced at each other, a little surprised, and hesitated, there were around 20 or 30 people, and only ten could get a poster!?

“Don’t worry, I will choose randomly, of course… this gentleman will get one today.”

Akabane pointed to the man who spoke first and then sat down.

What should I draw?

He thought for a while and simply drawn something he hadn’t before.

Soon enough, the first was about to finish.

“Come on, here you are.”

Akabane gave the completed poster to the man.

After took a look, he hesitated, and after a moment, then he couldn’t help but ask: “Is this also a character in the comic?”

“No, it isn’t. It was from another comic I plan to draw. His name is Monkey D. Luffy.”

Akabane replied.

“Monkey D. Luffy? It’s a strange name, and the style of the painting is so bad.”

He thought the drawing style was different from the usual, but it’s free…

Forget it; this is good enough.

Soon, the other posters were finished.

It’s difficult for everyone to accept the new style, but they couldn’t complain either because it’s free, and they still happy about it.

“Well, the next free of posters will be randomly distributed in the comics, and everyone can take their luck.”

Akabane stretched out.

After the quota run out, the surrounding villagers quickly dispersed.

“Is it true that you’re going to work on a new comic title?”

“It’s just warming up.”

It’s tiring enough to work on one title overtime. Recently Akabane has no plans to draw a new title, and the sales report hasn’t been released yet.

If he has free time to draw another title, it would be best to spend on drawing more Naruto comics.

Kasumi didn’t understand what he said.

However, during this time, he felt that Akabane was probably impossible to start work on another project.

Hmm…Unless Akabane-sama makes a breakthrough and can maintain two shadow clones at the same time…

Akabane returned home carrying the tools and saw his mother bandaging Tsukiha in the family room.

“I’m back?”

“What happened to you? Are you okay?”

Akabane saw the wound and went to pick up the gauze on the table.

“It was because of your father, teaching this girl to use kunai, then she injured herself.”

His mother poked Tsukiha’s head while explaining in a bad mood.

“I’m the one who asks for it…”

Tsukiha had slowly able to adapt to her current situation. Seeing that Akabane’s mother was blaming his father for her injury, she immediately explained the details.

“I’ll be paying more attention next time, so it wouldn’t happen again…”

“Next time!?”

Saki’s eyes widened.

“There is no next time!”

Saki decisively decided, and Tsukiha only could reply with a smile.

The two glanced at each other, secretly relieved.

Seeing this scene, Akabane chuckled.

Afterward, he looked at his status panel, his eyes suddenly widened-the points requirement for the Uzumaki’s Traits dropped by 1 point.

This is enough to prove that the blood with the Uzumaki clan can lower the price.


After took another look, he found that the point that had dropped was the perception ability.

Because Tsukiha’s traits are perception?

Akabane sighed inwardly.

Even if I drained Tsukiha’s blood, I am afraid that the points wouldn’t drop significantly.

But if he could get blood such as Mito Uzumaki, it might be able to give much more impact.

She is remained as the strongest amongst the Uzumaki clan and can’t be compared to Tsukiha.

However, it would be impossible to simply ask for her blood…

“Now, I have more than 400 points on hand, and I will get some points later, plus the 4th volume will make around a thousand points.” Akabane put the tools aside and sat on the table to ponder.

Tsukiha’s hands are bandaged, and now she is quietly reading the 2nd volume.

After settling in at Konoha, she mostly spent her time reading comics.

Just like her, other children are boarding with the Senju’s household.

These Uzumaki children are now assigned to the few remaining households of the Senju clan, but they will gather in Mito’s courtyard every afternoon.

Of course…

Not training ninjutsu or physical exercises, but a group of people reading comics together.

Like now.

“Grandma, I have finished reading the 2nd volume. Should I continue to the next volume? “Shinami, you have finished reading it, but most of your friends haven’t. Please wait for them.”

Mito Uzumaki is caring and gentle.


“You’re all a team now, understand?”

With those words, Shinami Uzumaki held back his words.

Afterward, the comic book was distributed to each one of them, and they enthusiastically read it pages by pages.

After sometimes, one of the children asked: “Grandma, why is Sakura getting good grades, but she is worse than Naruto in battle?”

“Yes, Naruto at least tried, but she hasn’t…”

Someone start a discussion, the others couldn’t help but complain about their views on the story.

“Her overall ability and theory are good, but she doesn’t have the will to fight. She doesn’t even know why she fights.”

Mito Uzumaki explained lightly.

“The will to fight?”

A group of children didn’t understand what it was. They all looked at Mito in curiosity, hoping she could give more details into it.

“People always have goals in the fighting. For example, everyone in Uzumaki Village is a fight to protect their home.”

Mito Uzumaki said.

“Grandma, it means that Sakura doesn’t have any goal?”

Someone thoughtfully said.

“Yeah, she probably only care about that cute boy in her eyes.”

Mito Uzumaki sighed.

Although this is a comic, such scenes do exist in real life, and there are a lot of them.

“It turns out to be that, then…what about you, grandma?”

“What about me?”

Mito Uzumaki sat on her chair with a look of nostalgia on her face.

“If I had the chance, it might be for the Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan, or it may be for Konoha.”

But she was well aware that it was too shallow.

As the nine-tailed’s Jinchuriki, she is very strong, but because of that same reason, she will attract the attention of every village once she leaves.

“My child, once you became stronger, you will understand the reason why you need to fight, same as Sakura here.”

Mito Uzumaki said sternly, “Don’t let negative thought affected your judgment.”

The vitality of the Uzumaki clan is undoubtedly, but for Konoha, these ten children of carefully picked will become ninjas in the future, but as for the Uzumaki clan…

She has a heavy heart. How many of these children will live in the shadow of hatred if anything bad happened to their village…

“I’ll protect my village!”

“We will become strong.”

“I want to become Hokage like Naruto!”

“Stupid, we belong to the Uzumaki clan.”

Everyone started to quarreled again, Mito Uzumaki covered her mouth and smiled, and the weight in his heart swept away in an instant.

“Well, everyone has finished reading the 2nd volume, now you all can read the third one…”

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