Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 72


“You’ve just sent it!? That was fast!”


Tsunade held the piece of paper and dangled it proudly.

“Stop shaking it. You can have this one too.”

Akabane sighed and took a picture from his pocket.


Tsunade covered her mouth in surprise and quickly recovered her calmness.

It was a portrait of her.

“It’s nothing, just a portrait.”

Akabane shrugged then thanked her sincerely after a pause. “Thank you for delivering me the comic.”

“Piece a cake. I want to practice my physique anyway…”

Tsunade put away the portrait happily.

“You are so diligent. I have to work hard, as well.”

Akabane took out his drawing tool.

The 5th volume is still halfway done, and he has to finish the rest today.

“Good, you finally start to work hard… Forget what I just said…”

It’s his shadow clone again do all the work!

Tsunade was speechless, but she should’ve expected it.

However, all of a sudden, she saw Akabane brought out a set of tools.

“Do you think I’ll just slaking?”

Akabane chuckled, and after pondering for a moment, he began to draw.

“Well, then, I’ll continue my practice again.”

Tsunade was instantly full of motivation.

Even this slacker has started to work hard, what reason left for me not to do the same?

But she just traveled a far distance back-to-back, and now she couldn’t perfectly control her punch.


When the voice came, Akabane paused to analyze.

She took less movement, and her control has improved quickly!

“But then again, how can medical ninjutsu be created without this kind of control.”

Akabane sighed for a while, and then quickly back to his work.

Towards the evening…

“Akabane-sama, Yamano-san’s carts have arrived, and he brought the printed comics.”

“I see. Please inform someone from the store, and I’ll handle the publicity.”

He has heard the message from Tsunade, so it wasn’t so surprising.

Kasumi Kurama nodded, and then looked at Akabane suspiciously, felt that something seemed wrong.

He pondered as he walked.

What exactly was wrong?

No matter how I think about it, something was off…

“By the way, Akabane-sama has put a lot of work there. I’m rude!”

Kasumi Kurama reacted. In the past, Akabane only leaves the work to his shadow clone alone to do everything. But today, he drew the poster by himself. It’s a rare sight nowadays.

“Tsunade!! Yamano-san is here!! I’m going to meet him now!! so I’ll leave you alone!”

After lifting the clone and putting away the manuscript, Akabane shouted at Tsunade, who was still working hard on the distant hillside.

“Yep! I’m done too.”

Tsunade stopped immediately and caught her breath.

“I’m going to compile the 5th volume!”



Akabane hurriedly rushes toward his house, took out the previous script, and compiled it with the one he drawn this time, then straight went to the store.

When he arrived, they were already done with the unloading.

On the front door, a group of people was very busy.

Even the director of the printing, Noda Ichiro, was so busy to help unload the goods in person.

“Yamano-san, thank you for rushing out this batch of comics.”

Akabane went forward and bowed in thanks.

It only had been a day or so, and the 4th volume had already been rushed out, showing the high efficiency done by the worker.

“This was because of the Daimyo-sama..”

Yamano smiled, then gave Akabane further explanation “Daimyo-sama heard about the comic, then he mobilizes a lot of manpower to the printing.”

“Daimyo-sama knew about my comics!?”

Akabane was baffled.

“Yes, Daimyo-sama said that this comic is an emerging cultural industry that should be encouraged.”

Yamano smiled brightly, with some gratitude in his tone, “Thanks to your cooperation, the printing production department of our factory has been flourish.”

“That’s good news… now shall we talk about more, inside…”

Akabane sounded a bit agitated when he said that.

He took Yamano and walked into the store.

Yamano didn’t find it strange, so he followed him into the store.

“Yamano-san, did you got asked about the caravan?”

Akabane nervously asked.

“I’ve arranged two caravans to work together, and the other one wants to sell it alone.”

“Three caravans??”

Yamano became nervous and apologized. “There wasn’t enough time to get more than that, so…”

“No, I’m sorry. I was so surprised that you can find three caravans in a short time.”

Akabane said it heartily

“Can I ask, where three caravans went for?”

One team goes to the Land of Snow, and one goes to the Land of River, which means that the last team generally goes to the Land of Iron.”

Yamano explained

“In addition to the Land of River, are relatively stable. “

Akabane thoughtfully.

“Well, the Land of River is quite peaceful.”

“So far…”

The Land of River is located between the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind and is a buffer zone between the two countries.

At this stage, there is no war between the wind and fire, and the Land of River can be at ease.

However, when the war starts again…

But the timing of this is pretty good right now

“Then thank you, Yamano-san, 5th Volume will also trouble you. Also, after some time, I may assign you to publish another comic title.

Akabane bowed and thanked, and then took out the prepared volume.

“Another kind of comics are you busy?”

Yamano said in surprise.

“It’s not that. The other title is just a trial. After we could stable these sales, send it out to see the markets in the other countries.”

 Naruto’s regional culture might be too difficult to accept.

Of course…

He was also not sure whether ‘One Piece’ would be accepted abroad.

“In that case, you can send someone to the factory when you need it. And by the way, next time you can hand over Mito-sama’s token to the clan member, the people in our factory will recognize it.”

Izumi Yamano suddenly remembered and added with some embarrassment.

“Thank you so much, then.”

Akabane got up, picked up a large poster at the back, and carefully covered it with a cloth.

“Kasumi, you put this at the front door tomorrow, and then go to the street to put some banners.”

Akabane entrusted.

“Yes! But what is the banner?”

Kasumi took it and glanced quietly through the cloth.

It seems like a poster…

“As for the banner, I didn’t have time to make it. You can ask someone to get it by tomorrow. The text will simply say that our comic has released a new volume so that the potential customers can buy it.”

Akabane said, picking the 5th volume at random and clipping a thin drawing into it.

After a while, all ten pictures were randomly clipped into the comics.

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