Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 73


Making a banner could work as a simple advertisement. However, the next day, once he saw the installed banner hanging on the street-

“The comic has been updated, dear customers and friends, come and buy it now!”


Akabane stood under the banner, confused for a long time.

They directly copied my sentence without changing it!

Akabane continued to walk down to the comic store with a long face.

Once he got there, his eyes suddenly widened; it was because the store was surprisingly crowded.

“With such a rubbish slogan…”

Akabane was silent for a moment, feeling that he got insulted.

It can be assumed that there weren’t many advertisements in this world.

Akabane sighed slightly, then walked outside the store and observed it throughout.

“Huh, is that…?”

A chakra wave caught his attention.

Akabane looked over and saw that the chakra surged was came from a boy in a white robe. He stood there quietly, conspicuously from the surroundings.

A Hyuga?

He turned pale and immediately walked closer. Before he tries to greet the boy’s shoulder, the little boy had already turned around first, noticing someone approaching him. Akabane saw the boy’s eyes were using Byakugan.

“Hey hey hey little boy, do you try to cheat to get the free poster?”

Akabane said helplessly.

He’d forgotten one thing—the ninja world had hundreds of ways to cheat.

The little boy was a little ashamed, and he whispered. “Well, there is no rule that I can’t…?”

“I’ll tell it now that you can’t.”

Akabane said, pick up a pen to write another rule at the door, then add one last sentence, “We have the right to interpreted the rules as we want.”

The Hyuga boy bowed his head and mumbled.

Then Akabane heard a voice.

“Can’t use any ninjutsu? Then I’m lucky enough to get the posters without any of it.”

“Ah, you liar! When you ever won anything that relied on luck?”

It was Tsunade and Jiraiya that argued.

Akabane turned his head, and all he saw was Jiraiya, who got blown away with a punch.

“I have won it twice!”

Tsunade pouted, then shook her head slightly and entered the store.

“Tsunade, I don’t think…”

Akabane was helpless.

The prize could also be said as a gamble on luck. In that case, Tsunade put it all in gambling!

“Huh, do you think I can’t get it?”

If he looks closely, it is not difficult to see the subtle difference in stubbornness.

But Tsunade couldn’t read it at all and just picked a copy.

This is a real bet on luck.

Akabane was a little nervous. What if she gets it!

“Yosh! It’s been a long time since, I bet. I must have good luck this time!”

She was full of motivation. Then she opened the pages slowly.

“Just hurry up with it, and it will be over…”

Jiraiya also took a copy casually.

“You don’t understand the feeling of gambling.”

Tsunade’s eyes were gleaming, and she acted like a master gambler. Page by page, it felt like flipping the cards.

In the end, no poster appeared.

Akabane let out a long sigh of relief.

“Hahaha, your luck, my ass.”

Jiraiya looked excited as he flipped through the comic he took.

Suddenly a page of posters fell out.

“Wow, hahaha, I’m the lucky one!”


Tsunade threw a punch, which almost hit Jiraya the second time.

Then she threw down another hundred Ryo angrily, and by that, no one could stop her.

She carefully picked another one from the shelf, but…

Still nothing….

“Forget it, Tsunade…”

Akabane couldn’t help it.

When she got the first promotional poster, if it weren’t for Danzo, she won’t get any rewards.

“I’m nowhere near quitting!”

After ten more copies in a row, still nothing…

“Jiraiya, for the sake of your own life, I advise you not to laugh.”

Akabane pulled Jiraiya and said in a low voice.

Although he tried to hold back so hard, it wasn’t Jiraiya if he didn’t add more fuel to the fire, especially in front of a pissed looking Tsunade.

Jiraiya also wanted to provoke a bit, but his ribs ache inexplicably—

“Um…Tsunade, bad luck is not your fault, maybe next time…”


With another clear punch to Jiraiya, Tsunade put away the ten comic she bought and left angrily.

These eleven books are just enough for her alone to read, and buying one more will be a waste.

Besides, this one has already consumed half of her savings.

“I, I was trying to comfort you!”

Jiraiya said angrily, covering his head.

“Ahh, I can’t imagine the pain…”

Akabane said sympathetically.

He was also a bit of a gambler in the previous life, and he felt the same way as Tsunade.

Jiraiya couldn’t understand any of it, but it probably meant “bad luck.”


Jiraiya sat on the chair by the door and began self-reflected.

After a while…

“Wow, this young lady is beautiful, Akaba Akaba, what is her name?”

Jiraiya was refreshed and excited.

“You’ll understand after you finish read it.”

Akabane shrugged.

“Akaba, I find that you have a hidden talent at drawing beautiful girls… If only you…”

“Don’t even think about it. I wouldn’t draw that kind of thing!”

Needless to say, Akabane knows what this stupid means, but Fortunately, Jiraiya also lacked some common sense.

Once he got the inspiration, excitedly, he began to take out his tools and pour all of it into the paper.

“Hey, don’t draw that kind of thing in front of my store!”

Akabane was pissed.


Just like Tsunade, who couldn’t stop her addiction, nothing could stop Jiraiya as well.

He put some strokes here and there, and within a few seconds, he roughly drew the outline of a curvy woman.

“Don’t bother me, my inspiration is bursting out, and my hands are trembling!”

Jiraiya was also very excited and drowned too deep into his imagination.

He has made rapid progress in terms of drawing skills.


Everything that he drew was 18+ drawings.

At this time, many people came out of the store to watch.

Akabane was about to stop it but heard a familiar cough.

“Jiraiya, there is a limit to nonsense.”

The Third Hokage!

What a coincidence again!

Akabane looked at Hiruzen Sarutobi with a suspicious look—If it’s him, he won’t stop it!

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