Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 75


Garp is already on board the small boat at the Marine Base dock. Lin Tian walked to his side while rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Smelly brat, hurry up, you’re still young, don’t be lazy!” Garp barked.

In order to meet Luffy as quickly as possible, Garp asked Ander to prepare a small boat in the morning. If not for waiting for Lin Tian, ​​Garp would have left earlier.

“Commodore Lin Tian!”

Seeing Lin Tian, who was still sleepy, the Base Commander even spoke politely and respected Lin Tian.

Yesterday, during the welcoming ceremony for the Marine Soldiers unit from Headquarters, they held a grand banquet. Last night, all the Marine Soldiers were drunk, and now most of them are still asleep.

But wine is one of the things for men to make friends. The banquet venue became a mess because of the Marine Soldiers who got drunk last night.

They had to go to the toilet ten times in an hour last night, and even now, Base Commander is still dizzy.

If it weren’t for Vice-Admiral Garp leaving this morning, he wouldn’t wake up. However, since Commander was afraid of leaving a bad impression on Garp, he struggled to get up early.

Because the Commander got a lot of information about Marine Headquarters and Grand Line last night, of course, he also knew about Lin Tian’s identity.

When the Commander heard that the young man beside the Vice-Admiral was a Commodore of Marine Headquarters, he was very surprised.

After asking a few questions, the Commander understood that this young man was the most powerful genius in Marine history and had spread his virtue around the world in the past two years.

No wonder at thirteen years old, he already has Commodore’s position at Marine Headquarters, which is very impressive.

Lin Tian waved his hand and said to Base Commander.

“Just get rid of the word Commodore from my calling. I prefer to be called Lin Tian. I find it strange if people call me Commodore.”

“Very well, Lin Tian …” Realizing that the summoned person felt uncomfortable, the Commander quickly changed his words: “Yes, Lin Tian.”

Hearing that, Lin Tian smiled and nodded. He thought it was much more pleasant to hear than ‘Commodore Lin Tian’.

“Smelly old man, you shouldn’t say like that, you sleep longer than me in a day. Whereas I only slept a few hours a day, and I drank too much alcohol last night. It’s weird if I’m not drunk.”

Last night, Lin Tian wasn’t allowed to go because Roberts held him at the banquet, and he was forced to drink the whole time.

Lin Tian himself couldn’t remember how much alcohol he drank, and even he couldn’t remember how he went to sleep in the room last night.

Before we got together this morning, I was still sleeping in the room.

“Wow, you should be ashamed to say that you drank too much alcohol at such a young age.”

“Hah!” Lin Tian said confusedly: “I remember you sleeping first last night? How did you know that I drank alcohol.”

Lin Tian didn’t really think about it if someone said it was someone else, but he would be angry if it were Garp who said it. Yesterday I just wanted to sleep, but these damn people kept me at the banquet so that I couldn’t go to sleep.

At that time, Garp also felt strange. Usually, even if there was a cannonball exploding beside him, he could still fall asleep easily.

However, Garp didn’t know why he had so hard to sleep last night.

When he came out and taught the ruffians who were having a banquet, he saw Roberts supporting Lin Tian, who was in a drunken state towards the room.

Then Roberts saw himself, and he immediately threw Lin Tian on the bed. Without saying a word, he turned around and ran away.

When Garp saw that Lin Tian had dared to drink, he wanted to hit the smelly brat, but when he saw Lin Tian asleep, Garp stopped his intention.

“Hey!” Garp took a deep breath, sat on the bed, and lifted Lin Tian’s collar.

Due to Garp’s movement, Lin Tian immediately opened his eyes in a daze.

Seeing that smelly old man lifting him, Lin Tian grinned silly.

“What’s the matter, stinky old man? You came here to drink too?”

Garp smiled bitterly, seeing Lin Tian dared to drink a lot of alcohol at such a young age, and his mouth smelled of wine.

Lin Tian was not a person who liked to drink in his previous and present life. He lived as an orphan in his previous life, so he was too busy taking care of his own life, so he didn’t have time to get drunk.

Although Lin Tian was actually in his twenties, his body was still a male teenager, and he was also drunk.

If it weren’t for Roberts, this time Lin Tian wouldn’t have drunk too much wine.

“Smelly brat, how much damn wine did you drink?” Even though he said harshly, Garp moved Lin Tian’s body gently because he was afraid that Lin Tian would wake up.

Don’t just look at Garp’s scolding directed continuously at Lin Tian. He didn’t even hit Lin Tian badly so Lin Tian could wake up the next day.

In fact, Garp had always cared about Lin Tian in his heart, and most of the time, he was devoted to Lin Tian.

He had lived with Lin Tian for three years, and Garp knew him as if he were his grandson.

There was no denying that Lin Tian was a true genius. Garp had not seen a genius as Lin Tian in all these years.

If he could allow Lin Tian to be on the Marine side, it would definitely be a great blessing for the Marine, and Garp even used all his strength to teach Lin Tian. He kept pushing Lin Tian to be known by Sengoku, and he wanted Lin Tian to become a Marine Fleet-Admiral in the future.

Garp believes that with Lin Tian’s ability, he will be able to bring Marine to a better place. Not only Garp had this kind of thinking, but even Sengoku, Tsuru, Kong, and many more had such thoughts.

When they knew that Garp had appointed Lin Tian as his disciple, Marine veterans who had served in the same era as Garp took notice of Lin Tian’s development and returned to Marine Headquarters.

Don’t think they won’t have a significant influence when they return to Marine Headquarters. They are accommodating for the Marine Soldiers on duty and including Garp.

In an era when there were countless powerful pirates, such as Roger, Whitebeard, and the Golden Lion. People like them can keep up with the Marine power. You can imagine how strong they are.

Because they were getting old, and there were some wounds caused by fighting or some other reason, they had to be stationed at Marine Headquarters and teach the Marine Soldiers from there.

The admirals, Vice-Admirals, and Rear-Admirals who are now serving at the Marine are mostly their students. You can imagine how much influence they have.

These people are the masterminds who control the Marine, and they are the brains that move the entire Marine unit. Even the legendary pirates who were still alive at that time did not dare to do something arbitrarily because of them.

If not, how could the pirates throughout the Grand Line be conquered by the three Marine Admirals at that time, including Sengoku and Garp, who also had a big role.

But they all only praised Lin Tian ​​and said that Garp was very lucky to find such an extraordinary disciple as Lin Tian.

If Garp didn’t have a big role for the Marine in that era, the Marine veterans would definitely drive Garp away and take Lin Tian away.

It can be said that if Lin Tian stays at the Marine, Lin Tian will become the Marine Fleet-Admiral in the future. This is confirmed.

But Garp and these people knew that Lin Tian wasn’t the one who would be in the Marine forever. Lin Tian desperately wants freedom. Whereas the Marines had too many rules and regulations, this didn’t suit Lin Tian.

It made sense that Garp wouldn’t put too much effort into educating Lin Tian because he knew that Lin Tian wouldn’t stay in the Marine forever.

He taught Lin Tian to be a healthy person, so when Lin Tian left the Marine and had to fight against the Marine, wasn’t that the same as strengthening his enemy?

Because Garp already thought of Lin Tian as his own grandson, he invited Lin Tian to meet Luffy this time. Garp has a simple mind and wanted the two to make friends from an early age.

Moreover, based on his understanding of Lin Tian over the past three years, Garp knew that Lin Tian was a person full of compassion and justice, and he knew that Lin Tian would not easily fight the Marine without reason.

With Marine’s help, Lin Tian can become a strong person so quickly, and it will be a shackle for Lin Tian throughout his life against the Marine.

Lin Tian will definitely remember the good that Marine has done to him. Even if Lin Tian left Marine, Lin Tian would not fight Marine.

Sometime in the future, the Marine would need Lin Tian’s help.

Lin Tian already had the talent and strong desire to become a strong person. Now, it was only a matter of time until Lin Tian became a strong person and was at the top of the world.

“Smelly old man, although I always call you smelly old man, in my heart, you are always my only family in this world.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, a smile appeared on Garp’s face. It’s too early to leave, and it’s important to cherish these times.

” Smelly old man, smelly old man…!”

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