Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 75


“Sensei, recently we got the support from a certain local merchant. Thus, we will be able to slowly gain control of the country of Waves.”

Murasaki reported his mission’s progress and was puzzled at the same time.

Seeing that they just made significant progress, but suddenly Danzo recalls them back.

“Sensei must have a special purpose…”

Sakumo is guessing the reason for their recall.

“This isn’t the right time to directly control the Land of Waves. Occupying a stronghold is enough.”

Danzo explained coldly.

“Yes, Sensei!”

Both of them replied without any further questions.

“Soon, there will be a Chunin exam. Prepare yourself. You two and Akabane will participate together.”

Danzo said lightly.

“The Chunin exam!?”

Sakumo was shocked, then after thinking about it, time flies.

“Akabane as well? In that case, let’s go back for now.”

A trace of joy appeared on Murasaki’s face because they haven’t met for some time.

“That’s all.”

Danzo waved his hand, indicating that they could leave.


When Murasaki and Sakumo left, he snorted coldly as he looked at the Hokage’s office in dissatisfaction.

If it weren’t for the Hokage’s order, the Land of Waves is now within his hand!

“The root must be established!”

Danzo’s eyes were full of resentment.

In his view, the Hokage is too soft. He willing to passively waiting for the enemy to attack first.

Peace is bullshit!

As long as there are differences between the five major countries, and there will be, how can you rely on peace!?

“There has been a newly released volume, Sakumo. It seems that Akabane was having a good time.”

Murasaki said it with some jealousy.

Now Murasaki and Sakumo were in the Land of Waves. The nation is an isolated island located near the Land of Fire, and they don’t have a hidden village. Thus they rely on other villages such as Konoha. The natives were blown by the sea breeze every day, and that’s how they got their distinctive darker skin.

“I’ll teach him some lesson after we got back.”

Sakumo said lightly.

“Exactly! I can imagine that he is just sleeping all day long!”

At Akabane’s room.

“After last night, I earn more than a thousand points! Now I can exchange it for ability.”

After a good night’s sleep, Akabane got up and stretched out his waist.

The shadow clone on his table has been released, but the manuscripts were scattered on the ground.

It seemed that he worked hard yesterday…

Shadow clone is convenient!

Akabane sighed slightly, then opened the list and found the Uzumaki’s Vitality.

“I only got a thousand points, and this is the most important perk to be redeemed.”

After thinking for a moment, he made up his mind.

[Exhange points into the Uzumaki’s Vitality] [Exhanged completed, the Uzumaki’s Vitality has been learned]

In the next second, he felt his body change rapidly.

First of all, his physique rose by 10 points, making his overall physique reach 40 points. Moreover, now Akabane feels a great strength all over his body, which is completely different from before.

“This feeling is awesome!”

The Kurama clan lacks physique the most, and Akabane’s shortcomings in this area are now compensated.

His hard work after all this time was not in vain.


He suddenly heard a small movement outside the window.

Is someone climbing the window again!?

Akabane was pissed, then he picked up a piece of paper and quickly drew a few lines.

Suddenly, the window was opened, and a figure rushed in quickly.

In an instant, Akabane put up his guard.

A Kunai!

His hands quickly form a seal.

Substitution Jutsu!


After a loud noise, the figure disappeared immediately, followed by the remains of a chair that was chopped in half.

“Akaba-Nii, someone broke in again?!”

Tsukiha’s worried voice was heard from downstairs.

“It must be Akabane’s friend again, don’t worry.”

His mother answered it habitually.

“Yeah, he got some weird friends. They always like to climb windows.”

Saki smiled softly, not worrying about the loud noise at all.

“Is that so?”

Tsukiha answered suspiciously and then looked upstairs.

On the second floor, at Akabane’s room.

“Hey, don’t do such a dangerous inside my house!”

Akabane put away the Kunai and released his genjutsu that he had cast on Murasaki.

“I didn’t expect you have improved this much. I couldn’t even react.”

Murasaki clutched his throat, his face full of pain.

Even if he released illusion, the pain of being pierced by Kunai in his throat was still very clear.

“It’s not just physical improvement.”

Sakumo looked at Akabane and the broken chair on the floor.

His drawing skill is tremendously increased too!

“Sakumo, aren’t we friends? If I didn’t use a substitute, you would hack me to death!”

Akabane said while still shocked.

“No, I just feel like you can easily dodge me, so I was serious.”

Sakumo replied directly.

“Isn’t it you who got a grudge against Sakumo? Look at Kakashi. He passed out after using a few ninjutsu, which is too pathetic!”

Murasaki provoked.


To answer simply and directly, Sakumo sheathed his sword as he looked a bit mad.

“Oh.. ignore these details.”

Akabane coughed lightly and sat down on the bed, with no plans to find a seat for them-after they destroyed his beloved chair.

“Hmm~ Indeed, everyone should ignore the details.”

Murasaki nodded.

“Didn’t you currently had a task?’

“Yes, we had, but I can’t tell you the specific tasks.”

Murasaki sat on the floor, talking while helping to clean up the wreckage.

It seems that it was Danzo’s mission…

Konoha’s missions are all open and transparent commissions, there is nothing to hide, and now his two teammates’ personalities had changed a bit. It was probably some kind of infiltration.

Akabane did not say thoroughly, but skate over: “That attack before, what was that for?”

“Hey, course …… test your training result!”

“Yeah, very convincing…”

Akabane then remembered that the Hokage also mentioning about Chunin exam in the next few days.

“Yes, Speaking of which, where is the Chunin exam will be held this time?”

Murasaki got stuck halfway and looked at Sakumo awkwardly.

“The Land of Wind, Hidden Sand Village.”

Sakumo glanced at him and replied badly.

Hidden Sand Village?

This means that he has to leave Konoha again and go to a hot and dry village.

“Don’t think about it. Sensei said you must participate.”

Murasaki knew Akabane’s nature and stopped him from slacking.

Sakumo hesitated for a moment as he knew very well that Danzo wouldn’t grant Akabane’s request.

“The Chunin exam is not just about yourself.”

“That’s what it said.”

Akabane sighed.

The Chunin exam is more like another battlefield to show the strength of the hidden villages and to take the exam. You must be in a small team. If he wouldn’t go, it means that Sakumo and Murasaki can’t participate.

He doesn’t care about the title, but…

“Forget it; just take the trip. I haven’t been to the desert after all.”

In his previous life or now, he has never seen a real desert. Just look at the photos—a ray of scenery.

Thinking about it this way, it doesn’t seem so uncomfortable.

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