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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 76


Speaking of Sand Hidden Village, Akabane also thought of another thing-among the caravans mentioned by Yamano. It seems that one of the caravans is heading towards there.

The Land of Wind and the Land of waves are next to each other, and this trip is a great strategy to promote One Piece.

“Great idea!”

Since we are going there, it would be a waste if I don’t use this opportunity. I could hit three birds with one rock!

Akabane thought to himself.

“By the way, Akaba, how’s team six going?”

Murasaki asked suddenly.

They weren’t in the village for some time and didn’t know much about the team six.

“I guess… they are doing well.”

Akabane himself wasn’t sure, and Hiruzen’s words to Jiraiya should be more than mere motivation.

“Whether they go or not, we will go anyway.”

Murasaki clenched his fists with both hands and said with a firm expression.

“Why so serious?”

Akabane looked confused.

Murasaki couldn’t have any problems with the Hidden Sand Village, right?

“Hidden Sand Village will be our enemy sooner or later, and we must collect their information in advance so that we will not fail once we meet them on the real battlefield.”

Murasaki explained firmly.

“It makes sense.”

Sakumo nodded in agreement, with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“I can only say that’s the worth of being Murasaki!”

Akabane sighed.

“Why did you just said?”

Murasaki took out the comic book and was about to read it.

“It’s nothing. I just think that sensei was right to pick you.”

Akabane shrugged.

Murasaki’s strength is not top-notch, but his overall strength is quite impressive, coupled with his complex thinking.

In a sense, he has the same way of thinking as Danzo.

Of course, Danzo is more ruthless and unscrupulous, which no one can’t match.

“Of course.”

Murasaki nodded in agreement with a hint of pride.

However, Akabane wasn’t referring to Danzo, but the Third Hokage instead.

After all, the team arrangement was made by Hokage himself.

“Wait! I didn’t pay much attention before… What’s the matter with Kakashi’s Sharingan?”

“Go to the last page.”

Sakumo said lightly.

When Murasaki turned to the last page, he saw a special page attached to the back of the fourth volume, with all the information of Kakashi on it.

“What! A 13-year-old Anbu!?”

“Got blinded after a mission, and his teammate gave him the eye.”

“This plot…It is too much for me to digest.” Murasaki stuck his chin with a painful expression on his face.

Sakumo then wiped his short knife and said lightly: “It’s a fatal injury of our clan.”

In addition to knife skills, the Hatake clan is also well known for their assassination prowess.

For them, injuries to fatal parts such as the eyes are the most undesirable.

“There isn’t much to said when you’re on the battlefield.

Akabane closed his eyes and shook his head after a moment. “When we are on the battlefield, life and death are like a thin thread.”

“That’s true.”

Murasaki put away the comic and sighed. Then he said, “As I said earlier, I’m going to practice.”

“So hardworking all of a sudden?”

“Yeah, I’m not a genius like you.”

Murasaki shrugged, waved goodbye, and jumped directly through the window.

But, without a system, it would be difficult for Akabane to graduate with the fragile body that he had before.

“I’ll take my leave too.”

Sakumo got up, glanced back at the remaining pieces of wooden chairs that they broke, then he paused for a moment and said.

“The money for your chair…”

“Forget it. It was just a joke before.”

Akabane waved his hand as a sign to reject the money. He had plenty of money to buy a thousand chairs.


Sakumo was not polite with him, carrying his sabre and preparing to jump out of the window.

“But you know, there is a door in my house.”

Akabane pointed to the front, what’s going on with everyone visited him without going through the door.

Sakumo was stunned for a while, then nodded, opened the bedroom door, and about to leave.

Someone’s coming through the door.

Tsukiha Kurama looked up to the second floor and saw Sakumo coming out from the second floor.


Tsukiha was a little surprised-Akabane’s friend managed to used the front door!

Sakumo was slightly startled. Why everyone’s expressions are so surprised, and who is this little girl?

“Oh~ It turned out to be Sakumo!”

Seeing face match the description, Tsukiha suddenly understood.

“Uncle and aunt, I’ll have my leave.”

Sakumo bowed slightly, very polite.

“Go, really good boy.”

In the kitchen, Akabane’s father poked out his head with a happy face.

Sakumo bowed once more and then went out.

“Akaba, your friend is so polite.”

“As expected, from the Hatake Clan.”

His parents were overwhelmed because this was the first friend of Akabane to leave the front door politely.

Akabane stuck his forehead, although it was all truthful, it sounded really sad!

“I’ll go out too.”

He wanted to go out, not for training but to meet Danzo.

There are still a few training sessions left, and I have to make up with the numbers. In addition, the final plot on the Land of Waves has to be completed before the Chunin exam.

Think about it carefully during this time. There is no leisure at all. It is almost busier than before in the Uzumaki Village.

Akabane sighed slightly.

Akabane went straight to where the Roots’ are.

As soon as he arrived, a figure appeared in front of him.

Still under the disguise, the same black clothes and mask as the rest of the team, but this time Akabane can recognize some of them at a glance.

“Yoriko, are the people from the team here today?”

“Um…you got me again.”

Yoriko was a little unwilling, scratched her head in shame, and then couldn’t help coughing.

“I remember that the team has special training today.” The current Root team is not the real Root in the future. Most of them are elite candidates drawn from the Anbu.

“Yes, it’s me, Akaba…”

Yoriko nodded.

“Then I’ll be the first.”

Yoriko is not yet a member, but she has talents and was selected by Danzo.

Therefore, she is qualified to participate in the training of Root.

Akabane nodded, then walked towards her and whispered: “If you can, you should quit the Root…”


Yoriko was confused. Then she looked at Akabane in surprise.

She originally wanted to ask back, but seeing Akabane’s serious eyes, she immediately held back the second half of her words.

“Let’s go.”

Akabane passed her and walked into the cave.


Yoriko nodded and disappeared instantly.

She knows what Akabane means, but she couldn’t express it with her words

Didn’t Akabane speak with enthusiasm?

The root isn’t bad!

Yoriko was slightly confused, but there was no strange expression on her face.

The training sound became clearer and clearer.

Walking to the base, Akabane saw that a group of people were already exhausted and could be trained as harsh as ever.

“Sensei, everyone looked tired, so I can just give them a rest.”

Akabane walked to the front of the training team and said with a slight smile.

However, seeing him, all members of the root team suddenly changed their faces.


With such a horrible Genjutsu, rest would mean nothing!

“Akabane-san, no…we are not tired yet!”

Someone cried out in horror.

“Yes…Yes, we are not tired. We can still train further.”

The voices of others echoed.

“Akabane, As you heard that they are not tired.”

Danzo said with a smile, then waved his hand to signal everyone to finish their current training.


Am I that scary?

Akabane rubbed his hair speechlessly, and then simply set aside and waiting.

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