Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 77


The one who insists on coming will still come.

However, these people are pushing themselves too far. I will give them something to eat later.

Akabane thought to himself.

“The session has been great this far. I feel more and more that you can lead the Roots in the future.”

Danzo said lightly.

“Nope, don’t drag me into your problems.”

Akabane whispered.

What’s the Roots goal?

What will happen to Konoha in the future will be solved by the Roots.

Also, some international disputes may cause problems.

So creating the Roots is simply a countermeasure.

“More and more hidden villages are intervening in Uzumaki Village, and they’re waiting for the Uzumaki clan to perish. We, Konoha, can’t fight upfront, so we can only rely on Anbu to take action.

Danzo looked at his harshly trained ninjas. Rarely, there is a bit of emotion.

“Are you going to lecture me about your last will?”

Akabane answered casually.

Danzo paused after hearing this and then sneered: “No, how could I die in that kind of place.”

“They’re not going to make it, are they? If I pass out, I will be very troubled.”

Akabane looked up.

Several fell on the ground, and if this continues, everyone will end up in the hospital.

“Don’t worry. They are all elites among the elite.”

Danzo is very confident with his pupils.

“It’s good that you trust them, Sensei.”

Akabane had nothing to say.

Anyway, this is a good chance for me to train my genjutsu…

After some more sessions…

“Well, that’s it for now.”

However, everyone has collapsed to the ground, except that they haven’t passed out yet.

Akabane looked around and silently sealed his hands.

Genjutsu: Hell-viewing Jutsu!

There is no need for psychological guidance because these members have accumulated enough fatigue and fear, with only re-stimulation will stimulate their fighting spirit.


Akabane sat down relaxedly and continued his drawings.

Danzo glanced at him. Then his eyes moved back to his pupils.


Waves of screams, along with everyone on the field at the same time they wake up.


Gasping, fear, everyone looked at each other in great shock.


“They’re all dead, they’re all dead!”

“Cough, cough, cough, it hurts.”

Danzo frowned slightly. These root members are all elites. Although there is no way to ignore the pain of death, how could they be this disoriented?

Why is this happening?

He hadn’t experienced the Genjutsu and didn’t understand what was going on, so he turned to look at Akabane.

“I pulled them into the same Genjutsu.”

Akabane said lightly.


Danzo was shocked.

Hell-viewing Jutsu doesn’t have this kind of effect.

Moreover, this kind of genjutsu, consume chakras exponentially!

“You brat…”

Danzo then took a deep breath, “You’ve got stronger, huh!?”

“Sort of…”

Akabane responded muffled.

He would feel uncomfortable when he used the Genjutsu frequently.

But now, it doesn’t take him much effort.

Akabane knew it well.

This is not only caused by his increasing chakra volume but also his vitality recovery, which has been significantly accelerated.

“How about that? Do you want some more?”

Akabane was glancing around.

“Of course!”

Unlike before, everyone gritted their teeth and sat up this time.

“Count me in this time, okay?”

Danzo sat down and asked.

“No problem, but sensei, I will be in trouble if you can’t resist.”

Akabane knotted his hands and mobilized Chakra inside.

In an instant, he created the Illusion

In the Illusion.

Danzo looked around, and behind him were the Hokage Building and the Hokage Statue.

Is this Konoha?

“Fire Release: Fireball Jutsu!”

“Water Release…”

The noisy voices, chaotic chakra fluctuations, and even the feeling of wind blowing are extremely real.

Five senses control!

He walked away from the building, blood was flowing across the street, and countless corpses were lying on the ground in a mess.

Danzo thoughtfully.

No wonder they are so scared, yet unswervingly enter the Illusion.

Because in this world, Konoha was at war.

Not long after, Danzo saw the Root members.

They were fighting, but in front of a large number of enemies, they were slowly walking toward defeat.

Because of Five Senses Control, this battle is extremely real.

“This is no longer the Hell-viewing Jutsu.”

It’s terrifying!

Danzo, who was moved, got surprised by a loud bang.


The Konoha’s gate was destroyed.

“These endless waves of enemies are horrific!”

A Root member said in horror.

“We can’t let them in.”


The enemies coming from every corner let them lose sight of one another.

“Very practical illusion.”

Danzo knotted his hands and tried to dispel the Illusion. After opening his eyes, he saw Akabane painting.

The scene was similar to that of the Illusion. The difference was only that it was more complex and realistic in the Illusion.

“So that’s it, the illusion that my pupils saw.”

Danzo said with a sigh of relief.

“There still some flaws, but it’s enough doing the job.”

Akabane explained.

If it was really dangerous, he wouldn’t dare to experiment with these people.

“The final form of this ninjutsu is to use chakra to directly channeling the illusion, right?” Danzo tried to guess how it works.

There are a lot of Genjutsu in the Anbu for torture, and the Root team has the capability for researching a new one. Thus. Danzo has a lot of understanding of Chakra and Genjutsu.

“Well, but my Chakra is not strong enough.”

Akabane has tried direct channeling, but that consumes too much Chakra.

But now that he can successfully use this unfinished ninjutsu, it also has a lot to do with his increasing vitality.

“Your way of using Genjutsu is interesting, but it is probably only you can use it. Otherwise it is worthy of wide-scale application.”

Danzo sighed softly, “What is its name?”

Entering this Illusion, you can experience the terrible battlefield to the greatest extent and enhance the teamwork in between.

It can be said that it is the most ideal testing ground.

It is a pity that only the Kuruma clan can use such it. Once the effect of the five senses’ control is lost, the Illusion’s effect will greatly be reduced.

Akabane laughed inexplicably, and then replied: “Konoha’s Guardian or Hokage’s Bonds, I haven’t chosen one yet.”

“Let’s call it Konoha’s Guardian.”

Danzo thought for a while and give his insight. Hokage’s Bonds … sounds weird.

“Damn it. I’m dead again!”

“Only a little.. almost survived the final wave.”

Some people have broken out of the Illusion. They’re more tired than before, but this time everyone was in pain, but not one person loses their will to the fear.

They slowly overcome it!

Danzo secretly said in his heart.

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