Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 79


Akabane did tell the truth.

Right now, he wanted to create a plot for Nami’s country and the start of the Pirates as soon as possible, so his two clones drew Naruto comics, and he drew One Piece comics.

Of course, as the person in charge of all of his clones, being lazy and having lots of free time was a privilege.

Even though it looks very diligent, in reality, after the second clone finished its work, I couldn’t draw anymore.

“Akaba-Nii … Woah! There are three Akaba-Nii!”

The little girl opened the door and was about to say something, seeing three figures of her brother at the same time.

“Tsukiha, huh? What’s wrong?”

“You can’t just come here!” “You’re rude!”

Akabane gritted his teeth, and these two clones did indeed have a slightly different personality from the original. Their way of speaking also varies.

Then the real Akabane made a hand seal.


The two clones disappeared at the same time, then he looked at Uzumaki Tsukiha with a smile and said: “That was just my clone, don’t mind their words, they are stupid.”

“Ah, so it’s brother’s clone.”

The little girl understood something new to her, and she nodded.

“So what brought you here?” Akabane asked.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Yamano came with lots of comics.”

Tsukiha excitedly said while waving her hand.


He always finishes his duties on time. Luckily I’ve been working overtime today to finish the plot for Nami’s country.

In his heart, Akabane was a little surprised, and that made him happy.

The sooner it is done, the more comics I can produce, and that sounds good.

“Alright, then.”

Akabane answered, then looked up at the ceiling.

Last night, he counted the promotional funds and banners that were too late to open.

Thinking about the banner, he did take it seriously.

“Forget it, focus on the front. It’s all my fault for trusting Kasumi too much.”

Akabane sat down and thought about what slogan would look more attractive.

After a while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“What is this?”

Tsukiha looked up and asked innocently.

“Tomorrow morning, we will cooperate and help each other …”

“Eh, Tsukiha, don’t read it.”

Akabane felt embarrassed and immediately asked her to stop reading.

“What’s the matter?” Again, Tsukiha asked with an innocent face.

“Just don’t read!”

Akabane continued writing and almost finished his banner.

On the side of the banner, she also added some cartoon characters as decorations.


Tsukiha’s eyes shone at the banner.


Akabane smiled as he folded the banner, then took out a blank sheet of paper.

Next up is a poster.

“What’s the paper for?” Tsukiha asked again.

“This will be a promotional item that must be displayed tonight.”

Akabane explains that it is simpler and faster than banners and things that are foreign to Tsukiha.

In just a few minutes, he could finish the poster.

“Is Akaba-Nii going to go? I want to come too.”

After dealing with the dateline of banners and posters, now he is dealing with Uzumaki Tsukiha.

In order to let Tsukiha take a walk to a new environment, Akabane couldn’t refuse.

At the comic shop, people were waiting for Akabane.

“Isn’t Mr. Akabane here yet?”

“Yes, but I’ve sent people to pick him up.”

Kurama Kasumi said apologetically.

“It’s okay. I’ll wait a while.”

Yamano nodded.

All comics that are going to be sold have been prepared.

At this moment, a tall and short figure appeared from a distance.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m a little late.”

Akabane apologizes.

“Since I have some business, I came a little late.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Akabane, so this time you want to market a new comic volume release?”

“Yes, this is the sixth volume. Eight chapters in total. You can print them all at once.”

Akabane handed the messy manga over in haste to him. “Thank you for working hard to help me.”

“Don’t mention it. As a writer, you are the one who works the most here.”

Yamano smiled.

Each comic book sells for 100 Ryō, which is quite a bargain.

Even so, their factory made a lot of money from selling these comic books.

” Kasumi, go to the old place and display this banner.” Ichiro stains handed it over.

“Um … Sir, is there more?” Kasumi Kurama scratched his head awkwardly and held the final banner in his hand.

I originally planned to install it right away, but I was afraid that I would be scolded if anyone was left behind.

Spread it and see-

“Tomorrow morning, there will be a new release of this comic volume officially. Give us support to continue to expand the ninja culture.”

See you later!

Kasumi Kurama was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn’t help but think in secret.

Is there a special meaning?

“Maybe my insights are not broad enough to understand this sentence.”

Kasumi Kurama thought to himself, then looked at the poster he was putting up.

The poster is quite normal, no longer showing Kakashi on the bridge, and in the background are ninjas named Haku and Sasuke Uchiha.

Just looking at the poster, you can feel the atmosphere of a fierce battle.

“Demon of the Hidden Mist vs. Copy Ninja.”

“Naruto Bridge!”

Under each banner, there is a directory listing, from which you can easily view the synopsis of the comic volume that will be marketed.

This is a masterpiece!

Kasumi Kurama admired her even more and felt that the banner in her hand had a mystery that she couldn’t see.

There are no regulations in Konoha that regulate advertising costs. So Kasumi displayed the banners on the streets.

And when he came back, he couldn’t stop himself and asked: “Akabane-san, I can’t understand the meaning of your slogan on the poster even though I can read it. Does it have a deep meaning?”

“Oh, to make it look attractive, I made it that way on purpose.”

Akabane answered lightly.

“I see, you are a genius writer!”

Kasumi Kurama praised him in awe.

“It’s okay if you understand what I mean.”

Akabane tapped his shoulder and waved at Tsukiha.

The two of them walked to the house together.

Tsukiha took a few steps and asked in a low voice: “Akabane-Nii, that brother said as if he understood.”

“Now, this is the mystery of propaganda.”

Akabane thought for a moment and answered doubtfully.

Honestly, he didn’t really understand what Kasumi Kurama meant.

As long as the promotion gets a lot of readers and gets the point, that’s enough.

So you see, posters and banners are not necessary, the most important thing is that a new comic volume will be released soon.

After all, no matter how you wrote it, it was better than the poster slogan Kasumi Kurama made, but it seemed like Kasumi Kurama had misunderstood something a bit by now.

“What mystery?”

“Humph, I don’t think it really matters. I’m a little tired now, so I should go back and rest well.”

Akabane rubbed his temples to relieve mental and physical fatigue.

The two shadow clones were maintained simultaneously, and the original body was also working, although the increase in vitality was still extraordinary.

However, this fatigue was not overly exaggerated because his body could still endure it.


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