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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 8 Exhibition Exam


Back at home, Akabane’s father asked him to take it easy on the exam. He knew that Akabane has an exhibition exam tomorrow.

“I’ve spoken with the academy. Tomorrow is your first exhibition exam. You don’t need to push too hard, as long as you barely pass it.”

This was the privilege given by the Kurama Clan, as they were weak at the physique, thus they weren’t strong in overall combat.

“It’s fine father. I know what I’m doing.”

Akabane leaned back on his chair and looking calm.

Ryuu could be the second-ranked in class. In terms of academic performance, but his combat prowess might be on the top five at the academy.

Akabane already has a plan against Ryuu tomorrow.

But what he concerns the most was his points were only slightly increase and another problem was that the ninjutsu and abilities had to appear in his comic before he could redeem it.

“Looks like I’ll have to work harder.”

Akabane thought to himself, and after took a rest for a few hours, he summoned his shadow clone to continue the next chapter.

Until midnight, his clone keeps drawing while complaining because Akabane leaves him to sleep early for tomorrow’s exam.

The next morning, there was a stack of pages on his desk.


 From last night until this morning, the story had reach where Naruto and Sasuke kissing.

“My clone was indeed helpful. Just within one night, he could finish this much.”

Akabane didn’t regret his choice by using a lot of points on Shadow Clone Jutsu. His plan from before work exactly as he wants it to be.


[No Ninjutsu Updated]

It seems he need someone to read it first to refresh his ninjutsu list.

“Father, help me distribute my new chapter as well, please.”

Leaving the draft on the table, Akabane went out to the academy.

On his way there, he saw a few of the regulars who were usually late to academy came early today. They must be ready to take the exam.

“Yo Akabane! you came early today.”

Shikato greeted him. His face looks as he just woke up and haven’t take a bath.

Like Akabane, he was also known to always sleeping in class.

But Shikato had always come to class on time.

“Yeah, I have shown to everyone today at the exhibition exam.”

Akabane beat haste.

He went to bed early last night, but probably affected by his clone before, he still feels tired and sleepy.

“Ah, I’ll just take a nap on the exhibition exam until my name got a call.”

“That’s right!”

Side by side, they paced towards the academy, getting to the classroom. Everyone was here before they arrived in the classroom one second in the end.

“Yo, everyone is early today.”

Akabane greeted his classmates and sat down.

“You’re only early today, but you’ve managed to keep up with Shikato.”

Tsunade sarcastically mocked.

“But I have finished the second chapter. You want to see it, don’t you?.”

Akabane was ready to take a nap since the class hasn’t started yet.

“Ah, that was quicker than before!”

Tsunade hasn’t known that Akabane was using his clone to do his work, and Tsunade was a bit awe.

“New chapter? Where? let me read it!”

Jiraiya turned his head over excitedly.

Akabane ignored him and sat upright.

Hiruzen happened to enter the class when Jiraiya was talking with Akabane.

“Jiraiya! What are you looking at the back?”

Jiraiya immediately turned back and look scared.

Today’s exhibition exam was very important, and everyone needs to behave and focus on their exam.

At this point, the whole class was quiet.

“Today exam is an exhibition exam. The venue is the academy yard. Here I will say the rules of the exam.”

Hiruzen read the rules.

“First, you cannot use lethal ninjutsu.”


After the first world war ninja, the rules of the exhibition exam was more strict.

To sum up, the student is prohibited to Injure or kill their opponent.

Other than that, they can use anything else, such as kunai, shuriken, sword, etc.

Of course…

From the list of upcoming battles, Akabane also saw one of the unspoken rules.

To make it fair, students are going to fight someone on their same power level and combat prowess.

For example, Orochimaru, his opponent, was another member of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Kawaki. Kawaki’s academic performance wasn’t as good as Ryuu, but only slightly lower.

Akabane looked at Ryuu; they glance at each other.

“It seems that Sarutobi-sensei knew my awakened from the clan. Thus he dares to put me at the same level of Ryuu is.”

If its only by their physique, Akabane, who was from Kurama Clan, is inferior to someone from Uchiha Clan. But since Akabane awakened his Kekkei Genkai it would be a different story.

Hiruzen knew if Akabane would be beaten up by Ryuu into pulp, it was his fault. But on the other hand, he wants to test Akabane’s current power after he awakened his Kekkei Genkai, and he noticed that there was a problem between the two of them to solve.

Akabane thought carefully about his strategy.

“Alright, now the exhibition exam begins, the first match will be Orochimaru against Kawaki.”

Hearing his name, Orochimaru got up and walked towards the stage.

Uchiha Kawaki also stood up and whispered as he walked past Orochimaru, “your academic genius doesn’t mean anything on the field, I’ll show you what Uchiha is capable of.”

Yes, the academic performance in the ninja academy wasn’t correlated to overall strength, but alas… Orochimaru was called a genius, not just because of his academic performance.

In response to the provocation, Orochimaru wasn’t glace back at him and walked to the stage outside the door with ease.

“Okay, everyone can watch from a distance and don’t disturb the ongoing fight.”

Hiruzen waits for those two from the stage as a referee.

Many people, from students to some teachers, excitedly watch the exam, except for Akabane who sat in his seat towering over the others, even trying to sleep.

“Aren’t you going out to see the exam?”

Tsunade was a little surprised.

“What’s there to see in a fight where you know who is going to win.”

 Akabane replied impassively.

Tsunade couldn’t agree more.

But she still wanted to go watch and see how Orochimaru teach Kawaki some respect, but at the same time, she was a little worried about Akabane condition

“Are you.. going to be okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, just a bit tired from finishing my comic last night.”

Akabane was just sleepy. He might want to take a nap for a minute to regain his chakra.

“Okay, I’m going out first, after all, I’m next…”

Tsunade followed the rest of her classmates to watch from the side stage.

The classroom was suddenly empty, and Akabane decided to get down and take a nap.

As for the match… there was no point in watching it, and someone would notify him when it was his turn anyway.

On the stage, the battle was full of hit and dodge.

Orochimaru was indeed inferior to Kawaki at the physique, Uchiha Clan physique and ninjutsu couldn’t be underestimated since they were one of the two clans who was the founding father of Konoha village, but Orochimaru is a genius strategist.

Within a few rounds, Orochimaru managed to execute his plan perfectly and put Kawaki to surrender in shame.

“The first match, Orochimaru, win!”

Orochimaru remained calm and walked straight down from the stage without even looking at Kawaki.

Being put down easily, Kawaki clenched his fists in anger and shame, but it was no use. The result has been decided.

Even though the exhibition exam at the ninja academy was just a practice match, but he was bound by the Snake Bearer Jutsu without even dropping sweat, and after this match, I believe he wouldn’t dare bother Orochimaru ever again.

“Next match, Tsunade against Sakumo.”

Tsunade and Sakumo each had their distinctive ninjutsu, and their performance ranking in the class was quite close.



The young Tsunade wasn’t quite as terrifying as she had been during her time as the Three Legendary Ninja, but her punch was so hard to even Akabane, who was in the class napping awaken by the sound.

“What a terrifying young lady.”

How can he continue his nap with this noise?

“Ah, forget about taking a nap. This match is Tsunade against Sakumo. Since he hasn’t been described much in the comic, I need to see his technique up close.

Akabane was in a complicated mood.

Since he couldn’t resist, he would just have to go and enjoy it. He noticed there is something between those two to settle down.

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