Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 80


“It’s a strange slogan, but it looks quite interesting.”

“These kinds of banners are very interesting.”

The next morning, many people immediately saw the banners hanging on the streets, banners posted everywhere. Banners with cartoon characters like this attract a lot of people’s attention.

Kurama Kasumi gave a big laugh.

This morning, he was able to sell the comic books for the same amount as the day before.

Even though Konoha is huge, people who buy the comics come from all over the place, but that is enough to show that Akabane’s promotion is beneficial.

Kurama Kasumi returned to the shop and roughly counted the number of comic books sold.

At this moment, a familiar voice rang in his ears.

“Promoting ninja culture? The one who has the least ninja spirit is him, right?” The Third Hokage said while looking at the Naruto poster.

Kurama Kasumi was surprised and turned around to bow and salute, but saw the Third Hokage waving his hand to let out a hint that Kasumi just needed to continue doing her job.

But when he came here, he always said that again, how could Kurama Kasumi be calm?

After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and asked: “Hokage-sama, do you want me to call Akabane-san?”

“No, I came here just to have a look.”

The Third Hokage took the fifth volume and turned it over.


Isn’t this the girl on the side of the banner?

Sleeping in the forest and facing such enemies, Naruto was in real danger.

He was even more curious and looking down at the bottom, he couldn’t hold his eyes and stared at the girl in the white kimono for a few seconds.

“No, I have to focus on Naruto’s point of view first. He is the protagonist …”

The Third Hokage shook his head and continued reading.

But it’s interesting, and I really want to know what kind of background this young girl character is.


“What’s wrong, Hokage-sama? Do you need a glass of water?”

Kasumi Kurama asked curiously.

“No, my throat is just a little itchy.” The Third Hokage shook his head and placed 200 Ryō on the table, “This is the money to complete the previous bill, this time, I will pay it in advance.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Kasumi Kurama put the money in a drawer.

Then he looked forward again. The Third Hokage had come out with a comic book in hand.

“Hokage-sama, be careful on your way.”

“Hahaha, there’s no need to be that polite.”

The Third Hokage smiled and waved at Kasumi, then continued reading the comic.

She is a beautiful girl who is very kind to her enemies…

Although the appearance looks quiet, gentle, and kind on the banner, it’s a pity that a girl like that follows a cruel criminal like this man.

“Huh? So that’s how it is. He was abandoned when he was a child and became homeless. He is willing to follow bad people, even though… This kid is really kind.” The Third Hokage was dumbfounded, then sighed softly.

He recalled that too many orphans had this kind of fate in the war era. Being able to maintain a kind heart and innocence in a bad environment like this, this girl named Haku is genuinely extraordinary.


On turning the next page, there was a sentence that surprised-

“I’m not a woman.”


Everyone who reads it will be shocked and can’t believe it.

The expression on the Third Hokage’s face was shocked.

H-he’s a boy …?!

“How could Akabane think there is a boy who looks like a girl.”

“Outrageous plot twist, I totally disagree with that!”

The Third Hokage was furious, and he felt like he had swallowed dirt.

It looked like a good female character, and when he had that impression, he told Naruto that he was a man.

“Luckily, Jiraya is currently at Mount Myōboku. If he read this comic, it would be hard to imagine what would happen.”

When the Third Hokage thought about this while sadly smoking a cigarette, Tsunade saw him walking, and then she greeted him from a distance: “Sensei …”

However, the Third Hokage did not hear her because he was too focused on the comic in his hand and walked fast forward. When Tsunade thought she was about to catch up with him, he disappeared without a trace.

“What happens to him?”

Tsunade was wondered.

“How could Sensei not hear me?”

“He seems to be holding a comic book. What makes Sensei become like this?”

After she wondered, she became curious.

Then she continued on his way and arrived at Akabane’s comic shop.

“Welcome! Ah,… If you are looking for Akabane-san, he’s not here yet.”

“Who’s looking for that scum? I came here to buy a comic book.”

Tsunade said quickly with a harsh tone.

It seems that the posters for the new comic book volume have been put on display.

She quickly picked up one of the new comic books and quickly turned to the story’s first page.

Kasumi Kurama was surprised because Tsunade, who liked the comic series, didn’t seem to care about the posters he displayed.

Is there anything special about the volume this time ?!

Out of curiosity, Kasumi immediately took one of the comic books and read it, and he flipped page after page quickly.

“Huh !!”

Not long after, both of them let out a loud sound.

This beautiful girl turned out to be a boy ?!

“The plot twist is too shocking. No wonder Sensei becomes like that.” Tsunade said to herself.

After a few seconds, she couldn’t help but laugh.

The character who carried that great sword and this boy had very different personalities. Seeing the contents of the volume’s story this time, she couldn’t hold back his heart.

“I’ll go over to Akabane first, hehe, this guy did something interesting!”

“No need, I’m here.”

Akabane yawned and looked at Tsunade and Kasumi languidly.

“Akabane-san, this … how could he be a boy? He’s dressed like a girl!”

Kasumi Kurama had a hard time accepting this plot twist.

“When she said she wasn’t a girl, was he really not a girl?”

Akabane did not answer directly but asked a question at him back.

“What do you mean?”

Kasumi Kurama didn’t understand his words.

Instead, Tsunade immediately understood: “What you meant was that she was afraid that Zabuza would no longer accept her, so she was pretending to be a boy.”

“Of a thousand readers, there will definitely be those who make theories for something like this.”

“In my opinion, she is a female, and maybe some people believe that she is male, even though the plot and personality have not changed.”

Akabane smiled lightly.

“So that’s the problem.” Tsunade nodded thoughtfully and closed the comic book in her hand. This made her a little disappointed, even so, the Third Hokage probably didn’t take long to have this kind of thinking, and accept the plot.

“Has Jiraya been here this morning?”

“Not yet.”

Kasumi Kurama returned the comic book, and it took a few seconds to realize that Akabane was talking to him.

“He’s currently on Mount Myōboku, so he can’t come here.” Tsunade took another comic book and started reading it seriously.

“Mount Myōboku, huh? Too bad.”

Akabane felt a little disappointed because he could not see Jiraya’s expression when he read the comic for the first time.

“It’s okay, that boy won’t last long there, he’ll be back soon,” Tsunade said indifferently.

At this time, she had several times flipped the comic book pages in her hands and continued to read it seriously, then she turned around and said: “That boy yesterday said that he would become strong in the future, even so, I only need one finger to beat him.”

Because you have unusual power, can it be compared to Jiraya who is struggling to become strong!

Akabane muttered to himself.

But Tsunade was right about Jiraya not going to stay long on Mount Myōboku.

“Hahahaha, it’s great, because there’s a new release for this comic when I just got back!”

Tsunade turned her head in surprise when she heard those words, and a hint of joy appeared on her face.

“Tsunade, give me a copy!”

Jiraiya was looking forward to the latest updates, and he asked Tsunade to get a copy for him when he arrived.

Tsunade felt helpless and took a copy from the shelf in front of her, then gave the comic book to Jiraya.

“Wow, there’s a new poster. I came on time!”

He felt pleased because surprise after surprise came when he entered Akabane’s comic shop. Usually, Tsunade would hit him right away if he overreacted, but this time, she felt unnecessary.

Uh, did something good happens to her?

Jiraya found it a little strange, but he didn’t really think about it. Then, he sat in front of the door and read the latest comic book.

“Wow, Haku-chan is so cute!”

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