Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 81


Tsunade read the comic book in her hand as usual, but her attention was actually on Jiraiya’s face.

What a cute Haku-chan, he said?

Hey, I can’t help but laugh when he finds out later!

“Wearing a cute kimono, and he’s kind too, ahhh … I really like her!”

Jiraya fell in love with this character. Right now, he was immersed in his own fantasy, even forgetting that Tsunade was next to him.

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Akabane glanced at Tsunade and felt sorry for Jiraya.

“Ehh? !!” As soon as he turned the next page, Jiraya’s expression drastically changed.

He was shocked as if his heart had broken into pieces.

Jiraya’s love for the character was shattered.

Currently, he is in the same phase as the Third Hokage.


Next to him, Tsunade burst out laughing until she burst into tears.

A few moments later, Jiraya, who had been crying in shock, asked with a rebellious expression on her face: “Isn’t this a female character. She looks charming and adorable!”

“Not everything that looks like that is a female.”

Akabane sighed.

When he first watched the Manga and Anime, he also had this feeling, so he wanted to draw according to the original story.

“No, no, no ….. This is not true, and all my efforts have been in vain!”

Jiraya almost cried.

“What efforts?”

Kasumi Kurama was a little curious, and even he was still confused about the fact that Haku is a boy, what does that have to do with his efforts?

“You do not understand.”

Jiraya lowered his head, all his energy and soul vanished, and he said to himself sadly. “I’ve been trying to train on Mount Myōboku with the frogs there. And thanks to Haku-chan, I was able to stay there for days. But, apparently …. it turns out …. sob sob!”

Uh, is he really crying?

Akabane’s face was shocked. What exactly happened to him at Mount Myōboku?

“Jiraiya, what’s wrong?”

Tsunade asked carefully.

This is the first time I have seen Jiraya look so sad and so desperate since meeting him.

“Never mind,… It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Jiraya took the posters from his embrace and spread them in a bad mood.

“What kind of painting is this ?!”

Akabane ignored his words, but he secretly glanced at Jiraiya.

Even though his face looked reluctant, he secretly glanced at Haku in the comic.

He still looks cute and adorable in Jiraya’s eyes.

“Tsk, disgusting, Jiraya, it looks like you are out of your mind, are you attracted to men?”

Tsunade scoffed mercilessly.

“Nonsense! Seen from anywhere, she’s a girl!”

Jiraiya shouted several times and left. He even dropped the posters and left them on the ground. And he was too lazy to pick them all.

Seeing the fallen posters, Tsunade looked happy.

After Jiraiya went a dozen steps away, Tsunade was about to pick up the fallen poster, but just as she was about to stand up, Jiraiya returned.

“Hey, that’s my poster! Tsunade, don’t touch it. It’s mine!”

He suddenly came back in anger, grabbed the posters lying on the ground, and then turned around and left.

Tsunade saw this with a blank expression on her face.

After Jiraiya left, for some reason, Tsunade was very upset.

After that, Tsunade sat down and wondered. “Why does he still want to have those posters?”

“Looks like he doesn’t remember it. He just doesn’t want you to have it for free.”

Akabane sighed.

“Too bad, if I had, I would have taken it when she looked like she was leaving.”

Tsunade was annoyed after hearing this. She didn’t expect that Jiraya would come back after looking so depressed.

With a sigh, Tsunade picked up another comic book.

However, many enthusiasts want to buy these comic books, so it doesn’t hurt to open a few if I’m lucky to get the posters I want.


“Not this too …”

“This is not good!” After muttering, Tsunade sat on a bench and thought about the life of a Jiraiya.

Why can people like him get those such posters?

“It’s impossible if he has good luck, right ?!”

Tsunade was annoyed and was about to take out her last savings from her wallet.


“Hey, in a few days, I have a new comic title to be released. Are you sure you don’t want to save money for that?”

Akabane said lightly.

These past few days, Tsunade hasn’t taken any missions, and now she used the money from missions to buy three comic books for a rare poster. Tsunade loves gambling, and her ambition must be fulfilled.

I am afraid that I would spend all of my money this day.

And something she was afraid of happened, her money was running out.

“Please stop, Tsunade-hime, don’t waste your money.”

Kasumi Kurama advised her gently. He thought what she does is a waste of money.

Tsunade is still stubborn and doesn’t listen to him.

She wanted so badly to have a rare poster.

“I’m sure that next, I will get a cat or water carrier.”

Tsunade turned to the bookshelf and still didn’t give up.

Akabane shook his head. This guy doesn’t know how to stop before she gets what she wants. She has even opened many comic books.

Moments later, she forcefully asked for the next comic book from the top shelf.

One book, two books…

“It’s useless.”

Until now, there was nothing good posters she got, but Tsunade wanted them badly. Akabane couldn’t do a thing to influence her to stop. Of course, the people who could stop her are only the Third Hokage and Uzumaki Mito.

Feeling desperate, Tsunade laid on the stool.

“Akabane-san, please tell her to stop.”

Kasumi Kurama didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t bear to see the princess from the Senju Clan looking pitiful.

“No, let her do what she wants. Until she gets the lesson of wasting money.”

Akabane said coldly, “I think, next, you are going to get the dog, or water carrier and farm helper.”

“No, please, not the dog. I hate that dog!”

Hearing what Akabane said, Tsunade feels upset with a facepalm.

It is no ordinary dog. It was an expensive ninja dog bought and later adopted by a man from the Inuzuka Clan. If it did not care for and educated correctly, the dog would not feel at home in the owner’s house.

If any evil intent arose from it, Konoha would not hesitate to sue that man from the Inuzuka Clan.

“By the way, are the little ghosts living in the Senju Clan alright?”

“Yes, they are fine. My grandma takes care of them well; she usually reads the contents of the Manga for them.”

Tsunade replied with a little sadness in her heart.

Even though they were well cared for in the Senju Clan, the Uzumaki Clan children always missed their home.

Supposing Uzumaki Village…

Tsunade couldn’t imagine what the children would do when they heard the bad news about her village.

“It turns out like that, so I have another way to make more money.”

Akabane was a little happy to hear that, and then became excited, “Hey, have you heard of the Comic Exhibition?”

“Comic… Exhibition?”

Tsunade was stunned for a moment, not understanding what Akabane meant.

“Young Master, what is the Comic Exhibition?”

Kasumi Kurama didn’t understand it either.

“In short, it’s a gathering event. Usually, people imitating the way the characters in Manga dressed, and even to the point of imitating their attitudes and habits.” Akabane explained.

“Imitating? Was everyone who came to the event dressed like that?

Tsunade understood a little but still didn’t understand it clearly.

“No, only a few people imitate and participating in the contest. Regular visitors have to pay if they want to enter this venue.”

Akabane explained patiently and slowly, “Apart from that, people can also trade on the show, the items being traded are like paper fans with pictures, character figures, food, and drink, etc.”

“Whoa, so it’s like that.”

Tsunade’s eyes lit up.

“So, what do you think?”

Akabane asked excitedly.

“Of course, the event has to be held. Moreover, you will also be releasing a new comic book title, surely a lot of people are looking forward to it. I think you should prepare for it immediately.”

Tsunade is very fast in understanding things. After it was just explained, she immediately understood how the event would be held.

“Yes, as long as this event can be successful, money and so on will not be a problem!” Akabane felt confident.

Tsunade couldn’t help laughing because she was too excited, and she patted Akabane hard on the shoulder and said: “Thank you very much, Akabane, as expected, you are such a nice person! I’ll go and get ready first …”


Akabane’s eyebrows lifted, nodding lightly.

Tsunade excitedly carried Manga in her arms and left. When she was gone, Akabane’s face suddenly changed, and he complained of pain in his shoulder.

This guy forgot to measure her strength when she was excited. That’s too much.

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