Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 82


“So, Tsunade, are you going to pay for all these comic books?”

“Yes, ten comics in total.”

Tsunade bought ten more comic books. Then he brought all the comic books she accepted to give them to Uzumaki Mito.

When she gave the comic books, Tsunade remembered something.

“Grandma, money for these ten comic books …”

“Tsunade, I heard that Akabane is having a big promotion if we buy books, we will also get free posters.”

Uzumaki Mito spoke with a gentle tone and smile, but her words’ contents did not make people who heard him feel warm.

Hearing that sentence, Tsunade fell silent like winter.

After a while, Tsunade sat down and said, “That’s right, Akabane will also be holding a Comic Exhibition, and I will also help him to enliven the event.”

“Comic Exhibition? What’s that?” Uzumaki Mito asked in ignorance.

“Ah, it’s like … Um, how can I put it.”

Tsunade held her chin and composed sentences to explain about the Comic Exhibition, then said, “It’s like a big comic book sale event, and also people can buy and sell comic book related items, such as characters, posters, fans, etc. Visitors. can also dress like a character in a comic book. “

“So like that, it sounds great.” Uzumaki Mito smiled.

“Yes, so do you want to participate in enlivening the event?” Tsunade leaned forward and smiled.

“Okay, no problem.”

When Tsunade started to look happy, Uzumaki Mito continued: “But, I will bring your money to the event. So I can know how you use your money.”

“Ahh!” Tsunade was shocked.


Even though Grandma agreed, but I can’t use my money freely. This is not fair!

To prevent Tsunade from spending all her money on gambling, Uzumaki Mito controls Tsunade’s money tightly.

At this moment, Tsunade was thinking about the bad things that could happen. What if Grandma used this opportunity to get specific items?

“This is very annoying!” Tsunade was very upset.

Grandma is so cruel. She is a smiling tiger.

“Tsunade, don’t think about it too much. I just want you to use your money as necessary.” Uzumaki Mito smiled faintly.

From Tsunade’s small hand movements, Uzumaki Mito could immediately understand what she was thinking. After all, Tsunade grew up with her grandmother.

“Is it true?” Tsunade lifted her face and felt motivated, then she enthusiastically continued, “Then I will think about what character I want to imitate. But, none of the characters I can play.”

“Looks like I’ve decided what character to play.” Uzumaki Mito said as she opened the first page of the comic book she was holding.

“This is …” Tsunade looked at her doubtfully.

If Haku were a girl, Grandma would be able to play him, but in fact, Haku was a man.

“What is wrong?” Uzumaki Mito saw Tsunade’s face and gave a strange look.

This character is adorable!

But why is Tsunade acting like that?

“Grandma, you should see the next page,” Tsunade said in a subtle tone.

Uzumaki Mito nodded and slowly turned to the next page. Now she saw the sentence and understood what Tsunade meant.

“Grandma, do you understand?”

“I didn’t think he was a boy, but …”

Uzumaki Mito’s eyes lit up. After that, her chakra fluctuated and instantly transformed herself into a figure dressed in white: “Wouldn’t it be if a boy dressed like this would look even cuter ?!”

It was such a perfect Transformation Jutsu. It was impossible to identify the character was male or female by the voice.

“What?!” Tsunade was stunned to see her, and she did not expect her grandmother to turn into an adorable figure.

“Now go on to find people, leave me alone. I want to read a comic book.”

Haku’s figure waved his hand. Even though he felt impatient to read the comic book quietly, he spoke softly.

At that moment, Tsunade almost thought that it was the real Haku.

Since getting to know comic books, my grandmother has lived like a youth.

Seeing her grandmother like that, Tsunade sighed, and she felt happy.

As long as grandma is happy, I feel good too.

“Okay, Grandma, I’ll go first.” Tsunade bowed slightly.

Although the sixth volume has yet to be printed, according to information from Akabane, the manga will be sent to the village the day after tomorrow. Before that, I had to find people to play the characters in comic books.

“So Haku has been played by grandma … Um, looks like I have to go to Jiraiya’s place, that idiot really deserves to play Naruto.” Tsunade thought to herself.

When Tsunade stepped out of the house, she suddenly remembered something about Jiraiya.

Ah, where did that idiot go after he got mad?

“I don’t know where Jiraiya went.” Tsunade wandered while contemplating.

However, she still couldn’t confirm where Jiraiya was.

Huh, is that Sakumo?

“Sakumo, wait a moment. I want to ask you something!” Tsunade shouted.

“What?” Hatake Sakumo stopped and gave him a strange look.

“We will hold the Comic Exhibition soon. Can you play Hatake Kakashi?” Asked Tsunade.

No !!

Sakumo’s face quickly turned indifferent.

“You just need to dress like him!”

Tsunade stepped forward and pulled him.

Sakumo originally wanted to run, but Tsunade’s speed exceeded his expectations, and he was caught when he was about to move his legs.

“Let me go!” Sakumo struggled.

“I will not let you go until you answer.” Tsunade threatened.

“Please, let me go!” Sakumo still didn’t give up.

“Then promise me to play Kakashi, and I’ll let you go.”


The two of them quarreled on the road. Although Sakumo was a little interested in cosplaying, he didn’t want to cosplay as Kakashi at all.

But, right now, he didn’t have a choice.

Tsunade was holding his arm very tightly, and Sakumo really couldn’t let go of her grip.

“What is this? Why are you forcing me like that?”

Sakumo didn’t know what to do. Under Tsunade’s superhuman strength, the control of his body was completely taken over.

Damn, I can’t do anything.

“Very well, I promise to play Kakashi.”

“Okay!” Tsunade smiled and loosened her grip. She let go of Sakumo’s hand and bowed, “Sorry, Sakumo, this is the first-ever Comic Exhibition, so it should be a success.”

“Yeah, I really didn’t think about it.”

Sakumo sighed in angry and waved his hand, then walked away from Tsunade.

Get one!

Tsunade was pleased and continued her search. She still hadn’t found the role of Third Hokage and many other characters. She was looking for all the candidates that looked suitable in her mind.

He is very motivated.

Seeing Tsunade passing by, Akabane sighed slightly.

Huh, all right, I’ll help her find some.

If Akabane let Tsunade do it all alone, he worries about the Comic Exhibition.

While walking, Akabane thought of going to Uchiha Ryo. He thought Uchiha Ryo was the right person to play Uchiha Sasuke.

Yeah, of course!

Another reason is that Uchiha Ryo is easy to find.

Every time there was an updated comic book, Uchiha Ryo would go to the comic shop to buy comic books and bought stacks of comic books.

It looks like I just need to wait for him at the shop, sooner or later he will definitely come.

So easy!

Not long after the Ninja school ended, a silhouette appeared before Akabane’s eyes.

“Ten comic books, please.”

Uchiha Ryo entered the comic shop and put out 1,000 Ryō.

“Okay, I’ll get ready for you soon.” Kasumi Kurama replied and immediately went to prepare the ordered comic book.

Akabane smiled and pulled up a stool, and said to Uchiha Ryo: “Hey, sit down; please, I want to talk about something to you.”

Uchiha Ryo looked at him and coldly said: “There’s nothing we need to talk about.”

“So you see, I’m going to hold a Comic Exhibition… You might not know what a Comic Exhibition is. In that event, everyone will act as characters in comics, and there will also be people selling character figures, posters, and painted fans. How? Are you interested? “

Akabane ignored Ryo’s annoyed expression and said his plan.

Uchiha Ryo didn’t look at him, but then he glanced at Akabane and suddenly said, “No, I’m not interested at all.”

“Is that true? Too bad.”

Akabane sighed, “If you refuse, it looks like I have to find someone else to play Uchiha Sasuke.”

“Eh? Uchiha Sasuke ?! “

Uchiha Ryo’s eyes widened, and finally couldn’t help but say, “I … looks like I can do it.”

“Is it true? Okay, you are accepted. “

Problem solved!

Akabane had a smile on his face.

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