Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 84


“Old man, what do you mean ?!”

Tsunade came to the Hokage Residence and clenched her fists on the table.

“I will provide monetary and material compensation.” The Third Hokage was afraid that his desk would be destroyed, so he immediately convinced Tsunade.

“Compensation your ass, that’s not what we wanted. Is Daimyō a comic book fan? Is the princess a comic book fan?” Tsunade angrily said, “Besides, do you know how much profit Akabane and I will get from that event?”

“Tsunade, money matters are not a difficult problem. Your grandmother will not be too concerned about it either.” The Third Hokage only wanted to use Uzumaki Mito to suppress her, and he didn’t want to see Tsunade sneering arrogantly in his office.

Tsunade felt a little worse instead.

“Hmph, you won’t be able to use grandma to pressure me. My grandma herself will also be participating in this event, and she will be playing the role of Haku!”


Mito-sama, become… Haku?

At first, the Third Hokage immediately imagined Uzumaki Mito playing Haku, but out of respect for the elder, he quickly forgot about it and took his mind off.

He was silent for a while; to him, it was even more troublesome now.

When in front of Akabane, the Third Hokage was very confident. As for Tsunade, the Third Hokage, it is clear that Uzumaki Mito will limit her money, plus she is a heroine who understands the situation clearly. The Third Hokage believes that Uzumaki Mito will help her to persuade Tsunade.

My plan is becoming more difficult to realize!

The Third Hokage was in a quandary. While looking for a way out, he was smoking a smoking pipe.

“As far as I know, Daimyō and the princess are fans of the Akabane comic.” He thought for a moment and started with an approach.

“Is it true?” Tsunade looked surprised.

This is amazing. Daimyō and the princess also read the Akabane comic!

“Yes, Daimyō has also ordered the nearest printers to help print the comics.”

“So that’s how it is. It’s no wonder the printing doesn’t take long now.” Tsunade immediately understood.

With that many comics, if you only relied on the printing equipment that was in Izumi Yamano’s printing factory, it would be impossible to print that many comics in one day.

It turns out that Daimyō is helping him. All of this is becoming clear now.

However, just saying that won’t make Tsunade change her mind.

The Third Hokage kept saying things that could change Tsunade’s mind: “For money matters, you can charge me according to the number of people present at the event, and the merchandise doesn’t need to be free.”

“Teacher, can your words be held?” Tsunade said with a cold sniff, then she waved her hand and turned around.

It seems that this condition is still not acceptable


“Hey, Tsunade, why are you so angry that you want to destroy the table?” Akabane thought to himself.

After being preoccupied with Tsunade for a while, the Third Hokage failed to persuade her. Tsunade returned to her grandmother’s house after she tried to destroy the Hokage’s office.

“I don’t know whether the comic has arrived or not. According to what was promised, it will arrive today.” Akabane said while glancing at his point.

Four hundred and seventy-six.

“This is strange, the Chūnin exams are about to take place, the Jounins are no longer in the village, but the points are not increasing quickly … Forget it, it’s time to exchange points first.”

Akabane was walking while looking at the panel status.

It has been a long time since he had increased his attributes. Now he has 40 physical points and 78 spiritual energy points.

After thinking about it, he immediately exchanged 10 points of physique and 7 points of spiritual energy.

50 physique, 85 spiritual energy. There were still more than two hundred points left, and if it were 90, it would look even more perfect.

Akabane sighed.

Although Akabane is not a person with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, he always feels better when he sees whole numbers.

“Smelly brats, let’s unload the book.”

Izumi Yamano has arrived!

Akabane heard the voice and immediately went to see him.

“Yamano-san, you finished so quickly.”

As Akabane walked into the shop, he saw that Izumi Yamano directed his workers to drop the books at the door.

“Hahaha, this time there were a lot, so it’s almost impossible for us to ship today.”

The comic book that arrived today was half as thick as the previous comic book, so it was delivered in two carts.

Izumi Yamano was able to complete his order in a short amount of time, indicating that the printing skills of the team were excellent.

Izumi Yamano was ordering his workers, and after a while, he turned around and said to Akabane: “Since the time is so short, we didn’t print as much as the previous one.”

“It’s okay, let’s market some first. When you come back, remember to add a bonus to the workers. I will immediately pay a portion of the proceeds from this sale.” Akabane said with a smile.

“Thank God, this time we’re really exhausted.” Izumi Yamano said happily.

The cooperative relationship between the two of them has improved and is not as productive as before.

Of course…

Akabane invited them to dinner. On the one hand, everyone was very strict at this period. On the other hand, he did not bring a poster prepared for One Piece comics at the Comic Exhibition.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to buy them dinner after they’ve all worked so hard.

Akabane smiled faintly, and suddenly he thought of the comic exhibition he would have in a few days. He said to Izumi Yamano: “Yamano-san, in a few days, I will be holding a Comic Exhibition in Konoha, if you are interested, you can attend. “

“Comic Exhibition? What’s that?” Izumi Yamano’s eyes widened, but Kurama Kasumi’s expression wasn’t that different either.

Comic Exhibition?

I never heard of it.

“You can imagine that people come and dress as characters in the comics, and there are also some products that will be sold at this event.”

Akabane smiled faintly and said, “Everything is free, except the merchandise.”


Izumi Yamano was delighted when he heard this and immediately nodded and agreed, “That’s great. I will give the workers a day off.”

“Very nice!”

“This is my first time hearing it. Once the workers have worked hard, the client invites him to dinner, and the director gives a day off!” In an instant, the workers were getting happier.

“Akabane-san, I also want to take a day off.” Kurama Kasumi was a little hesitant to say it, but she ventured to ask.

“No, you can’t have a day off yet. That day you have to help me to sell comic books and merchandise.” Akabane said with a smile.

“What?” Kurama Kasumi was stunned for a moment, but she nodded subconsciously afterward.


On the other hand, Tsunade went to the mountains to inform Orochimaru about the Comic Fair held in a few days.

When she just came out, she saw a strange bird on top of the bath. It was like watching the bathhouse.

“Birds? That bird looks weird!” Tsunade frowned slightly, not because the bird looked strange, but because the bird was doing something unusual.

It’s not a bird. It’s more like… Jiraiya ?!

After realizing it, he immediately understood why the bird was there.

Whenever she saw Jiraya doing something stupid, she always felt she had to stop it right away.

Now, this bird really looked like Jiraya to her eyes.

“Since he was in a bad mood before, he went to the bath to do indecent things.”

When she fully understood the situation, Tsunade immediately became very angry.

This is unforgivable!

She jumped up and rushed over to him, and the bird saw Tsunade coming towards him. He became frightened, so he immediately moved to the other side of the roof.

It doesn’t fly?

This means my guess was right. He is Jiraya, the idiot!

Tsunade sped up her jump, using all her Chakra, she rushed to his side instantly.



The bird was blown away by Tsunade’s blow, then it came out of the roof and finally crashed into a large tree outside the bathhouse.

“What sound is that?”

“I don’t know, looks like it came from outside.”

Several girls heard the noise. Tsunade stepped back and clenched her fists.

Outside the bathhouse, Jiraya could not move for a while. He felt as if his bone had broken again.

“Damn you, Tsunade, why did you hit me so hard ?!”

Tsunade jumped down, and she got even angrier at Jiraya’s complaint.

“Hard?!” Tsunade suppressed her voice, and Chakra flowed into her hands.

“No! No! Damn, are you trying to kill me now ?!” Jiraya’s face turned pale with fear, and he tried to run away.



Tsunade jumped and stomped, causing the ground around her to become hollow, the cracks caused by it led to Jiraya, and it gave her body new wounds.

“What insane power! Stop it, just say what you want!” Jiraya’s legs trembled in fear, then he knelt and begged for mercy.

“Damn You! Jiraya!”

Tsunade saw him kneel and said after taking a deep breath. “You can’t peek at a woman who is taking a shower!”

“Okay, I understand!” Jiraya readily agreed.

But, he said in his heart, “I’m not peeping. I’m looking for ingredients.”

“You have to play the role of Uzumaki Naruto!”

Tsunade made another request.

“What? Why do I have to do something stupid like that ?!” Jiraya refused with humiliation.

“Oh, so you asked for another hit?”

“No, I will play Uzumaki Naruto!”

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