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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 85


“It’s too cruel. She’s even used Chakra to increase the strength of his legs.” In front of the comic shop, Jiraya is covered in gauze with a gloomy face.

Heaven Defending Kick?

These words crossed Akabane’s head.

“How were you attacked?” Akabane asked.

“I don’t know. I was hit and fell from the roof, then just when I wanted to run away, that person hit me with a kick and almost crushed my head!”

Remembering the incident, Jiraya felt like he had a bad dream.

It doesn’t seem that bad….

Akabane tries to understand Jiraya’s story. If it were the real Heaven Defending Kick, he would be dead.

“This is terrible,” Jiraya muttered, remembering this incident made him feel excruciating pain.

“What are you doing in the hot springs anyway?”

Akabane said with curved lips.

“Aren’t you the one who made me want to go there! I wouldn’t have gone to a hot spring if you didn’t arrange cute Haku as a man!” Jiraya complained angrily.

Akabane raised his eyebrows slightly. Did that break his heart?

“Jiraya, just say all your complaints.”

Kasumi Kurama tried to calm her down to get her mood back. After he calmed down, he could hear Akabane’s explanation.

For example, now…

“This is a comic for you; maybe you can forget your pain with this.” Akabane patted his shoulder.

“Ouch … Damn, it hurt! You did it on purpose, right ?!”

Jiraya felt pain in his ribs and arms. He cried out in pain.

“Damn comics!”

Jiraya shook his head as if rejecting the comic, but he took it anyway.

Even with only one hand, he can still turn the comic pages.

“Sharingan again? A typical Jonin can only use four to five Ninjutsu. I think he will get even stronger if he maximizes the use of his Sharingan.” Jiraya was carried away by the flow of the story.

In a sense, Kakashi, with his current Sharingan, was not that strong. He looked like someone without the Sharingan.

Akabane smiled slightly.

It seems that after training at Mount Myōboku, Jiraya’s strength and analysis have greatly improved.

This is good because the Ninja from Kazegakure is not easy to handle.

“Hey, idiot, I heard you were beaten to death by Tsunade. I didn’t think that you were relaxing and reading comics here.” At this time, an acrid sound could be heard from the roof.

Not long after, Orochimaru jumped from the roof.


Akabane was a little surprised to feel Orochimaru’s high Chakra, and he could feel a slight difference.

After being out of sight for a few days, Orochimaru looked stronger, and his temperament had undergone a 180-degree change.

He used to be solitary but not indifferent.

But now…

His temper felt a little cold.

Has he met the White Snake Sage?

Akabane thought to himself.

“Orochimaru, where have you been all this time? I didn’t have a chance to fight against you.” When Jiraya said that, anyone with sharp eyes would have noticed that he was saying it with some concern.

“I’m not going anywhere. It’s just that I found a suitable place for me to practice and study… what’s wrong with you? It looks like you are in a difficult situation.” Orochimaru smiled and jumped from the roof.

“He is doing well. He’s just reaping what he’s planting, don’t worry about him.” Akabane said while shaking his head.

“That’s right, even though you vowed never to intimidate yourself in the bath again. You really are a shame.” Orochimaru sneered.

In fact, maybe he cared about the injuries Jiraya suffered, but seeing Jiraya fine, he returned to his original attitude.

Jiraya was very upset with his current condition, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

After all, it was Tsunade who caused him to be like that.

“Um … Give me the comic book volume three to six. I haven’t read it in a while, and I miss it a little.” Orochimaru said.


Kasumi Kurama skillfully picked up some of the comics available on the shelf and piled up three to six comic volumes.

Orochimaru read the comic volume three with enthusiasm.

“Hey, hey, Orochimaru, the Land of Waves story is outstanding. That’s where the Mist Ninja will come out …” Jiraya grinned.

Damn spoilers?

Akabane just glanced at him.


Orochimaru only focused on the comics he read and ignored them.

Jiraya also seems to speak to himself. He tells most of the stories in this volume, but Orochimaru doesn’t care about it. He just sits and reads comics intently.

“Hey, Orochimaru, do you hear me?”

Jiraya realized that his words were being ignored, and he was stunned.

Orochimaru still didn’t respond.


“Oi. Orochimaru!”

“Idiot, didn’t you hear me?”

Sensing that Orochimaru continued to ignore him, Jiraya summoned him three times. He finally assumed that Orochimaru was blocking all noise from outside.


“Jiraya, you are very annoying.”

Akabane sighed, “If you mess up again, I won’t comfort you.”

“Uh … No, no! By the way, this is when I take medicine, I go first.” He immediately recalled Tsuande’s cruelty and left immediately.

After he left, Orochimaru’s mouth slightly lifted. “You are an idiot.”

“You’re patient enough for spoilers like that,” Akabane said emotionally.

When Jiraya tried to annoy him, Orochimaru just pretended not to hear him.

“This is the best way to fight Jiraya, by acting like you don’t care about him.”

Orochimaru smiled lightly. “Want to go for a walk?”

Akabane was stunned. It seems that Orochimaru’s arrival was to meet Jiraya and meet him on purpose.

Akabane was stunned for a moment, then smiled and replied, “Okay, let’s go.”

Near here is the Forest of Death.

People are rarely found there, and few people go there to settle their business.

Akabane and Orochimaru were walking on the same side. Orochimaru did not say a word along the way. All he did was walk.


Without realizing it, the two of them had used the Shadow Clone Technique.

Their real bodies were wandering and being in other places while their Shadow Clones walked into the forest.

“It’s so easy to talk to someone like you, Akabane. Do you have any special training with Root?” Orochimaru’s Shadow Clone asked in a low voice.

“Root…? I was expecting it. You work under Danzo too.” Akabane also lowered his voice.

“Yes.” Orochimaru nodded and fell silent again.

The two of them continued to enter the forest while thinking about something, but their eyes continued to pay attention to the surroundings. After walking for a long time, Orochimaru took something out of his pocket.

“What is this?” Akabane asked with suspicion.

“White Snake Skin. When I returned from the village of Uzumaki, I met a white snake in front of my parents’ grave.”

“Why are you telling me about this?” Akabane didn’t know what Orochimaru was thinking. Even though he had a good relationship with Orochimaru, they weren’t limited to just exchanging important information.

Orochimaru was silent for a while and said, “Danzo is a poisonous snake. If you work with him, you have to risk being bitten by him at any time.”


“Even though we are still weak now, there is no point in working for him, but there is always a chance that we will bite him back. I want to cooperate with you.” Orochimaru said in a flat tone.

“Oh, I see.”

Even though they were only Shadow Clones, their nature was not that different from their main body. The real body will receive the exchange of information between the two.

Akabane closed his eyes and thought for a moment, and said, “Danzo knows that I have developed Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique, so I think you are working with him now.”

“Of course.”

Orochimaru was not surprised and apologized, “Sorry, I disclosed your personal information. This is my fault.”

“It’s okay. It’s just a trivial matter.” Akabane shook his head slightly.

“Hiruzen-sensei has made a deal with Danzo. One year from now, Hiruzen-sensei will guide you, and I will come with Danzo to study.” Orochimaru continued.

“It’s the same as I guessed.”

“Perfect, every day I will be here.” At that place, the two of them simultaneously raised their Shadow Clones.

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