Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 86


“I haven’t played with you in a while, and I really want to try to do a contest with you.” Orochimaru stopped in his tracks, hoping to get a response from Akabane.

“Never mind.” Akabane shook his head while waving his hand. “Fighting against you will be a tiring fight.”

“Well, honestly, I’m not sure I can win against you either.” Orochimaru chuckled slightly.

Both of them have the same judgment with each other, and they are indeed a balanced opponent.

“Regarding the exchange of information, Danzo is unlikely to bother me just now, but in the future, he can find out what I will do by putting a curse seal on my body.”


Akabane returned to the comic shop, then thought in his mind.

This information cannot be trusted just like that.

If the White Snake were to deceive him, then this trade would be at risk.

“Akabane-san, what are you thinking about?”

Kasumi Kurama gave her a strange look at the Akabane’s new face, and it worried her.

“Nothing, I’m just thinking about a lot of things,” Akabane answered and lay down.

For now, things will go according to plan, so I don’t have to worry too much – at least for this year.

“I will …” As Akabane was about to go home, he saw Inuzuka Ishi and Hatake Sakumo in front of him.

“Akabane, it turns out you are here today.” Sakumo smiled.

Inuzuka Ishi hesitated a little, and finally called out: “Akabane.”

“You guys are taking the dogs for a walk…”

Each of them held a ninja dog, the wolfish was staring at Akabane as if to say hello, and the others were looking at him indifferently.

“Akabane, I’ve heard about last time…”

“Forgive me.”

Sakumo had not finished his sentence, and Inuzuka Ishi bowed and apologized.

Akabane was silent for a moment, then shook his head and said, “It’s okay. I’m the one who didn’t do it right, so I’m not too worried about it.”

“I’d like to have a few copies. I haven’t bought them in a while.” Sakumo looked at the price. It costs 300 Ryō.

“The comic this time is thicker than before, so the price is a little higher.” Kasumi Kurama explained.

“Yes, I understand.” Sakumo took the copy, and then he sat in front of the door to read it.

Spike sat on Sakumo’s head.

The dog’s eyes stared at the comic book and occasionally stared at Akabane.

This ninja dog’s intelligence is not as high as Pakkun. It couldn’t speak human language, but it could understand human words, so it looked confused.

“This is truly Hiding in Mist Technique on a large scale …”

Sakumo was surprised, “Can this kind of technique be done?”

“Yes, I have met a Jounin who can use it on a larger scale. In using the Hiding in Mist Technique, the larger the scale is covered, the more Chakra is used.”

Akabane said with a smile, “For example, your son, who is in this comic, can only use the Hiding in Mist Technique once, and if he tries to use it again, he will run out of Charka and die.”


What is my son?

You can’t just decide that!

Sakumo endured his irritation. Right now, he was desperate to hit someone.

“Running out of Chakra and dying … that’s too cruel!”

Inuzuka Ishi muttered to himself.

Using this much Chakra was impossible for a chūnin to do. But can I do this when I reach Jounin?

But seeing Kakashi’s performance just now, he felt it was possible.

Too miserable, right?

Inuzuka Ishi is a little worried. He feels concerned about Sakumo, who has a little Chakra.

“Don’t look at me. I have no problem with Chakra!”

Sakumo, who tried to remain silent, could not hold back his anger.

He looked at Akabane in annoyance.

According to the story in this comic, the Chakra of the Hatake clan will become the entire village’s laughing stock.

“There’s another reason. It’s because of the Sharingan…” Akabane smiled and waved.

He has been looking for information about Sakumo, who does not have many Chakras. Among his peers, he has the capacity of the medium to lower chakra levels.

Sakumo shifted his gaze and returned to follow the storyline in the comic.

“Regarding the Hatake clan, they have a good relationship with my clan. Kakashi should have his own ninja dog. Akabane, you made a mistake.” Inuzuka Ishi proudly said a mistake in the comic story plot.

Fog won’t be a hindrance for dogs!

Akabane just smiled. He didn’t want to be a dog who likes to tell spoilers.

“It shouldn’t be. He knew I had Ninken before.” Sakumo said and then flipped the comic pages.

The speed of his eyes and his understanding of seeing images is very fast, he can read a page in a few seconds, and then he immediately turns to the next page.

Not long after, Sakumo almost reached the last page.

“Woof woof woof ~!”

Suddenly, the dog that was above Sakumo’s head barked.

Sakumo stopped reading and lowered the dog that was on top of his head. Then he stroked the dog’s head, saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll only adopt you. I don’t want to have a lot of brats like you.”

The comic book shows the figure of Kakashi casting the Summoning Technique and summoning eight Ninken.

“This is a smart dog.” Akabane was surprised and then said with admiration.

“Of course, that’s Ninken!” Somehow Inuzuka Ishi said with great pride.

The Inuzuka Clan is very professional in training Ninken. Ninken is their fighting companions!

Akabane looked at Spike, then looked at Inuzuka Ishi’s dog. He thought for a moment and then asked: “Looks like this dog is more stupid and not as aggressive as Spike.”

“What do you mean stupid ?! Iwamaru is very smart, but he is a relatively passive type of Ninken, and Spike is a kind of fierce Ninken.” Inuzuka Ishi explained.

He, as a member of the Inuzuka clan, really understands the behavior of Ninken types.

Akabane nodded and asked another question: “Is there a type of Ninken that can speak and read like a human? But it’s also not weak if trained properly …”

At first, Inuzuka Ishi thought Akabane’s question was stupid, but Akabane looked serious. When he was serious, cold sweat on his forehead would pour out.

“Akabane, maybe you don’t mean Ninken, but human,” Sakumo said coldly.

“Eh …?” Akabane was stunned by his reaction as if his question was just making it up. He paused for a moment and asked again: “What about those who can speak and read?”

“Ninken does have a breed with high intelligence, but generally, they require long training, and this type is not suitable for fighting dogs. In our clan, we do not have Ninken breed like that.” Inuzuka Ishi said after previously doubting Akabane’s question.

“Ah, so it’s like that …” After hearing this, Akabane gave up his intention of adopting Ninken. It looks like taking care of Ninken is much more complicated than taking care of a dying dog.

About this, he couldn’t hold his breath.

To get the Sannin title, I don’t think I need Ninken.

After Inuzuka Ishi said for quite a while, Sakumo didn’t speak anymore, and he looked dazed. Akabane felt like asking: “Sakumo, why don’t you turn the page?”

“No, this technique …” Sakumo pointed at Raikiri attentively.

“Is there something wrong?” Inuzuka Ishi was a little confused. Is this a strange technique?

“Raikiri is a technique that is in my imagination, but unfortunately, I don’t have Lightning Attribute Chakra, so I can’t learn it. That’s why I drew it here.” Akabane said.

“This technique will be complicated to use because to realize this technique requires Nature Transformation as well as holding Chakra to change the form,” Sakumo said.

“Yes, you are right. You need to pay attention to Natural Transformations and Shape Transformations.”

“Shape transformation?” Sakumo looked at Akabane and closed his comic book, then pondered.

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