Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 87


“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Sakumo suddenly got up and walked out of the comic shop with his dog. Inuzuka Ishi was worried and closed the comic he had not finished reading and followed suit.

“So the technique can be mastered under certain conditions.”

Sakumo muttered, “But I doubt that ordinary people can use it.”

“What are you trying to say?” Inuzuka Ishi didn’t get what Sakumo said.

“I heard that the Sharingan could see high-speed movement. To perform Raikiri, you need a Sharingan so that your Chakra output can be controlled.” In such a short time, Hatake Sakumo was able to figure out Raikiri’s shortcomings and strengths and how to realize them after analyzing them.

The more he understood, the more he admired Akabane. “How impressive, you can create great ninjutsu just by thinking about it.”

Inuzuka Ishi felt very jealous.

Remarkably, he can create rational Ninjutsu with only imagination. And while I still can’t do anything.

“Ishi, don’t think like that. Your talent is not in this field.” Sakumo entertained.

Inuzuka Ishi’s fighting talent was not strong, so he was assigned to a relatively weak team, did a lot of training, and only did low-level missions.

“Thank you for your concern.” Inuzuka Ishi felt a little depressed and touched Iwamaru, softly barking as if it comforted him. Like its owner, Iwamaru tends to be gentle and unsuitable for fighting.

“I’ll go home first. Suddenly I’m interested in the technique now.” Sakumo said goodbye.

“It’s okay. I also have to bring Iwamaru home.” Inuzuka Ishi said with a smile.

“Great.” Sakumo nodded, turned around, and walked the other way.


One must pay close attention. It is not difficult to see the electric current in his hand.

Sakumo has Chakra with the attribute lightning.

“I may not master Raikiri, but change is possible.” Sakumo thought in his mind.

The comic was just an essay, but based on the description Akabane explained, he felt that Raikiri was a technique developed from basic techniques.

If I master the basic technique, I will be able to develop it even further.

“Raikiri? Forget it, that technique just doesn’t suit me, no matter how great it is.” Akabane shook his head.

As S-Rank Ninjutsu, it would require too high points.

If it was just a matter of points, he could collect them and wait for a while, but at the same time, Akabane knew very well that he was not suitable for this kind of high-speed Ninjutsu.

“Akabane-san, do you intend to motivate Sakumo for him to practice this Ninjutsu?” Asked Kasumi Kurama, who was curious.

Based on the Akabane behaviors, he understood, he wouldn’t say much if he didn’t have a specific goal.

“Sakumo isn’t the type to write scripts, and he will make his own Raikiri.” Akabane smiled faintly and said, “And I just wanted to take a look.”

Kakashi’s Raikiri, Sasuke’s Chidori Current and Chidori Sharp Spear, etc. It is a form of development from Chidori.

Can Sakumo, who lacks the Sharingan, develop the perfect Chidori with his own characteristic?

Akabane is very curious about this.

But I think I forgot something.

“Looks like there is something I want to say to Tsunade, but I can’t remember.” Akabane held his chin and thought deeply.

Uh… I really can’t remember. Forget it.

However, something I can’t remember shouldn’t be necessary.

Akabane shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

She waved at Kasumi Kurama and walked out of the shop to return home with a heavy heart.

With the end of the Land of Waves’ story arc, the panel status still had a few points left.

If there were enough points, he would immediately root them all at once.

Raikiri and Ice Release are not something difficult.

But in fact, he wasn’t even able to change the one-handed seal technique he most wanted to change right now, which required a full thousand points.

The points I have now are too few!

Akabane sighed, now I just need to focus on the attributes and Chakra.


“Raikiri is indeed a proper Ninjutsu.” Within the Hokage’s Office, the Third Hokage moved the Telescope Technique away.

He then thought.

I always felt that something was wrong between Orochimaru and Akabane.

“Hiruzen, have you read the latest comic volume?”

At this time, the door to the Hokage’s Office suddenly opened, and the Third Hokage immediately covered the crystal ball with a book and asked: “What’s wrong?”

“This Ninjutsu is called Raikiri. It might be a top-ranking Ninjutsu that can be realized.” Danzo opened the comic page and said casually.

Both the Third Hokage and Danzo were the Masters of the Masters in the Ninja world in this era. Just by looking at the comics, Danzo could feel that this Ninjutsu could be developed.

As for the Third Hokage, he had understood everything from afar so far.

For the Third Hokage, who mastered all five attributes, it shouldn’t take long to master this Ninjutsu.


“I don’t have the requirements to perform this Ninjutsu. To develop this, Ninjutsu requires the Sharingan for optimal chakra control.” The Third Hokage sucked in the smoking pipe in his hand and said calmly.

“Yes, the Sharingan … Too bad, we don’t have those awesome eyes,” Danzo said grimly.

“So what would you do?!” The Third Hokage slightly suppressed his tone and frowned.

“It’s okay. Even if you say that I’m still very interested in learning it.” Danzo turned around and slowly left the Hokage’s Office.

“Danzo!” The Third Hokage paused for a moment, sucked a smoking pipe, and said, “Don’t forget our agreement. You promised not to do anything suspicious.”

“I know, I’m still not looking for Orochimaru.”

There was a slight sneer on Danzo’s mouth

I really haven’t looked for Orochimaru. Orochimaru will notice immediately after the “Meeting”.

“Besides, soon the Village will have a Comic Exhibition, Damiyō and the princess will also attend this event, I hope you can plan for security.” The Third Hokage said slowly.

“Comic Exhibition?”

Danzo tilted his head, his tone slightly raised, “What is that?”

“It’s not a formal event. It’s just a show that plays characters in comics.”

Play a character?

Danzo frowned slightly. In his view, the Third Hokage was well aware of these kinds of things, but he did not know it at all.

It seems that lately, I have been too busy dealing with Root troops, and I am a little lazy looking for information about the village.

He sniffed dissatisfiedly and said: “Why doesn’t that kid practice, but instead take care of insignificant things like this?”

The Third Hokage disagreed and said, “As a Ninja, we don’t have to pay too much attention to missions and training. You also have to socialize with others, and the same goes for your Anbu Root.”

“Stop it, I’ll do a good job on the security plan, and I’ll go first if there’s nothing else we discuss.”

Danzo turned around and ignored him.

The Third Hokage let it go. They have known each other for a long time. They are familiar with each other and understand each other’s temperament. It is difficult to change this aspect in simple words.

Then he returned to his seat and watched Akabane and Orochimaru walk.

“Hokage-sama, Jiraya … Jiraya … he …!” At this time, a chūnin came to him.

“What’s wrong with Jiraya?” The Third Hokage frowned and asked.

“He … he climbed to Hokage Rock, and brought painting tools on the edge of Hokage Rock.”

“What is this idiot planning now ?!”

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