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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 89


Aw, snap!

Now I remember.

Akabane continued his steps and said: “I have asked Ryo Uchiha to play Sasuke Uchiha, I am afraid of the time …”

“What?” Tsunade was stunned when she heard what Akabane said.

“Yes … I see. Before I wanted to tell you first, but I forgot.” Akabane said while holding his forehead.

“Since when did you have a good relationship with Ryo Uchiha?”

“No, that’s not so. He comes to my comic shop often, and I thought he was suitable for this role, so I asked him.” Akabane explains what happened.

“This has become troublesome.” Tsunade sighed.

Deciding the cast wasn’t a big deal, the real big problem was asking one of them to step down.

Their problem is Orochimaru and Ryo Uchiha…

“No problem, I have a solution.” Akabane paused for a moment and said.

“What is the solution?” Tsunade felt her mind stuck. Orochimaru is an arrogant person, how will he give Sasuke Uchiha’s role to Ryo Uchiha?

Just thinking about it doesn’t make sense!

“Hehe, it’s still a secret for now.” Akabane smiled slightly and joked.

“Huh?” Tsunade didn’t respond and was pensive.

When she realized, Akabane was already ten steps away from her.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“I want to go back and rest.” Akabane waved his hand; he thought now was not the right time to meet Orochimaru.

That person used Jiraya. First, he wanted people’s attention to be diverted to Jiraya. Second, he was afraid that the Third Hokage would continue to monitor him through the Crystal Ball Jutsu.

Right now, he must be doing research somewhere.

“Why are people weird today?” Tsunade looked back at Hokage Rock and looked at Akabane who was walking away.

Everyone has changed a lot, but…

“Hey, something fell from Jiraiya!”

The sheet of paper?

The Third Hokage quickly caught the sheet of paper.

Then he came down and focused his attention on the sheet.

After Jiraiya wiped the ink stain on the stone wall for a long time, he looked down and was stunned.

The painting is in Sensei’s hand!

“It’s not mine …”

“Jiraiya, Haku does look cute, but in fantasizing you also have to have boundaries.”

Hokage When paused for a moment and put the painting in his pocket, “I will confiscate this painting.”

“Teacher, no!” Jiraiya cried without tears. This was a masterpiece he had painstakingly combined after he studied the scenery in the hot springs.

“You two pervert!” Tsunade clenched her fists.

But then she left the two of them alone.

“I’m sorry Jiraiya, I paid less attention to you. I’m very sorry.” The Third Hokage touched his head.

The Third Hokage extra privately trained Orochimaru for a year and Orochimaru had grown so rapidly that he could inherit the Third Hokage’s ideas.

In the end, Tsunade and Jiraiya were ignored.

“It’s okay. I have Sages on Mount Myōboku who always help me train hard.” Jiraiya touched his head behind him and was somewhat embarrassed.

“Yes, fortunately, there is Mount Myōboku!” The Third Hokage let out a sigh of relief.

Jiraiya wasn’t a child without talent, but to be honest, I was his teacher at the Academy didn’t know the proper training for him.

I never thought this child has his own way.


On the next day.

Akabane was still asleep, and suddenly a snake came in from the wall.

When he felt something was nearby, he immediately opened his eyes.

“What the hell is this?”

The snake was not big; he cleverly raised his head and beckoned.

Hiss ~

The little snake climbed onto the table, so that it was equal to Akabane’s height, and then a human voice came out of its mouth: “Akabane, it’s me …”

“Wait a minute, let’s get out and talk.”

Akabane cast Shadow Clone and turned the clone into an insect, and they came out of the window and into the forest.

The little snake followed behind him, not long after the two of them reached the forest.

After making sure no one was around, Akabane said: “Is this some Summoning Technique?”

“Yes, I’ve been studying Ninjutsu related to them recently.” The snake vomited a letter and said.

Snake clone?

Akabane smiled a little, lay down, and then asked: “You suddenly came to me in the morning, what’s wrong?”

“I heard that Jiraiya … hmph, that idiot was severely punished, right?” Orochimaru said with a sneer.

“Not really, but are you deliberately making Sensei turn his attention to Jiraiya?” Akabane found it funny.

Orochimaru said helplessly: “No, I’m just telling him if he wants Sensei to admit it, he has to take action to prove it.”

“It’s not quite what you expected.” Akabane chuckled.

Jiraiya, who was still a child, was very similar to Naruto.

“By the way, Danzo showed me the Scroll of Seals.” Orochimaru said, “It’s the same thing that Naruto stole in your comic.”

“It’s just a copy. The scroll is actually in the hands of the Third Hokage.” Akabane said.

“The technique in it is complete. Danzo must have obtained it cunningly. Besides, Danzo also informed me about the First Hokage.” Orochimaru explained.

This information exchange is cooperation that both parties have agreed.

He uses snake clones to ensure maximum safety.

First Hokage Information?

It turns out Danzo told him this early.

Akabane was initially stunned, and he realized that Orochimaru’s first research focused on immortality and regeneration. As someone who understands this field, he already has many research results from the First Hokage.

He muttered for a moment, and said: “Danzo’s aim is probably the Wood Release user.”

“This is according to my expectations.” Orochimaru agreed.

“Apart from Hashirama Senju, no one in the Senju Clan was born with the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, which may be related to Chakra, physical condition, life experience, etc.”

Akabane said, “Besides, some of this research has to involve …”

“Yes, I know.” The little snake nodded.

“By the way, are you also participating in the Comic Exhibition?”

“Huh?” The snake raised its head again, making a questioning sound.

“Previously Tsunade had asked you to play Sasuke Uchiha right? But I think that role is too naive for you, and I have a character that suits you more.”

Akabane’s mouth lifted slightly, “Do you remember the first painting you saw?”

“Uchiha Itachi?” Orochimaru was dumbfounded, it was just a painting, how can I play it?

“Yes, at the Comic Exhibition, not only are the current characters being played, but there are also several characters from the next comic volume so that you will play Itachi Uchiha.”

“I rejected it.” Said Orochimaru indifferently.

“Why?” Akabane was stunned by his reaction.

“Because you actually have another reason, right? Don’t forget, snakes are very sensitive! ” Orochimaru said with a sneer.

“Um … yes, you’re right, I asked Ryo Uchiha to play Sasuke, so I thought it would be funny if you played his older brother,” Akabane said with a smile.

“Is Itachi Uchiha Sasuke’s brother?”

Orochimaru wondered for a moment, then he laughed softly, “Interesting, I will find him.”

After speaking, the snake disappeared because the time limit for the summoning had ended.

Shortly after that, the Akabane clone disappeared on his own initiative, and the memory of this clone returned to the main body.

“Luckily he wanted to, hmph hmph … I was able to instigate Orochimaru to play Itachi, I’m a genius.”

Akabane can’t wait to see that exciting sight at the Comic Exhibition.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Then Akabane looked up at the sky and found that it was very early in the morning, and he still felt sleepy.

“Problem resolved, time to go back to sleep!”

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