Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 91


Phew ~

Finally, I can fool her!

Akabane sighed to himself. Aged otaku is hard to fool, especially the smart group.

“No need, just let the clone run on its own.” Mito Uzumaki narrowed his eyes and smiled mysteriously.


She will definitely get mad if I tell the truth!

Akabane said to himself and felt even more sympathetic to Tsunade.

No secret can be hidden from this grandmother.

“Let’s go.”

Mito Uzumaki smiled softly.

Everyone put their heads at him, and none of them objected.

This is truly the aura of a leader!

After all, she was the wife of the First Hokage. She was no ordinary Jinchūriki. Otherwise, she would not be able to have policy and leadership after Hashirama Senju’s death and could destroy the Senju Clan.

Akabane admires this authoritative woman.

“Tsunade-chan, where are we going?” Someone from the Senju Clan asked.

“We’re going to the mountains, but I don’t know exactly how things are over there,” Tsunade said while shaking her head.

The Comic Exhibition location was extremely hidden, and it required Konoha’s unique password to understand it.

It is located somewhere in the mountains, and the place has its own characteristics.

This is the only information.

“Let me see …” Mito Uzumaki took the scroll, looked at it for a moment, then closed it and returned it to Tsunade.

It looks like she knows.

Akabane glanced at him, but he focused on the black mark on Mito Uzumaki’s stomach.

He suppressed his curiosity and didn’t speak.

For a moment, there was silence.

After a while, Mito Uzumaki finally couldn’t help but tell Tsunade and Akabane and said, “Aren’t you curious?”

That person from the Senju Clan didn’t ask either.

This person is very submissive, so he just listens, and he also doesn’t want to say unnecessary things.

This is what makes him even more boring.

“Grandma, do you realize where you are now?” Tsunade said lightly.

“Hmm.” Akabane immediately nodded and continued walking.

“Boring little devils.” Mito Uzumaki sighed, “That place used to be the Anbu training ground, but since the Anbu was formed, it was abandoned.”

“So there you go, this is where the former Anbu headquarters was …”

Akabane wished, a place like this must have had secret passages and shelters. In the event of a surprise attack, we can quickly escape via this secret passage with Damiyō and the princess.

What a perfect place.

“You guys, look at the mountain.” Mito Uzumaki pointed in the distance to a mountain that was taller than the others.

It’s still too far away, so I can’t see it clearly right now.

After their curiosity was fulfilled, they continued to move forward, reaching their destination in just a short time at ninja speed.

Finally, we arrived-

“Is it next to the hill?”

Tsunade was silent for a few moments.

“How could a Damiyō climb a mountain this high, where the next day there will be a ceremony for the inauguration of the new Damiyō?” Mito Uzumaki said with a smile.


No one dared to respond.

“Let’s go. There are already a lot of people ahead.” Mito Uzumaki said.

In that case, she wasn’t afraid to talk about the entire Land of Fire.

From the time the First Hokage took office until now, Damiyō is now considered a first-rate elder.

Based on bloodlines, he is Tsunade’s other grandfather.

Of course…

It’s her grandfather’s name, no matter how good it is.

After all, the king is king. What’s more, Tsunade’s parents’ marriage had political aims. Since the deaths of Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju, relations between the two clans have loosened up.

“Mito-sama, the leader of the Senju Clan!” Someone suddenly appeared and immediately knelt in front of Mito Uzumaki.

“You are a child of the Aburame clan, without me knowing you have grown up already.” Mito Uzumaki smiled to receive the person’s respectful greeting.

This person’s attitude is very different from Akabane and Tsunade when facing me.

“It is an honor Mito-sama still remembers me.” This Anbu ninja became very excited, and he was even more amazed by Mito Uzumaki.

Seeing her attitude just now, she deserves to be the wife of the legendary character’s First Hokage.

“Torune, tell me what’s the situation.”

“Yes, Milady!”

Torune Aburame got up and started reporting the situation to Mito Uzumaki.

That’s Mito Uzumaki…

If you want to be respected by others, then you have to treat others well.

“So the Anbu have come here first to fix this place and build a venue for big events.”

They had entered the mountain region, Akabane could already see a hidden place in the middle of the forest-

After renovation and reconstruction, this place became a beautiful mountain.

But the place is too big, decorating a place of this size will be a difficult task.

“This place is huge. It looks like we should step in as well.” Mito Uzumaki said with a smile.

“Mito-sama, you don’t need to help. Just leave it to the Anbu on duty.” Torune Aburame immediately replied quickly.

“No, no, we will do a different job. And the others will help complete the reconstruction work here as quickly as possible.” Mito Uzumaki smiled, looked around, then waved at Akabane and Tsunade, “Akabane, Tsunade, come here …”

What will we do?

Akabane muttered in his heart as he walked towards Mito Uzumaki.

“Look, Akabane, you can’t finish this project on your own. We’ll help you.” Mito Uzumaki said, “Alright,… now teach me to draw.”

“What?” Akabane was confused. She danced me here just for a request like this!

“Hey, didn’t you hear me? Teach me how to paint posters as you do, I guess I can do it.” Mito Uzumaki said.

“Yes, of course, you can.” Akabane was taken aback for a moment. In terms of his painting skills, he never thought of hiding himself from others.

After all, if there were one more painter besides himself, he would enliven the world of comics.

Other than that…

Some people who can draw well and have bad plots can develop their own painting skills, and they will be able to illustrate other comics.

This is a perfect idea!

“Then tell me what kind of painting you need. But don’t get your hopes up. I’m still just learning about painting.” Mito Uzumaki smiled faintly.

After that, she made hand seals.

At a glance, a drawing board, brush, ink, etc., appeared under this small pavilion.

Many drawing papers come with characters and backgrounds on them.

Akabane caught a glimpse. Most of them are Naruto fan art, such as the character Haku.

“Well, mother-in-law, your drawing skills are good enough, but the lighting and shadow effects are lacking, and the eyes are still …” Akabane started to take a painting from Mito Uzumaki and started commenting on the artwork.

Mito Uzumaki was silent and listened to the boy’s babbling as if she really understood its shortcomings.

Whereas Tsunade looked confused, she didn’t know what these two people were talking about.

“By the way, if you have some free time, you can make paintings to sell or make gifts at the Comic Fair.” Akabane enthusiastically suggested.

“Sounds good. I’ll try it.” Mito Uzumaki immediately raised his pen, dipped the ink, closed his eyes, imagined the object for a while, and quickly started drawing.

His hands are very dexterous, and he draws very fast.

Within minutes, a sketch of a character can be seen.

“Hey, is this me?” Tsunade was surprised, picked up, and looked at the picture with embarrassment.

The image depicts young Tsunade rolling the dice while holding a large amount of cash, and her face is pleased.

Although her figure was not the same as the real Tsunade, her expression and temperament were perfectly drawn.

It’s hard to believe that Mito Uzumaki could immediately understand Akabane’s words so quickly.

Is she a genius?

The talent of an aging otaku is terrifying!

Akabane was secretly amazed.

“Very good, painting people close to us, your progress is very fast! Haha… we can sell this painting for a high price!”

“Grandma, I don’t agree with this painting!” Tsunade’s face turned white when she heard those words.

If this kind of painting spread, Tsunade’s reputation as a princess from the Senju Clan would be lost.

“Is that so? Okay, I’ll make another picture.”

After a few minutes, another little Tsunade was drawn again by Uzumaki Mito. This time, Tobirama Senju was carrying little Tsunade. The picture was warm and beautiful.

“No, no, no! This is even worse!”

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