Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 92


“Sakumo, even though the one who said about this technique is Akabane Kurama, this kind of technique is only theory …”

“No, I think it takes one more step to bring this technique to fruition. “

Inside the forest of death, Sakumo Hatake was sitting on the grass gasping for breath.

Next to him was someone from the Hatake Clan. He was the current leader of the Hatake Clan.

He is also the Jounin Elit and the father of Sakumo Hatake.

“Well, you can try one more time. If you still fail, you should rest for a week.” Kai Hatake said seriously.

“Yes, Father.”

Sakumo took a deep breath and repeatedly concluded the Hand Seal, focusing the Chakra residing in his body.

Ox, Hare, Monkey…

A series of Hand Seals he performed, and gradually Chakra flowed from his body to his hands.

The Lightning Attribute was extremely dirty and aggressive, making it difficult to control.

Sakumo gritted his teeth to try to control and suppress the Lightning Attribute Chakra to form.

Chirp Chirp Chirp ~

A loud sound suddenly sounded, making Sakumo and Kai Hatake’s pupils shrink from seeing a bright light.

The light of silvery lightning continued to draw Chakra to the palm.

It continued to consume Chakra, so the lightning’s power continued to increase, making it brighter and more dazzling.

“Yep …” With a shout, Sakumo ran for a hundred meters in the blink of an eye.


The sound of a loud explosion was heard, the rock that was hit by it immediately shattered, and the shards of stone fell.

Kai Hatake, who was observing, suddenly moved and parried the shard with a Kunai, then he rolled up his sleeves and led Sakumo away from the rocks.

At this time, Sakumo was unconscious.

Kai Hatake’s mood went awry.

In theory, this technique could indeed be realized, but this technique was too difficult. Even Kai Hatake, who was an Elite Jounin, could not do it.


My son did it!

“Sakumo, you are amazing!” Kai Hatake said proudly in his heart.


“Drawing is not something difficult. You can learn it too, Tsunade. After all, drawing is an art.” Mito Uzumaki said with a smile.

“No, it doesn’t look like that!” Tsunade said with an annoyed face.

According to Tsunade, Mito Uzumaki is an older woman who has strange tastes, and this makes her uncomfortable.

“Drawing is very useful.” Mito Uzumaki stroked Tsunade’s head, showing the picture she had just made.

In this picture, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Tsunade, and her parents are all there.

It’s like a family photo…

“When I’m not with you anymore, and when you don’t have the energy, you can still make money drawing and painting.”

“Grandma, what are you talking about!” Tsunade’s face flushed and felt awkward.

“Stupid girl.”

Every human being will surely meet his end.

If not for his young grandson and Konoha’s peacefulness, Mito Uzumaki would have preferred to see Hashirama Senju.

Akabane was silent

When she brings up this topic, it makes me feel embarrassed!

But she was right. Without Mito’s supervision, Tsunade would lose everything.

“I’m just kidding, I still have the spirit of youth, and I can still live for years.” Mito Uzumaki smiled.

He did not make these drawings for sale but stored them properly with a sealing technique.

Tsunade became enthusiastic about drawing. She took a pencil, paper, etc., and started painting at will.

After a while, the scribbles that Tsunade made became a sketch drawing.

“Hey, that’s not bad!” Mito Uzumaki praised.

I’ve been training for three days!

“Hmph, of course!”

Tsunade is very proud, and she has no trouble drawing anything.

I must say that she is talented, but her talent is not drawing. It is in her hands.

Her hands are very stable and precise, so the lines she makes are so smooth and beautiful.

But, that was not so after a few minutes…

“See, that’s not bad, right ?!” Tsunade smiled and felt proud.

Mito Uzumaki glanced, then thought.

“Sakura?” He still hesitated.

Because the comic characters drawn by Tsunade are difficult to identify.


Tsunade still held the image for a few seconds, and then her expression became confused, then she glanced at Akabane.

Akabane glanced at her too, Tsunade looking eager to be praised.

To be honest, the drawings had fine lines, but the faces, expressions, and gestures of the characters were chaotic.


Sorry, I can’t stand this picture.

Akabane wanted to laugh, but he was forced to hold back his laughter for the sake of his life.

“It’s definitely me!” Tsunade dropped the drawing in frustration and immediately lost her enthusiasm to draw again.

“Pffft… Ahahaha!!” Akabane couldn’t hold back his laughter any longer, and he burst out laughing.

Turns out that Tsunade?

This is too abstract. Anyone would find it difficult to recognize.

“When you speak that, I think it becomes more like you.” Mito Uzumaki said seriously.

However, the current Tsunade didn’t believe her words.

“Cough cough… sorry, I can’t help but laugh.” Said Akabane, who coughed because he laughed too hard.

“It is enough!” Tsunade became enraged that she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, and the choppy Chakra immediately enveloped her body. She almost used her strange power.

But Mito Uzumaki took Tsunade’s hand lightly…

In an instant, the insane Chakra disappeared.

“I’m going to stop being stupid and refocus on my assignment.”

This is bad; she got annoyed with embarrassment!

Akabane tries to change the topic of conversation so as not to anger Tsunade again.

He created a hand seal and summoned two Shadow Clones.

“Alright, all of you, let’s work seriously!” After Akabane summoned them, without giving his clone to cause trouble, he immediately gave them an order to draw.

The two Shadow Clones immediately understood and started drawing.

“Shadow Clone? Well, you are a lazy boy.” Mito Uzumaki looked around, moved her hand, then-

“Shadow Clone Technique!”

In an instant, eight Shadow Clones appeared next to her.

“All of you, please cooperate with me.” Mito Uzumaki said with a slight bow. She was even very polite to her own Shadow Clone.

The Shadow Clones also greeted back, and then they got to work.

Akabane sighed inwardly.

I could say that I’m a lazy person, but she also did my method.

“Hmph, this is boring. I’ll go take a look around.” Tsunade pursed her lips.

After trying to draw, Tsunade felt that it was not as easy as her grandmother said.

And Tsunade was also not very interested in Akabane and Mito Uzumaki’s methods, and even she was not challenged, she felt that she did not have to study them deeply.

“Well, don’t go too far from this area.”

“Alright …” After hearing Mito Uzumaki’s warning, Tsunade left the pavilion.

Akabane wants to stop Tsunade.

The only ones left in that place were Akabane and Mito Uzumaki. Akabane still felt annoyed by Tsunade’s action.

Even though she was a girl who was only ten years old, she had a black heart.

In the pavilion, more than a dozen people were hard at work.

Half an hour passed, Akabane’s heart began to complain-

So this is what it feels like to work under the supervision of a Village elder?

If I slacked off, I would get scolded.

If I work hard, it will tire me out.

This is annoying!

Akabane was annoyed at Tsunade’s previous actions.

She shouldn’t have had to leave this place.

“Hey, I have drawn a lot of pictures, and meanwhile, you have only drawn a few.” After Mito Uzumaki finished his final drawing, he smiled gently and said, “You shouldn’t do something half-heartedly if it’s for your good. That attitude is not good if you are on the battlefield.”

“Yes, mother-in-law.”

Akabane wiped his tears in his heart and cursed Tsunade, who had left him alone with Mito Uzumaki.

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