Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 95


“The setting must match the one in the comic.”

“Don’t be late. You have to work faster, and every audience must enjoy this event to the end.” Throughout the Comic Exhibition, Mito Uzumaki’s voice continued to be heard by everyone.

Tsunade, who can only obey her, is very helpless. In the last two or three days, Tsunade saw her grandmother’s figure that she didn’t recognize. Grumpy and firm, it’s as if her grandmother has changed her personality.

Almost everyone has been scolded, including the Shadow Clone Third Hokage, but no one dared to argue with her.

“Why is that stupid Akabane could being lazy like that, while I…” Tsunade continued muttering in a low voice, and she became irritated as she thought about it.

“Don’t think about it. That kid is more slippery than an eel. He must have been planning this for a long time.” Jiraya was also jealous of Akabane’s situation, but unfortunately…

Hey, don’t let yourself get caught.

Akabane’s friends looked into the stands on a mountain and then looked at each other and sighed enviously.

There is more than one stand on the mountain.

Akabane tried to make the display looks perfect. He placed stands on the mountain tops and mountain walls. From these stands, visitors can watch the show entirely.

Akabane is currently laying on stands in the central area. Damiyō and his entourage will use it.

“Luckily, there is Mito Uzumaki who always helps me. Otherwise, it will be very tiring to organize the whole comic show.” Akabane thanks her emotionally.

In these three days, Mito Uzumaki has transformed into a decoration designer, director, and vigorous.

Akabane saw something in the distance, and his eyebrows raised.

A ninja with the rank of a Chunin came from the forest and rushed towards him.

At the same time, in the depths of the forest, there was smoke and dust slowly visible.

Akabane jumped into action, he created a Hand Seal with both hands, and he spat out a great Fireball.

“Huh?” Mito Uzumaki felt the fluctuation of Charka, and she saw a great Fireball burning above the stands.

What an incredible Fireball!

Akabane uses this Fireball as his signal to warn his friends to get ready because Damiyō will be arriving soon.

“Listen, everyone, quickly clean up the venue in a minute, and get ready at your respective places!” When they heard this shout, everyone immediately rushed over.

After three days, these people were used to Mito Uzumaki’s instructions; if anyone were late, they would immediately get scolded on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, the place was empty.

Not long after that, Mito Uzumaki appeared next to Akabane.

She looked into the distance, smiled, and said, “Looks like they’ll be here soon… that old fellow, I haven’t seen him in more than ten years.”

“Okay, I have to go too.” Akabane was about to leave the stands.

“As someone who has a big contribution to this event, it is fine for you to stay here.” Mito Uzumaki said.

“No, being around people from the older generation makes me feel uncomfortable.” Akabane jumped from the stands.

There are so many stands here. Why stay in such a troublesome place?

Mito Uzumaki walked to the secret path and stood in front of the stands on the mountain wall.

“Oh! Your Majesty!”

“Don’t crowd. It’s dangerous.”

Most of the people sitting in the stands are civilians, so their perspective is not the best.

But Akabane didn’t care.

He just wanted to watch the comic show, not with this view. He just wanted to join in on the fun.

“Your Majesty, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I’m glad to see you who are still healthy!” When a wagon passed her, Mito Uzumaki saluted and smiled gently.

These words are casual when said by other people, but if the one was saying is she…

“Oh, aren’t you Mito? You still look pretty like when you were young,” Damiyō returned Mito Uzumaki’s salute, but his tone was filled with envy and sadness.

The Third Hokage just stared at the two of them awkwardly, not daring to say a word.

Older people relations are truly…

“Of course. Damiyō, please have a seat.” Mito Uzumaki weakly pointed at a seat, but she pointed it out indifferently.

For this scene, everyone who was there pretended not to see it.

Damiyō was led down from the wagon to his feet. He was too old and needed people’s help.

He glanced at Mito Uzumaki with a sneer in his heart. Even though they were both born in the same generation, they looked like a grandfather and granddaughter.


An annoyed Damiyō was led by his servant to sit down.

After Damiyō sat down, everyone immediately followed suit and took their seats.

“In this Comic Exhibition, there will be three programs, first an opening ceremony performance, followed by an hour-long free performance and spectacle, and finally a closing ceremony performance.” Mito Uzumaki smiled faintly, “I am the host of this event, Mito Uzumaki.”

Her voice could be heard throughout the forest because Chakra strengthened it.


“I can hear her voice clearly!”

“Oh my God, it was Mito-sama!”

“Great, I never thought I could see her here.”

In an instant, all the stands immediately recognized Mito Uzumaki, the only person who lived from the Legendary era in Konoha.

She is the leader of the Senju Clan…

Akabane sighed a little. It would be great if Mito Uzumaki wanted to become the Third Hokage.

However, since the Second Hokage stepped down, the Senju Clan no longer participates in politics.

“Without wasting any time, let’s start the show.” Mito Uzumaki smiled lightly.

In an instant, dazzling lightning shone down on the stage below the audience.

Lightning Release, Go!

This scene immediately caught everyone’s attention.

This is the start of the show. Of course, open Sakumo, who cast this Ninjutsu, but instead the Shadow Clone of the Third Hokage.

Next, several figures appeared on the path.

As the trees around the stage had been cut down and arranged, the scene in progress could be clearly seen from the various stands’ angles.

“Grandpa, look at that. There’s Kakashi!” In a stand, a girl screamed in surprise.

With a calm face and covered by a mask, this figure is almost the same as the comics.

Behind him were four people, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and the person they had to protect, Tazuna.

“Don’t tell me, this is?” Damiyō stood up in surprise, his old body forcefully supporting him. The vision of his eyes was already slightly blurred, so he narrowed his eyes.

“Your Majesty, calm down. This is just acting.” The Third Hokage said softly.

“In other words, the actors are the Ninja from Konoha?” The princess was interested and immediately asked to be sure.

As she spoke, the scene on the ground continued.

A calm puddle suddenly turned into two human figures.

In the next second, the chain was pulled.


Before the explosion occurred, Hatake Kakashi immediately created a Shadow Clone and went into hiding.

The audience screamed while they were watching this scene.

“Hey, is this a real ninja fight?”

“Isn’t this too dangerous ?!”

“Is that also part of acting?”

In this scene, many viewers were screaming in surprise. Fortunately, there is a Ninja who explains it clearly. Otherwise, they will be scared, and there will be chaos.

So far, the effects have been good.

Akabane paid all of his attention to the scene on stage. He felt a little that this was like a live-action anime, full of memories!

Of course…

Jiraya didn’t dare to use the kunai to stab his own hand.

After all, he wasn’t from the Uzumaki clan, and he didn’t have a strong body resistance. He only used a simple eye trick.

The storyline after that is the same as the original plot.

Damiyō and the princess had been stunned for a long time in the stands. Even though they live in a world of Ninja, but witnessing such a fierce battle has never happened in their lives.

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!

Even though the scene on the stage made everyone worry a little, they still enjoyed it.

Mostly when the two large waterfalls collided with each other and destroyed the entire forest, mountains, and rocks around it, it was more memorable than the one in the comics.

“Is this a real ninja fight?” Damiyō was so impressed, and he was very excited to follow the show.

What a terrifying power. If this guy wants to kill me, will the guards stop him?

On the other hand, the princess did not worry too much about this matter.

“Haku-neesan is on stage! Is it coming to an end?” The girl was both surprised and somewhat disappointed. She still wanted to watch it.

“Hey, Haku is a man.” Damiyō was just trying to correct his granddaughter.

“No, I already think of her as my older sister, the man named Akabane is so disgusting.” The little princess said firmly.

Mito Uzumaki only smiled when he heard that. Haku is a character that she plays, and it will not be revealed now. It will be more surprising if it is revealed later.

“Don’t worry, the show will continue in the last program, and this is just the opening ceremony.” The Third Hokage spoke with a light cough.

Zabuza, who was appearing on the stage, was his Shadow Clone, and actually, the Water Dragon Bullet Technique that Kakashi did was also his doing, so he even has two Shadow Clones on the stage.

Since using this powerful technique simultaneously consumes a lot of Chakra from the Shadow Clone, the Shadow Clone could suddenly disappear if it was continued, and it would be an anti-climactic opening show.

“Great show!”

“It’s excellent but too short.”

“It would be better if the entire comic plot had a show like this!”

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