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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 96


Ordinary people who saw this performance felt happy, while the Ninja saw something beyond their ability.

For ordinary people, the Ninjutsu used in this show is very impressive and exciting.

But the jōnin understood how much chakra it would take to perform Ninjutsu in this short show.

Apart from other things, all the audience’s attention is on Kakashi, including the Jōnin who are watching.

Besides, when Haku came out to take Zabuza away, he used a needle to fake Zabuza’s death in order to escape.

Everyone on the stage knew that Zabuza was actually the Shadow Clone of the Third Hokage.

To keep the needle-pierced Shadow Clone from disappearing, it needs excellent control and method.

Of all people, only Mito Uzumaki was able to do it.

“For the next program, the visitors can descend from the stands in an orderly manner via a secret passage, and there will be other performance under the stands, and you can watch it freely.” The ninjas guarding the stands began directing the audience.


In the stands where Akabane sat, no one listened to what the Ninja said. After the opening show ended, they immediately looked at Akabane.

“Akabane-chan, what is the next performance?” All the curious visitors wondered.

Everyone knows Akabane and knows who he is. Nobody knows Comic Exhibition as well as he does.

“Intermediate programs can be enjoyed freely. I don’t know well about the next program specifically. You can just watch it.” Akabane smiled slightly.

How could I say that there will be eight Shadow Clones from Mito Uzumaki holding her own show on the stage?

Are you kidding me?

Akabane plans to leave the stands immediately. However, an Anbu came to him and said: “Akabane-san, Damiyō wants to meet.”

“Damiyō?” Akabane was taken aback.

Akabane initially thought that if he were in ordinary Konoha citizens’ stands, he would not be found, but now he understood that it was useless.

“Yes, Hokage-sama ordered you to come there.” The Anbu said again to hold Akabane away. He could understand Akabane’s real attitude.

Akabane felt strange and nodded at him and said: “Are you from Root? You worked hard. I remember you now.”

The Anbu, who his Genjutsu had trapped, would call him “-san”.

Hearing Akabane’s words, this Anbu was shocked when his identity became known to the other party.

“Uh-oh … Thank you, Akabane-san.” The Anbu is taken aback.

Although Akabane’s words sounded like praise, to this Anbu’s ears, they sounded strange.

“Okay, I’ll go first.”

Akabane said goodbye to everyone and then made a Hand Seal with both his hands, then his figure flickered rapidly down the mountain.

His movement made the Anbu’s eyes react!

The current Akabane still doesn’t have the body that meets the requirements to move quickly, but he can rush to the Damiyō stands without taking much time.

But Akabane deliberately took a detour.

Damiyō, huh?

Uh, the show has already started!

As soon as Akabane arrived at the foot of the mountain, there was a mysterious silhouette sitting.

This figure is wearing a robe with red clouds in it, and the eyes of this figure are red.

Itachi Uchiha.

It was a character in the poster. Everyone’s attention was on this figure.

Not long after, another figure appeared.

“I will kill you!” Sasuke Uchiha said, of course, this is actually Ryo Uchiha.

After a while, Sasuke was unable to move his body, and a badly injured Itachi walked towards him one step at a time.

“I’m sorry, Sasuke, maybe another time.”

This scene is very familiar to Akabane’s eyes, even though these two characters’ voices are different from those in the anime in his previous life.

Overall, it’s pretty good.

This scene was widely known!

“It’s Itachi, Sasuke’s brother.”

“He is very handsome!”

The crowd stopped and made their first comment, and there were also girls screaming.

Although the plot has not yet been released, everyone can feel the two siblings’ emotional feelings who do not understand each other through this short show.

Of course…

The most important thing is their faces are handsome.

Ryo Uchiha heard what these people said, making his face turn red.

He initially enjoyed the cheers, but eventually, he realized that the crowd’s cheers were on Itachi. What’s more, who plays Itachi is Orochimaru.

“This is bad. Orochimaru got carried away and seemed to be enjoying it.” Akabane shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Think about it, who do you think compiled this situation?

Itachi and Akabane’s eyes met for a moment, then Akabane looked away and went up to the stands.

I hope Damiyō and his entourage can get down from the stands so I can lure them for a bit.

Akabane was secretly looking forward to it.

The people can sit and chat with each other, even if what they say is not necessarily true.

For example, Mito Uzumaki, who leads the Comic Exhibition events and contributes to many activities, is all just fulfilling her hobby?

Akabane is just trying to guess, and there is also a purpose behind showing this event to Damiyō.

I think this is just for entertainment and to strengthen the relationship between the two parties. Meanwhile, it turned out that this was a platform used by both parties to discuss the problems that occurred in the “Uzumaki Clan”.

At this point, Akabane could see clearly.


While walking on the edge of the stands, he heard a conversation from above.

The content is not that different from Akabane’s thoughts.

Damiyō revealed his predicament to Mito Uzumaki and uttered the Land of Fire’s position. After that, the Third Hokage tried to mediate with his half-assed strategy, trying to cool off the two sides. Here the Third Hokage was the mediator.

“Get up, don’t worry. Being here means you’re ready.” Akabane, who was still in doubt, suddenly heard a voice from the side.

Akabane was surprised because someone suddenly grabbed his hand, and after he paid attention, he saw that it was Danzō.

“Eh, Sensei, what’s wrong?”

“Protect Damiyō,” Danzō whispered as he looked at Akabane, then motioned for him to keep going.

Eavesdropping, while protecting…

Akabane sighed in his heart, and once he felt sure, he continued walking towards the stands.

Whatever the situation, I’ll try to speak first. If they don’t want to listen to someone from the Kurama Clan, this isn’t my part.

“Stop right there!”

“Who are you?” As soon as Akabane arrived, he was stopped by two guards.

“I’m Akabane Kurama. Damiyō invited me to meet him.” Akabane said confidently.

The two guards then turned their faces to Damiyō, and Damiyō waved his hand in a gesture.

Right now, Tsunade was already in the stands, and she was sitting beside the princess, the two of them not chatting much.

When they heard that Akabane was coming, the two of them turned their head over at the same time.

“Akabane, you are the one who proposed this event. You and Tsunade will accompany the princess to go around and have fun.” Said the Third Hokage.

“That’s right, princess, you can think of them as your relatives. You can tell them if you find something you want to buy.” Mito Uzumaki smiled and said softly.


A relative?

Akabane screamed in his heart. This elder lady is digging a hole for me again!

The princess didn’t know what to do, and she looked at Damiyō doubtfully: “Grandpa …”

“You can go with them. No one will dare to bother you.” Damiyō smiled and looked very excited.

“Thank you, grandfather!” The princess jumped with joy and immediately walked out of the stands excitedly.

It seemed she didn’t like the atmosphere in the stands either.

“Then let’s go.” Tsunade smiled sweetly, looking gentle and pleasant.

The smile of a girl from the lineage of people respected in Konoha was gentle and pleasant. I hope she doesn’t think of anything strange.

These two girls are the same age, so they are overall compatible with each other.

I hope there won’t be a big problem…

Akabane grumbled to himself. This time he couldn’t do much. All he could do was keep an eye on these two girls.

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