Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 98


“Ahhh … Itachi looks really handsome. I like him!”

“Oh, Kakashi is equally handsome!”

After experiencing two incidents that upset her, Erika’s mood returned after seeing Itachi and Kakashi.

The three people were in front of Sakumo. Tsunade just saw him without a word, then she whispered to Akabane, “I also agree that Itachi is handsome, but how can she also say Kakashi is handsome, even though a mask covers his face?”

“Of course, I firmly believe that Kakashi has a handsome face under his mask!” Erika said confidently.

“Maybe he has buck teeth or lips that are thick like a sausage.”

“Impossible!” Erika was angry and responded quickly to the statement.


“Hey, so you dare yell at me?” Tsunade raised her fist, and her eyes bulged.

Erika immediately shrugs and says, “No … not really, I just wanted to try to correct your thoughts on Kakashi’s face.”

“Hmph, that’s not my opinion, but Akabane said it himself.” Seeing Tsunade’s narrowed eyes, Akabane became confused.

The mystery he created set himself on fire, but Akabane did say so.

When Kakashi’s character was just finished, many of his classmates were fascinated by him. Then Akabane spoke these words to break their expectations.

“Akabane-niisan, is that true?” Erika asked desperately. It would break her heart if it were true that Kakashi had buck teeth or thick lips like sausages under his mask.

“You can look at his face carefully and judge for yourself.” Akabane didn’t want to explain because he didn’t really like this denial princess.

In an instant, the dream was shattered.

The exhibition stands along this street, founded by Mito Uzumaki.

Right now, she is still in the stands and can’t make Shadow Clones!

Akabane could not bear to walk with the two girls who like to stir up trouble. He was waiting for an opportunity to use the Shadow Clone and hid with Earth Release to escape.

Being here any longer will get me into more and more trouble.

“My grandmother arranged this event for many people to enjoy. Have you started admiring her now?” Tsunade turned to Erika and confirmed.

Akabane is quite far from these two girls. He was sure that it was the right time to quickly create a shadow clone and enter the ground with Earth Release.

“Yes, I know that Grandma Mito is one of the Legendary characters in Konoha!” Erika answered with a sneer.

“Akabane, you are left behind. Speed up your steps!” Tsunade looked back and shouted.

“Yes, I’ll be right there,” Akabane replied lightly, and before long, he caught up with them.

A dozen steps from the location of the three people…

Akabane carefully got out of the ground and hid in the bushes.

This is great. My Shadow Clone has taken my place!

Akabane’s real body was waiting for Tsunade and the princess to walk quite far. When Akabane felt that they were far enough, he would come out of the bush.

“Okay, now it’s time to go to Kasumi’s place and find a place to hide.” Akabane put together a plan in his mind.

It won’t be long before the place these two girls pass by is sure to be in chaos.

After a few minutes, Akabane made it to the mountain forest.

As soon as he arrived, he immediately saw Kasumi Kurama’s stall. Many people flocked to look at the merchandise.

“Akabane-san, finally you …”

“Shhh!” As soon as Kasumi Kurama wanted to greet him, Akabane shushed him.

Kasumi Kurama didn’t understand the situation yet, but he immediately obeyed Akabane’s orders and fell silent.

Akabane bent over to get through the crowd.

He secretly used the Transformation Technique to change his appearance to that of an ordinary child.

“What is this comic?” Akabane takes a copy of the One Piece comic and pretends to ask a question.

“It’s a comic with a new title, called One Piece.” Someone answered.

“Is the plot good?” Akabane asked again.

“Umm … not really, the painting style is also a bit strange.”

“Actually, it’s not bad if you get used to the drawing, and getting the power from a Devil Fruit still sounds really weird.”

“When the advanced volume is released, you can buy it and understand it.”

At Kasumi Kurama’s stall, everyone was having a heated discussion.

Akabane just sat and listened to the comments of the people in front of him calmly. It looks like the interest in One Piece is pretty good, and everyone can accept it.

But the Naruto comics are much more popular among readers in Konoha.

That’s because the setting is the same as the environment of the people reading it. It’s a geographic factor, so it’s hard to change.

“By the way, Kasumi-san, is this for sale?” Someone took a copy and wants to buy it.

“These fifty comic books haven’t been sold yet.” Kasumi Kurama said with a smile.

“That’s too bad.” Everyone sighed.

100 Ryō is not expensive, but these fifty copies are the first release and definitely worth being a collection.

“Kasumi-san, then what about the position of Commodore?”

“Regarding that, I don’t know either.”

Kasumi Kurama replied with a bitter smile while looking at Akabane.

Akabane-san didn’t explain the situation at all, so that I couldn’t answer responsively.

“Too bad, why isn’t Akabane-san here today?” Many people sighed.

Sitting together and reading manga while talking about the plot sounds really good.

But unfortunately, the author is not here…

Akabane just listened to these people’s conversations and ignored them.

After all, titles like Commodore and others are common knowledge, and it seems that it doesn’t need to be explained.

But now I’m in Naruto World, and those words must sound foreign to their ears.

“Looks like I’ll have to add a few more pages for the explanation later. Luckily I didn’t print too many of them.” Akabane was pensive and continued listening.

The many questions from readers gave him lots of inspiration to follow up on the next formal release.

No wonder games always come with beta versions first.

At this time, someone walked into the stall. He picked up a comic and sat down.


Despite using the Transformation Technique, Akabane instinctively felt that he was Orochimaru for some reason.

Orochimaru also felt the same way, and he turned to Akabane.

The two people looked at each other and were sure of their respective instincts.

“Is One Piece a comic that tells about pirates?”

After Orochimaru opened it, he immediately understood the comic’s drawing and turned to the next page.

Akabane fell silent, observing him silently.

Page after page read…

After reading a few pages, Orochimaru finally stopped.

He pondered and asked: “Is there a Devil Fruit in this world?”

Everyone who heard his words fell silent.

Everyone looks at him. Several people who were talking fell silent immediately.

After a few seconds, someone finally couldn’t help laughing: “Hey, kid. This is just a comic, don’t think about it too much.”

“Yeah, he’s right. This is just a fictional story and doesn’t make sense.”

Everyone shook their heads.

However …

Orochimaru did not listen to the answers of those around him, and his eyes were only on Akabane, full of thirst for the unknown.

“How could there be Devil Fruits in this world? Just thinking about it is ridiculous.” Akabane shook his head.

Of course, it’s obvious. Devil Fruits don’t exist.

If Akabane had swapped one of the systems and removed it, Devil Fruits could exist in this world, but he hasn’t reached this level yet.

“Too bad.” Disappointed Orochimaru, his interest in this new comic faded in an instant.

Even though he hadn’t read the whole thing, he decided to turn to the next page quickly.

Just as he was turning the page, he suddenly saw a rubber boy.

“He has a soft and springy body, looks really good …”

Orochimaru thought for a moment, then his eyes sparkled.

Some parts of the human body were soft textured, but it was impossible to stretch to such a long length.

“Umm … maybe you can try it.” He became interested in this comic again.

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