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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 101: Bandits


After saying his farewell to Shi Xueyun, Yi Tianyun began his journey to Xiao Lian’s home where he wants to help her regarding her father’s condition and do his best to help her family too. He already made plans about the next move he will make after visiting Xiao Lian, which is to buy materials and keep forging and refining new weapons and pills.

He would sell the weapon he makes to earn Crazy Points that he would later use to level up his lucky aura. He realized the importance of the lucky aura after the previous war, he really needs the lucky aura to help him improve faster. 

“If I have enough materials, I would experiment a bit, I want to know if I can make myself divine tools as well, which would helps me earn more Crazy Points.”

As of his ability to make Soul Tools now only on 10% chance of success rate, even with Luck Aura at most the success rate is 20%, so rather than risk it he’d rather forge Peak Grade Spirit Tools.

He immediately arrived in the vicinity of Wind City, but he is not here to enter the city. Xiao Lian’s home is located in a remote place far from the city but it still in the same direction of the city. 

“I have to find this Gong Village, I need to ask for directions!” Yi Tianyun already know the name and somewhat the directions of her village, but he still didn’t know how far and the accurate direction into her village. 

After asking around a little bit and passing a few mountains as he goes, Yi Tianyun finally sees the outline of a village in the distance although he is not entirely sure is it the Gong Village or not. As he starts walking in the directions of the village he notices a commotion in the village entrance. 

“Hmmm, this is quite a sight!” he thought to himself as he notices that a group of people is currently robbing something from villager. After observing for a while, he notices Xiao Lian in the villager crowd, this immediately change his plans about how to approach the event. 

“Sir Yun, we already handed the money you want three months ago, don’t we have to pay once in six months time? Please Sir Yun, we don’t have enough money to get by if you still take the money from us this fast, at this rate, the villager will be starved to death!” Wu Liquan, the head of Gong Village, trembling as he speak and beg to the group of people in front of him. 

It seems to Yi Tianyun that the group of people in the entrance is a villager and the next group is a bandit. He proceeds to use his Appraisal eye to the group of bandit to find out more. He immediately notice that the head of the bandit group is named Yun Tiansheng, with a cultivation at Second level spirit refinement, and the people behind them is far more superior than him at Fourth level spirit refinement. This group of bandit’s cultivation is definitely not bad but they didn’t have the required innate ability and intention to join any sect, as far as their concern is to have as much freedom as they can and get as many resources as they hand can get. And they for sure don’t want any sect to control their way of living.

“Who said that I would take the money every 6 months? I said I would take them whenever I want to! Now who is smart enough to say that I’m wrong here? Small village like yours better do what I say!” Yun Tiansheng said with a loud voice. There is nothing the villager can do, there is no strong enough cultivator to fight them and there are too many old people and children in the there.

“But sir, we really have no money to pay you right now, could you at least give us more time so that we can earn more money to pay you?” Wu Liquan kneels and begs to the bandits. 

“If you can’t pay me, that’s fine, I see you have few strong men in your village, I will have them for now!” Yun Tiansheng immediately gave gesture to his man to grab the man from the village. The men from the village that he mentioned sure look strong, but they are still in their teen, around 16 to 18 of age. 

This threat scares Wu Liquan and he immediately said “No, Stop! We will give you your money!” he immediately signaled the rest of the villager to give the bandit the money they want. They handed the bandit 52 silver coins, one would say that this is not that much of a money, but if situated in a village like this, that much money would be a fortune. 

Yun Tiansheng stared at Wu Liquan and quickly kicks Wu Liquan with enough power to send the old man flying. This move really set the villager off, they are angry before but now they are furious. Weng Dechuan rushes to Wu Liquan side to check his condition. 

“How could you still hit him even after we pay you money!” he shouts at the bandit while hugging Wu Liquan who keep coughing and vomit a little bit of blood.

“Why? Well, he said that the village doesn’t have money but eventually still gave the money after some threat, what would you say to that? Basically he is saying that the village has more money but won’t give it to me. Now, I’m really hurt of this kind of treatment, I’ve been trusting you guys this whole! I haven’t even burned a house, and you still lie to me?” Yun Tiansheng talk with sneers “Oooh, yeah. I almost forgot the beautiful girl is back isn’t she? And I heard she brought with her much silver from her sect isn’t she? Now, bring her to me now. Don’t bother try to hide her, I will make sure to search this entire village if I have to!”

All villager suddenly becomes pale, they didn’t know how this kind of information can reach the bandit, who the hell in their right mind wants to reveal this kind of information to the bandits! “Oh, you don’t want to speak all of the sudden? It’s okay with me, you just made it easier for me. I will start beheading one of you every several minutes no one speak where she is, and I will start with your incompetent village head” Yun Tiansheng point at Wu Liquan and took out his long sword.

Wang Dechuan immediately blocked the bandit who would drag Wu Liquan to Yun Tiansheng feet, “If you want to kill the village head, you need to take him over my dead body!” Wang Dechuan said with enough confidence. 

“Hoo, we have our self a makeshift hero!” Yun Tiangsheng sarcasm is really made every villager on their toes with fury. 

“Fine, we will start with you.” Yun Tiansheng points to Wang Dechuan with bored face. 

Wang Dechuan was dragged into Yun Tiansheng’s feet, and Yun Tiansheng without hesitation make a move to cut down Wang Dechuan Head! Immediately sound of a sword hitting something hard echoing through the village. Yun Tiansheng frown, it’s unusual to meet resistance in this village, wang Dechuan was saved before the sword could make it through his head. 

“You bandits! Here I am no need to continue this sick game of yours!” Xiao Lian comes out and glared at the bandits, she couldn’t hide knowing someone would die just for her. 

“Xiao Lian, why would you come out here?” Wu Liquan asks while trembling from the previous impact.

“I don’t want anybody to die just for me while I’m hiding like some coward!” Xiao Lian speaks with anger clearly on her voice.

“Oh, Feisty! I like it!” Yun Tiansheng licks his lips and said “I also heard you brought with you an extra amount of gold and some pills right? If I were you I would just quietly obey and comes with me, I guarantee your safety and everyone you care about, how about that? Interested in my offer?” Yun Tiansheng backed Xiao Lian into a corner while talking to her.

Xiao Lian reached her limit just listening to his nonsense.

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