Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 592


Yi Tianyun made a different stance, and this time a huge Dragon Phantom Shadow appeared from the sky!

The Phantom Shadow was so powerful that the people couldn’t hide their admiration. Yi Tianyun then threw a heavy punch that exerted a powerful lightning attack that quickly engulfed World Dragon Emperor!

“Chen’er!” Chen Xuan shouted as he couldn’t save the Emperor in time.

The ground was still cracking while the smoke and fire blurred everyone’s vision. Nobody could see what happened to the World Dragon Emperor as they had their hands full trying to escape from Yi Tianyun’s attack themselves!

After the smoke and fire subsided, everyone could see the World Dragon Emperor and the Yellow Dragon beside him were lying down on the ground, motionless!


‘Successfully killed World Dragon Great Emperor!’

‘Reward: 230.000.000 Exp, 13.000 Cps, 3.000 Sps, True Dragon’s God Claw, True Dragon’s God Secret Art, True Dragon Bracelet, True Dragon Armour, True Dragon Boots, Dragon God Bloodline!’


‘Successfully killed Yellow Dragon!’

‘Reward: 230.000.000 Exp, 13.000 CPs, 1.000 Sps, Dragon God Bloodline, True Dragon Scales, True Dragon Spirit!’

Yi Tianyun was clearly true to his word; he mercilessly killed the World Dragon Great Emperor in one hit!

Every cultivator on the scene was startled as they never expected something like this to happen!

Furthermore, the Yellow Dragon that was supposed to defend the Great Emperor was also killed!

Yi Tianyun was clearly more powerful than anyone had guessed!

They began to think that Yi Tianyun was already at Saint King Stage as his power was too tremendous.

They then saw Yi Tianyun walked toward the World Dragon Emperor’s dead body and took the Dragon Gun from the Emperor’s hand.

Yi Tianyun smirked as he thought that he got another Divine Tool, but complete to his dismay the Dragon Gun rejected him!

That was nothing unusual as Divine Tool was usually bound to a cultivator and their family. Therefore, it was hard to obtain a Divine Tool without thorough planning.

Yi Tianyun then channeled his own Dragon God Bloodline to the Dragon Gun in order to flush the Dragon Clan Bloodline inside the Dragon Gun that served as a proof of ownership from World Dragon Emperor!

The power of Bloodline oppression also worked to the Divine Tool, Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline completely crushed the Dragon Clan Bloodline inside the Dragon Gun, and he officially became the owner of the Dragon Gun!

Chen Xuan kept calling out the World Dragon Emperor’s name, but it was clear that his effort was futile!

He never thought that the World Dragon Great Emperor couldn’t even do anything against this man. It was clear that this man was a monster!

But it was already too late to regret their action!

“I will kill you!” Chen Xuan shouted furiously, and his body immediately burned with Dragon Clan Bloodline increasing his power dramatically.

He used all his power as he knew that was his best bet to win against such a monster that killed the World Dragon Great Emperor in one shot!

Chen Xuan then pulled out a long sword that was also a Divine Tool!

Yi Tianyun was a little surprised that the World Dragon Empire had two Divine Tools with them, but after knowing that they were in a good relationship with the Heaven World, it was not so surprising anymore!

Chen Xuan’s combat power immediately skyrocketed and reached 2.9 billion points!

Such power was terrifying and indeed worthy of his cultivation stage, a Spirit King Peak Stage!

It was supposed to be higher since Chen Xuan also had the power of the Silver Dragon, but because of Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline, it was neutralized!

But Chen Xuan didn’t care about that!

He immediately flashed forward with his sword instantly covered with silver lightning, ready to slash Yi Tianyun!

The ground shook and cracked due to Chen Xuan’s explosive power, shocking every cultivator on the scene.

“Your power is truly amazing, but it’s not enough to impress me!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun didn’t pull out any weapon, but he activated his Crazy Mode, raising his Combat Power to more than 3 billion points!

“Dragon God Fist!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

A huge Dragon God Phantom Shadow appeared behind Yi Tianyun and drove its fist towards the rushing Chen Xuan!

A blinding light flashed from Yi Tianyun’s fist, and Chen Xuan was swept up with it!

This scene was not much different from when Yi Tianyun attacked World Dragon Emperor earlier.

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