Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 699


“I was wondering who would do such a thing to me, turns out it was just the Blood Four Bandits!” Jiao Linghe said challengingly. She was racking her brain, searching for a way to escape despite her calm demeanour. She knew that she couldn’t run up the mountain as she would be slowed down by gravity and eventually got be captured again.

Furthermore, these four bandits were no pushovers! The strongest of them was at the 7th Layer Spirit King Stage, while the weakest was at the 4th Layer Spirit King Stage! Their names are Heaven Fiend, Heaven Water, Heaven Imperial, and Heaven Splendour. Although it was more like a title than a name, that was how they were addressed, and no one really knew their real name. 

“Don’t bother trying to escape! Do you think you can escape us now? You have slipped under our grasp so many times, but this time, you won’t be so lucky!” Heaven Fiend said with a smirk on his face.

“Yeah, do you think you can escape our technique now? We trapped 9th Layer Spirit King Cultivator just the other day, and he is still helpless right now! But damn, look at that body! I never knew I really long for a woman’s body before I met you!” Heaven Water said as he looked at Jiao Linghe’s body from top to bottom.

“Stop it, Old Water! You are disgusting the woman in front of us!” Heaven Imperial said as he snickered at Jiao Linghe. But then again, he knew that Heaven Water’s favourite meal was a human body!

“Well, in any case, this woman will satisfy us all!” Heaven Splendour said as he licked his lips greedily. They all knew that Jiao Linghe wasn’t a normal woman as soon as they first met her, and now that she has fallen under their grasp, they wouldn’t let her escape again!

“Wow, I never expected that you all would desire me this much, but what else can you do besides robbery anyway!” Jiao Linghe said tauntingly.

“Well, you just have to wait to see what we will do besides robbery to you later!” Heaven Splendour said while snickering once again.

“You all have no shame! Now, I am willing to give up these Blood Drinking Grasses, but you’ll have to let me go!” Jiao Linghe said coldly.

“Wow, now you are willing to compromise? Why wouldn’t you do it before?” Heaven Imperial said teasingly. They were confident in their ability to prevent Jiao Linghe from escaping. At the same time, they knew that Jiao Linghe must be desperate right now as she couldn’t escape on her own.

“Here, I will give up the Blood-Drinking Grass. Just let me go!” Jiao Linghe said coldly once more.

“Hey, you just said that earlier! See it from our perspective, little chick. In other words, your life and those Blood Drinking Grasses is ours!” Heaven Fiend said coldly.

“Little beauty, I am going to eat you today! Why would I let you go now? Furthermore, we know that if we let you go now, you will just come back to haunt us later! You think we didn’t know that you are also called the vengeful lady?” Heaven Water said with an evil grin on his face.

The vengeful lady was Jiao Linghe’s title which sounded cold but completely matched her style. She had stories of her cornering people into their demise before.

“We already heard of what you can do before, and none of it was good! But the look of resentment on your face is totally flavourful! I don’t mind seeing it every day!” Heaven Splendour said coldly.

“It turns out you really didn’t want me to leave! If that’s the case, I will destroy these Blood Drinking Grasses and commit suicide! Let us see who is faster? You or my blade?” Jiao Linghe said as she pointed her swords to her neck.

The bandits’ expression immediately changed. They could care less about Jiao Linghe’s life, but the Blood Drinking Grasses were far too precious. Blood Drinking Grass was a 6th Grade Spirit Spirit Medicine! It was priceless for these four bandits as it could improve one’s Blood Essence to last over decades to hundreds of years.

“You want to destroy the Blood Drinking Grass? You won’t be able to do that quickly, and we will still be able to collect the shards. Even though the effect is greatly reduced, we can still absorb it!” Heaven Fiend said coldly. He began to attack Jiao Linghe by sending a powerful Spiritual Energy to the chain that was holding Jiao Linghe down. The other three followed suit as they saw that their boss was attacking.

At the same time, Jiao Linghe quickly threw the Jade box in her hands towards the bandit and shot it with her Spiritual Arrow. Heaven Water then grabbed it as he was startled by the box thrown at him all of a sudden. The sudden move weakened the chain that captured Jiao Linghe, providing her a enough time window to escape.

Heavenly Water immediately opened the box and saw that inside the box were radishes, not the Blood Drinking Grass!

“She swapped the content!” Heaven Water shouted at his comrades. They immediately sent a powerful Spiritual Energy to their chains as it could move faster than them. Jiao Linghe, at the time, was trying her best to get away by flying, but before she could get away to safety, the chains captured her once again!

“What is this? how could you recover so fast!” Jiao Linghe said in surprise.

“Well, we know you wouldn’t sit back without attempting to escape. Therefore, we let our boss stay behind in case we need his help to capture you faster once you attempt your escape! There are five of us, not four! Heaven Blood is our boss!” Heaven Fiend said with an evil grin on his face.

“Well, that is a pity on my part, but I know when I am defeated! I never thought that the day that I have to say goodbye to this world would come this fast. In any case, goodbye world! And goodbye to Tianyun too, even though I never saw you growing up, I’ve always thought about you!” Jiao Linghe said, shedding her tears as she thought about Yi Tianyun one last time as she was prepared to take her own life.

That is the best course of action for her as she didn’t have any means left to get away from those bandits. It was way better than letting herself get captured by these bandits.

“Elder sister?” A voice she never expected was heard from above, she looked up and saw a familiar face that she never thought would see ever again!

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