Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 700


The word ‘sister’ reminded Jiao Linghe of the good old times when she was still in the Mortal World. Only one person in this world called him sister, but the girl was still very young at that time. What she saw now is not a little girl anymore, but a beautiful woman! Nonetheless, Jiao Linghe was still quite familiar with that face.

“Xueyun?” Jiao Linghe asked for confirmation as she wasn’t quite sure. More than ten years had passed. In that amount of time, many things could happen, and that made her a little bit unsure.

“Yes! It is me!” Shi Xueyun shouted excitedly, but when she saw that Jiao Linghe was getting captured, she felt a little worried. “Tianyun, save her!” She said to Yi Tianyun with a frown on her face.

Yi Tianyun nodded and flew over to Jiao Linghe. He stared at her for a while as she was the mother that he didn’t have any memories of. However, judging from her appearance, there was a slight resemblance to Yi Tianyun!

“Are you really Tianyun?” Jiao Linghe asked while trembling as she got all emotional. This was the baby that she left behind in Mortal World. She could definitely feel the connection to him as she was confident that the man in front of her was really her child! “Don’t come near me! Just run!” Jiao Linghe shouted as she didn’t think Yi Tianyun would be able to help her.

After all, the four bandits wouldn’t care even if there were two more enemies in their way. They would just kill anyone that tried to block their path! Especially when the Blood Drinking Grass was on the line. But her warning was too late. The four bandits appeared behind her, snickering as they succesfully captured Jiao Linghe once more.

“Wow, I never expected she has an acquaintance here. If you want to save her, why don’t you stay here and give us all the treasure in your possession? Just make sure those treasures don’t disappoint me.” Heaven Blood said while looking at Yi Tianyun from top to bottom.

“Hey Boss, that girl is definitely a virgin! She would definitely be a great snack later!” Heaven Water said excitedly as he was eager to taste the flesh of a virgin girl.

“You brat! Can you think of other things besides your stomach every once in a while?” Heaven Fiend said while slapping the back of Heaven Water’s head before he smirked greedily, “Even if you want her, I have to taste her first!” he said evilly.

“Did you suddenly become the boss of this group? I am the boss, and I have to be the first!” Heaven Blood said coldly. After hearing Heaven Blood’s word, Heaven Water and Heaven Fiend just nodded and took a step back. They know that they couldn’t argue with Heaven Blood, so they just smiled and gave up.

All of them laughed their hearts out as they know that they had something to look forward to tonight. On the other hand, Jiao Linghe’s eyes were filled with sadness and despair. She didn’t expect to meet her son again under these circumstances, but now, she had to die while knowing that her son wouldn’t be far behind. She wanted the struggle from the chain that captured her, but she couldn’t do anything.

“Why did god treat me like this!” Jiao Linghe cried as she was really desperate. It wasn’t four bandits anymore. It was five as their leader joined the fray. Everything was beyond her expectation and thus led to her demise!

“Little beauty, don’t be so sad! We all will get along, and you aren’t alone!” Heaven Blood said to Jiao Linghe with an evil smirk on his face. “Capture the girl, kill the man!” he ordered his lackeys. They wanted to keep the girl as she was a virgin, but there was no reason for them to keep the man too.

And so, Yi Tianyun was faced against three powerful Spirit King Expert that immediately surrounded him. Even so, he wasn’t scared at all. In fact, he felt nothing but disgust towards them! He would kill people like them just for the sake of getting rid of filth in this world. It no longer mattered whether they picked a fight against him or not. 

“Boy, you have fierce eyes. I‘m looking forward to poking it out later!” Heaven Water said as he smirked at Yi Tianyun. He then immediately rushed over towards Yi Tianyun without hesitation while letting his 5th Layer Spirit King aura free. His aura immediately created Water out of thin air, and he immediately pounced on Yi Tianyun like a fish out of water.

He was a Water Cultivator, so he had a set of Water Manipulating techniques. In other words. his techniques were stronger when he fought near water. 

“No! stop it!” Jiao Linghe shouted at the side as she begged them to stop. But clearly, Heaven Water didn’t care about it! Jiao Linghe was already trapped, so he didn’t need to be concerned about her anymore. In fact, all of them enjoyed seeing their prey begged, struggling to break free, and finally lost all hopes when they were about to be killed.

Jiao Linghe looked up at Shi Xueyun as she thought that Shi Xueyun might help Yi Tianyun, but she was confused when she saw that Shi Xueyun was completely calm and didn’t bother to help Yi Tianyun at all.

But as Heaven Water came close to Yi Tianyun, a Spiritual Hand suddenly appeared, trapping Heaven Water in its grasp. “You are trash! It is a waste of Spiritual Energy to leave you alive in this world!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he pressed his hands against each other, and the Spiritual Hand immediately copied. Heaven Water was squeezed to death and exploded into a bloody mist.

The blood slowly dripped into the ground, staining it for a small amount of time before it was completely absorbed to the ground. That was the characteristic of Desolate Bone Forest. Anyone who walked on the ground had a chance to die from blood loss as the ground would drain their blood dry!

The bandits were shocked to see what Yi Tianyun was capable of. Although Heaven Water wasn’t the strongest, he was in the middle in terms of power in their group. But it was clear that the boy didn’t show any effort to kill him! A slight sense of fear began to creep out on their minds as they thought that they might’ve made a mistake.

Jiao Linghe was also surprised as she never expected her son to be this powerful!

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