Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 02 Dirty Screen


There seems to be a way to verify if this dimensional chat room was really connected to other dimensions.

That would be to become a real room leader from the current deputy room. At that time, the chat room would be open to him with all permissions.

Yes, Ye You was just a deputy now. To become a real room leader also required a challenging process – it needed to consume a fully active fluid from the body.

The word “fully active” was very delicate. It had to be a fluid that was still part of the body’s function and could not leave the body.

The authority access instructions were explained so clearly. Ye You thought about it, it seemed like it could only be done by making mucosal contact. In other words… he might lick the screen.

If one day your computer suddenly popped up a window saying that you could cross dimensions by licking the screen, would you do it? Anyone with ordinary logical judgment would sit silently right in the top corner.

However, now, it was different. The rewards were far greater than the risks. Instead, there was no risk at all, except that you will make yourself sick.

Nevertheless, wait, there was still another way. Ye You took out a fruit knife, and with a sharp stroke to his finger, red blood leaked out, then he touched it to the chat room.

After he finished tapping it, the chat room all of sudden violently kept brushing upwards with codes made up of mysterious runes.

An irregular geometrical text flickered, such a strange and fantastical sight, make Ye You’s heart continually beating.

“This, this…. It cannot be real, right?” Ye You stunned.

Even if one expected it to be accurate, it would still feel incredible when that moment actually came true. It finally transformed into words that Ye You could understand.

[Enter Room Leader Basic Life Information] [Confirmation of Room Leader: Ye You] [Access to privileges: Maximum privileges.]

“…….. Uh, is that the end of it?” Ye You looked at his spread palm.

The blood was still spilling out, as if nothing had changed.

“I thought I could get superpowers.” But it did not matter.

The chat room was now entirely under Ye You’s control, and all the restricted powers were open.

“So it turns out that you really can become stronger just by licking the screen… No, I cannot jump any conclusions just yet. There is still one last step to verify.”

Ye You clenched his fist and was overjoyed. Just a tap of the screen and such a fantastic sight appeared, indeed allowing Ye You to deepen a level of trust.

Inside the chat room was a feature that could be used directly even now: Dimensional Travel. This was the room leader’s privilege.

It was also the most direct proof that it was indeed the existence of connecting different dimensions. Ye You picked up his phone. The dimensional chat room had already been installed on his phone. Keeping in touch with the chat room at all times was the most important thing.

“Dimensional Travel? Assuming it is true, what if it does not come back? What if we wear to a dangerous place…”

“Let us contact Kaguya hime first. If I do the traverse, I will most likely be traversing the world among the chat room members. It would be nice if I could traverse to Touhou. At least I can repay Kaguya hime.” Ye you thought.

Blue Sky chatted, “I found out that it seems like I can travel through dimensions. Neet Hime, if I travel to Land of Fantasy, will you take me in?” He also sent some weak, pitiful, and helpless emoticon.

“Across dimensions? I want to play too! Blue Sky, bring me with you!” Neet Hime replied, “Wait, Blue Sky, are you coming to Land of Fantasy? I will treat you well.”

Seeing Neet Hime’s words Ye you relieved, “Surely, I did not top her up for nothing before.”

“I do not know if it is going to Land of Fantasy or not, but it is just a possibility. Moreover, whether or not it is really possible to Dimensional Travel, I do not know, so I need to experiment now.” He was so excited, “At the moment, only the room leader can cross, as for whether the group members can, we will study it later. I am going to go and get ready first. If I really do Dimensional Travel, I will tell you the update.”

Neet Hime said, “Hmm! Mmm! Well, I will cheer for you.”

Although Kaguya hime was home squatting and did not want to go out, traversing through a dimension as impressive as this, she was naturally very enthusiastic.

Ye You went out to buy some food and water, bought some hard-wearing clothes, and took out all the money in the bank, and replaced it with gold and silver ornaments that might be useful. After everything was ready, Ye You put on his travel bag and was prepared to go.

In this world, he has neither family nor friends. And now, there was an opportunity in front of him – a chance to traverse to his dream world possibly.

Hesitation, never existed from the start. Instead, Ye You had already been eager to try it out. Ye You activated the authority.

The chat room popped up with a question window.

[Insufficient dimensional point, do you still perform dimensional travel?]

Dimensional point? What the hell was this? There was no explanation for it either. However, if you ask that, it means that even if there was no one, it was still traversable, right?

Ye You slightly wondered and clicked [Yes]. However, the chat room continued to pop up the box opening.

[Insufficient dimensional point, random traverse, are you sure to do dimensional travel?] [Yes]   [No]

Random… See this word, to be honest, Ye You was a bit panicked. Nevertheless, it was impossible to still back out at this point, Ye You continued to click [Yes].

[Verify again, insufficient dimensional point, are you sure to do dimensional travel?]

Asking questions three times in a row made Ye You feel uneasy. However, he still suppressed the uneasiness in his heart.

If he gave up at this time, he would just not bring up the courage to think ahead in the future.

“Then, let us go.”

Phone in hand, click, confirm! Then, Ye You went dark.


He did not know how long had passed….Time seemed to have lost its meaning here….Even the space was still unclear…The only thing that could be felt was the warm touch from all over the body.

“Here…. Where is it…”

At first, it was possible to think about such doubts. But then, even the thought blurred. Nothing could be seen, and nothing could be heard, only the warm touch from all over the body. So dark, so lonely.

It was so depressing that it was about to go crazy. However, Ye You could feel the presence of something next to him, the same as himself.

Because of that thing, in this closed space, Ye You’s depressed and anxious heart was unexpectedly soothed.

Time passed.

Finally, Ye You felt an intense light. Still, the eyelids could not be opened, not with heaviness, but with the tiny thing of not having enough strength at all to open them at all.

Then there was the sound of a baby crying in his ears. Ye You also finally opened his eyes.

It was a pure white room with three or two medical staff dressed in white. He seemed to be lying on a bed with a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes next to him. The moment the vision came into view, Ye You understood, “It is indeed a traverse… it is just this is in a bit of a bad state…”

It turned out that ‘random traverse’ referred to the ‘world’ and the ‘state,’ the individual’s physical state. Ye You kind of understood why three confirmations were sent before the traverse.

The random state of the body, maybe it was male, perhaps it was female, maybe it was an older man, perhaps it was a child. The worst possibility, it might not even be a person…

Ye You felt fortunate. Luckily, he was male. He set this dimensional travel into a ‘prohibited feature’ from now on.

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