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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 03 This is The Sky of Destiny


The time passed by in a flash. It had been 15 years since Ye You came to this world. At first, Ye You was shocked that the luggage he prepared did not traverse over with him, including his cell phone with the chat room.

This made him break out in a cold sweat. That phone was loaded with a dimensional chat room, ah.

“But it is good that I have a sister named Sora, and chat rooms are nothing more than just chatting, ahahaha. This is actually not a loss, and it is really advantageous.” Ye You forcefully comforted himself.

His heart was aching so much that he could not breathe. One day 15 years later, three months from now, the chat room appeared on Ye You’s computer again without warning.

Neet Hime came up with a splitting question, “Blue Sky, do you still remember Neet Hime in the chat room?”

How could Ye You not remember?

It was because of Neet Hime that he learned that this was a chat room for communicating dimensions.

Like the previous world, this world also has a video game, anime, and other things. Moreover, in this world, there was also the Touhou Project game.

Then Ye You found that not only the computer, the mobile phone he bought in this world also has the chat room.

After repeated experiments, Ye You was probably able to determine: any item with ‘communication relevance.’ As long as he touched it by himself, Ye You will connect to the dimensional chat room. Even send in the mail as possible. This function did not exist before.

Ye You believed that it should be that after becoming a room leader himself, the chat room had completely ‘tied’ itself to him.

The chat room had thoroughly verified his own life information. At that time, The so-called ‘life information’ should be certified the soul level to a large extent.

The reason why the chat room had disappeared into silence for fifteen years was probably due to one’s ‘abnormal operation.’ Meaning that one did not use the dimensional points for forced travel, resulting in damage to the chat room.

Then the chat room went into an automatic repair program, and this was repaired for fifteen years. Why this chat room chose Ye You as the room leader?

Simultaneously, the ‘dimensional travel’ of exclusive room leader privileges had entered a long cooling-off period.

Fifteen years had passed, and the progress bar had only run about seven or eight percent of the way through.

It was afraid that it would not take a hundred years to recover from this. Ye You guessed that this should also negatively impact the chat room due to his own forced travel.

While the chat room was silent on Ye You’s side, the chat room on Neet Hime’s computer did not disappear. It was just in a full ‘frozen’ state, losing all its functions. Neet Hime was a bit panicked that Ye You lost contact. If the room leader was gone, the possibility of the chat room disappearing was not out of the question.

It was a miraculous thing that connects dimensions. However, it was good that after fifteen years, it was hooked again.

It was only fifteen years. It was a short period, a snap of the fingers for Neet Hime. It also confirmed the existence of other dimensions and the physical conduct of traveling.

On the other hand, Ye You’s father was Chinese, not so particular about the last name, and loves his wife very much.

Therefore, Ye You was still called Ye You, and his sister takes his mother’s surname. Ye You’s younger sister, named Kasugano Sora. A frail, sickly, deep-rooted, white-skirted, clear, and ethereal young woman.

This world’s parents did not die in a car accident. They passed on their wedding anniversary when the couple went to Curry Island for their honeymoon.

The plane encountered a storm. Although the parents were not seen on the death list, they have not been heard until now.

Nevertheless, Ye You, who barely escape with one’s life, was already able to live independently. He did not need to sell his Tokyo property and moved to the village named Okumizome with his sister in general.

The money he earned from writing novels alone would be enough to support the two of them. Also, his sister preferred to stay in the city than in the countryside.

As for the chat room, there are now 5 of them: Ye You, Neet Hime, Seventeen, Humanoid Interface, Kuroneko.

The Humanoid Interface, offline for ten thousand years, does not even mention. Kuroneko was a group bully and a chatting genius who can make people cannot answer what she said.

They cannot talk anymore. It was only three days ago that she joined the chat room. Seventeen, Ye You vaguely know who it is, call out a few times’ old women’. The other side does not seem to be angry. She joined two months ago.

Neet Hime was Ye You’s best partner, Ye You was also Neet Hime’s good friend, and they often played together.

However, for some unknown reason, Neet Hime’s side could not connect to the network on this side. Ye You had to upload some games to the chat room.

This was the only way for the two of them to play together. In the past, the two of them even played Dota, but after traversing, they could not.

Ye You guessed that this should be related to himself. The ‘different dimensional network’ might need to be activated by himself.

After all, the item transfer function was what Ye You triggered through the room leader privileges.

This was three days ago when it happened. Kuroneko had just joined as the fifth person. Item transfer required dimensional points, which Kuroneko did not have and could not perform item transfer. The item transfer required 10-dimensional points. So Kuroneko still considered Ye You to be a Chuunibyou, her companion.

Also, Neet Hime and Seventeen were Cosplay acute sufferers – because she speaks as the ‘Queen of Nightmare’ from time to time.

Well, and they also her companion. Incidentally, both Ye You’s current world and Kuroneko’s world have Touhou Project.

As for the method of obtaining the dimensional point, Ye You currently knew two. One, daily sign-in. Signed in every day would earn one credit, and ten credits can be exchanged for a 1-dimensional point. Only if you checked in for ten days in a row, you get a 1-dimensional point.

Two, provide value items to the file box. The second was a feature that was only available after the ‘item transfer’ was enabled. Depending on the value of the item, the number of points to obtain the dimensional point varies.

Neet Hime tried to exchange Eirin’s medicine for some dimensional points, but the dimensional chat room declined it.

They could only trade their own belongings for dimensional points. They could not use someone else’s. The number of points was not much. The highest was only 8 points.

Ye You guessed that the items exchanged for dimensional points were most likely things of ‘importance to the world.’

Furthermore, Seventeen was very generous. She exchanged two spell cards to the chatroom and directly obtained 20 Dimensional Points.

Neet Hime saw that one spell card was only 10-dimensional points and gave up on making spell cards – might as well sign in every day. She had plenty of time, anyway.

However, it’s worth mentioning that when any member provides items to gain dimensional points, Ye You, the room leader, would also achieve the same dimension points.

The items were also provided in the file box. It was basically the room leader’s belongings. In other words, the current Ye You had not only the amount of the sum of their cumulative dimensional points in addition to the sign-in but also two spell cards of Seventeen and several Eirin’s waste medicines. So, Ye You just had to smile.

During the communication with Neet Hime, Ye You also tried asking about the practice of magic. After all, humans in the Land of Fantasy became magicians, so there was a possibility of that himself.

But unfortunately, in the past, even if Neet Hime found a magic book, she could only send it in the form of a photo.

The form of writing in a magic book was different from ordinary paper writing documents. It was more like the spell itself rather than a record.

Simply read it through the form of a photo would drain away a large amount of information. In the end, it would just be futile.

However, within these three months, Ye You had done a great deal of grind. Familiarizing himself with the symbolic meanings of the magic elements and trying to simulate the arrangement training according to the method Neet Hime said.

Also, three months ago, Ye You would spend time meditating every day. Now Ye You’s mental strength had far surpassed normal humans.

As long as he consciously remembered, he could engrave the information in his brain and never forget it for a year.

That was almost a skill that he could never forget. Simultaneously, the ability to understand things and learn about new items had also significantly increased.

This rate of progress surprised Kaguya. Ordinary people meditation to a bit of achievement would take ten years of work.

Still, Ye You actually learned the basics in just three months. Was this talent or coincidence?

Although it was still much inferior to the shrine’s witch, that was a freak and not even comparable. Later on, it could only be explained by ‘probably accumulated enough mental energy for two lifetimes.’ Simultaneously, the chat room opened up ‘Item Transfer,’ and Ye You could now directly access magic books.

“Basic Introduction to the Magic Elements”

“First Knowledge of Spirit”

“Exploring the Human Body”

“The Rune.”

“Primary Magic”

These five books had been read.

Ye You even could calculate calculus in his mind now. There are still many parts of the elementary magic book that he could not understand, even though Neet Hime explained. Ye You sort of understood that magic this thing, was a mystery.

Neet Hime said, “If you understand it, you understand it, and if you don’t understand it, you do not understand it.”

This can only take time to spend and use the experience to accumulate. Now do not ask Ye You to release a Fire Bolt.

Not even a tongue of flame can be rubbed out. Of course, item transfer required a dimensional point. Since this time, it was Ye You who requested Neet Hime. Of course, Ye You paid for it.

By the way, item transfer requires 10-dimensional points to be consumed. However, as the room leader, Ye You could modify the point and make the consumption value to 15 points or more.

Ye You had experimented that the consumption value could not be lower than 10 points, or else the transfer could not occur.

Nevertheless, no matter how many points it exceeded, the final consumed dimensional point of the transferred item would always be 10 points.

Moreover, the extra points would be received by the room leader. It was pleasurable.

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