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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 04 The Called ‘Inspiration’


“By the way, Blue Sky, Eirin has developed a new medicine that is extremely beneficial to your health. I heard that your sister’s health is not good. Do you want to try it?” Neet Hime offered.

It was a bright sunny day, and suddenly Neet Hime was offering something for nothing.

Blue Sky replied, “New medicine? Thank you for your concern, but I must refuse. I just want to ask, is the rabbit in your house all right now??”

The Neet Hime family had a medicine master, Yagokoro Eirin, who had accumulated countless knowledge over a long period. She had the vast depths of wisdom and mystery of the Immortal Beings.

It was reasonable to say that her medicine was a treasure that hard to find also has special effects accompanied by wisdom.

However, her drug was indeed outstanding in its products, but side effects usually accompanied it.

Ye You was a worshipper of knowledge who did not believe in misfortune until three days ago. How could a sage who believed in the accumulation of knowledge and building it up over the years make the small mistake of creating a medicine with side effects’.

It was just absolute blackmail. Just on that day, Kuroneko joined in and activated the item transfer function.

Ye You got the medicine from Kaguya that improved his health. Then he was about to cry. The drug had the effect of cleansing the marrow and cutting the bones, and the result was also swift, just after swallowing it, Ye You felt that his five senses were strengthened, his body was very light, black impurities were discharged from his body, and his skin became smooth as jade.

Just… Ye You always felt that something was wrong. His own voice sounded to have changed, becoming sharper, and his Adam’s apple was also hidden.

Only later did he find out that there was a material called Volumen hydrargyrum in the medicine composition.

It would stimulate the secretion of human estrogen and curb male hormones to a certain extent.

This caused Ye You to panic, “My God, this medicine… is poisonous.”

Wasn’t it just a hormone reversal that would cause the human body to change sex?

Fortunately, the Volumen hydrargyrum was low in content. After just a day or so, Ye You was completely relieved of the side effects.

It was still a bit scary to think about it now. If Ye You turned into a woman, he would really want to die. So, no matter what was said now, Ye You would not take the House Of Eternity brand of medicine.

Not to mention that it was still for his dearest sister to use. Moreover, now that Sora’s health is also getting better by the day, there was no need to take medicine.

Neet Hime sadly responded, “Eh? Your kind of statement is truly heart-breaking. I am about to cry. I just worried about your sister.”

Blue Sky said, “We have all known each other for so long, so do not be this way. Tell me, what is the matter with you.”

Neet Hime sobbed,” Are you suspecting that I have ulterior motives?”

Wasn’t that like that?

Ye You took a sip of green tea, and a soothing breeze blew from the window under the blue sky.

Then he said, “So it is no then. Well, if you say it now, I might still say yes, but after that, I will refuse no matter what you say.”

“Eh?” Neet Hime fast responded, “Wait, wait. I know, you are really bad-hearted.”

Then she typed, “That, we have known each other for so long, and I also want to become an Authorization holder. Lemme be a moderator~~.”

Blue Sky raised his eyebrow and said, “Uh… Just this?”

“What do you mean just this?” Neet Hime seemed to be dissatisfied with Ye You’s statement.

Blue Sky smiled, “Okay. Can’t you just tell me about such things? No need to be so mysterious.”

“Oh! Oh! I knew Blue Sky-sama was the best.” Neet Hime sent, “Fingerheart.jpg.”

Soon the chat room was filled with an announcement like this.

[Neet Hime became a Level 1 Administrator]

House of Eternity, a small wooden house. Layers of twelve single garments were spread out on the floor, magnificent and beautiful.

The owner who was wearing this costume had an even more noble and ethereal temperament than the outfit.

It was just the smile on her face that raised the corners of her mouth at the moment, but it destroyed this pure beauty.

She giggles while the notification was popped up on the screen. She had been promoted as one of the Authorization holders, “Heh heh heh. In the future, if that old woman dares to mock me, she will be banned, 24-hour cycle ban.”

Seventeen typed, “@Blue Sky, how about giving us an admin as well?”

“Uh…. This, there is a limit on the number of administrators; only one administrator can be set up for less than ten people.” Ye You refused.

This was an excuse that Ye You came up with on the spur of the moment. After all, his relationship with Seventeen was not as deep as Neet Hime.

Furthermore, over the years, the knowledge about cultivation was mostly helped by Neet Hime.

Seventeen “Ah, I see, let us forget it then. Please do not mind, and we are just doing it on a whim.”

Seen that Seventeen was so reasonable, Ye You did not send out the wording he thought well.

[Okarin joins chat room]

At that moment, the announcement showed that someone else had joined.

Seventeen welcomed, “Ah, someone else has joined, welcome newcomers.”

Blue Sky also typed, “Welcome newcomers.”

Okarin said, “Huh? This is? Ha! I see, I see! Hahahahaha!”

Kuroneko curiously asked, “What do you understand?”

The arrival of a newcomer made Kuroneko emerged as well.

Okarin replied, “Is this a secret society against the organizations! El Psy Congroo… There are not many people, so the authorities have intervened to disrupt it?”

Neet Hime confused, “Organizations?”

Kuroneko said, “Well, newcomer, you are quite a catch. As you said, this is a place of utter darkness, where the light will die out.”             

Okarin pumped, “@Kuroneko It is me, your ally, will finally enter the battle plan to take charge of the modern goddess? The time of victory will come, and I will not give in to any conspiracy. Nevertheless, follow my belief, and we will finally fight to the end in the Final Holy War!”

Kuroneko responded, “Knights of the Round Table, gathered here, your bold stance is now in full view. For the sake of spreading darkness on earth, we prepare for the final battle. Wail, cry, despair, and then crawl at our feet.”


Neet Hime asked, “How do they carry on a conversation?”

Blue Sky replied, “Ultimate Otaku. As long as you match up, you will be very impressed.”

Okarin, “Huh? No. Have the spies of the organization invaded this place?”

Kuroneko “Hmm, What an ugly angel’s features.”

“Well, anyway, welcome, oh. Welcome to the dimensional chat room.” Ye You said.

Okarin, from this ID and tone, Ye You were almost able to confirm that this was Okabe Rintarou of Steins; Gate.

From his tone of voice, he was still very cheerful, like he had never experienced anything. He was probably still in a state where he was with his best friend, living every day ordinary everyday life.

It was not that Ye You’s memory was so good that he still remembered so clearly after so many years. Instead, in this world, there was also the anime Stein; Gate. The plot was also roughly in line with what he remembered.

Ye You all wanted to visit those light novel writers and ask them exactly how they wrote these plots. In fact, Ye You did do that.

Those light novel writers just pushed their glasses slightly, “Ah, you asked me exactly how I wrote them. Hmmm… It is probably just a feeling of inspiration.” Pretty much the same type of answer.

Ye You was a writer himself and understood that ‘making a character move’ was hard to accomplish with technique alone.

That is why Ye You felt that even in different dimensions, maybe deep human consciousness was really all connected to the same ‘lake.’

Occasionally, there were writers who ‘receive’ or ‘feel’ other people’s lives moment and thus write novels. This is also known as ‘inspiration.’

This was the difference between a ‘talented writer’ and an ‘untalented writer.’ However, this was just Ye You’s speculation, and there was no evidence to prove it at this stage.

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