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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 05 This Damned Is Actually So Interesting


After Okarin joined, Ye You stirred up questions that had been buried in his heart.

Private Chat Channel – Neet Hime and Blue Sky.

Neet Hime asked, “I have always had a question, how exactly does this chat room add people?”

“Mmmmm… Honestly, I do not even know.” Blue Sky answered, and he asked, “How did you get in here?”

Neet Hime explained how she got there, “Suddenly appeared in my computer, just even came in.”

Blue Sky confused, “Suddenly appeared?… I am slightly different from you. I downloaded it from an unknown website.”

Neet Hime asked, “Then, as the room leader, can you invite others to join?”

Blue Sky answered, “I have not found this feature yet. However, I think it should be possible.”

After all, Ye You were the origin authority. Currently, Ye You cannot invite it by himself, so it should just not be activated out yet.

Blue Sky wondered, “Seventeen? How did she join?”

Seventeen and Neet Hime were both creatures of Land of Fantasy, and they should have communicated online as well.

After all, a chat room that could share between dimensions was an existence worth valuing no matter who it was for.

Neet Hime said, “She ah, who knows, always mysterious, older people are like that.”

Ye You speechless then typed, “……..” Actually, she was not so young.

Back to the public channel.

Ye You looked at the newly joined Okarin, pulling people by objective consciousness, still did not know the method.

Otherwise, Ye You would have already pulled his sister Sora in.

He remembered Kuroneko again when she joined in, the item transfer feature unlocked. Ye You guessed that the chat room’s hidden function might be related to the number of connected dimensions.

When the number of connected dimensions was higher, more functions would be triggered.

For now, it was still only observation as well as making various guesses.

It would be nice if Nagato Yuki would respond to me. With her analysis, I might be able to get a little closer to the truth.

Ye You kept trying to communicate with Nagato Yuki, also called by the ‘Humanoid Interface.’

But the other party was still silent as water, without any response. She should not have gone into standby mode.

Only objective information was gathered, but no intervention was involved. This made it very difficult.

This world contains almost all of the anime from Ye You’s last world, but no Yosuga no Sora.

It was indeed quite delicate.

Ye You had already bought the Suzumiya Haruhi series home and watched it multiple times over and over again.

It would be useful in future conversations, but there was nothing that could be done about it if the other party was always in standby mode.

Blue Sky explained, “Okarin, in short, this is a chat room that connects different dimensions.”

Kuroneko suddenly recognized, “Ah, I know, Seventeen is Yakumo Yukari, Neet Hime is Kaguya, and the next one is me, The Queen of Nightmares, so that is good.” However, one that she doubted, “By the way, who are you again, Blue Sky?”

Blue Sky asked, “Have you ever seen Yosuga no Sora?”

Kuroneko replied, “I have heard of it. After all, it is the masterpiece that caused the Siscon craze. You are not a Siscon, are you? Ew! You disgusting!”

“Hey, she also the same as me, and that means her mouth even disgusting!” Ye You grumbled to himself.

However, that world of hers had the work Yosuga no Sora, which meant… Was it not in the same world as mine?

After all, there was no Yosuga no Sora in this world, “And I was wondering if we could meet offline.”

Kuroneko asked, “And who are you, Okarin… I have never heard of that person.”

Okarin answered, “Oh~ The work of the State Secret Service is going very well. My information really did not leak out.”

Blue Sky kind of surprised, “No way, you have not even seen the Steins; Gate?”

Nevertheless, wait, when the anime Yosuga no Sora was released, Ye You cannot remember exactly, but it definitely would not be 2018.

Moreover, the year he is in right now is 2018, 15 years old. So the timeline is a bit confusing. Maybe in Kuroneko’s world, Steins; Gate has not been released yet.

However, soon, Kuroneko realized, “I have seen one or two episodes, and I have heard it is a masterpiece, but I really could not last three episodes, so I did not continue. So, is he the man of the Steins; Gate?”

Blue Sky typed, “Watch on, and you will not regret watching it afterward.”

Neet Hime copied, “Watch on, and you will not regret watching it afterward. +1”

Seventeen copied, “Watch on, and you will not regret watching it afterward. +1”

Okarin copied, “Watch on, and you will not regret watching it afterward. +1”

“……..” Ye You typed, “Okarin, why are you also following other copy-paste the chat…?”

“Uh-huh…. I cannot help but click on it…” Okarin honestly replied. “Is this a mental attack toward me from the organization?”

“Tsk, this damn +1 is actually so interesting.jpg.” Blue Sky said, “Tsk, right, I already download Steins; Gate here, do you want to see it? Okarin.”

Okarin refused, “I am very sorry, but I have already devoted myself to a great cause, and even a leisurely cup of tea is an unattainable luxury for me.”

“Alright…” Ye You thought about it but gave up on showing him the Steins; Gate.

Because although his process would be complicated, the result would be good. In other words, even if he did not interfere, he would be able to reach the ideal world line by himself alone.

More importantly, the world he was in was too unique and involved the law of cause and effect.

Therefore, this needed to be considered as thoroughly as possible. Furthermore, was the ‘plot’ of the Steins; Gate really his future ‘life’?

Ye You were in denial.

For example, he went to the world of Yosuga No Sora, but until now, He did not go to Okumizome, did he?

Likewise, there is no such thing as being ‘doomed’ in the future.  All that can be confirmed is that those episodes are ‘something that could happen.’

However, if she was Kuroneko, Ye You could send her Oreimo instead. After all, it was only a slice of life anime.

“I would really like to hear her thoughts on the review.” Ye You felt like he should have done that a long time ago.

He was a downloader club and could go to the China website and download anime without even hanging up the VPN. In his anime video file, he just happened to have this anime.

Blue Sky typed, “@Kuroneko, Ruri Goko! Do you want to see “Oreimo”?” Before the text was sent out, Ye You’s hand stopped on the keyboard.

Because when the Kuroneko had just asked him who he was, Ye You had mentioned Yosuga no Sora… This was not good.

“Phew, okay, okay, almost made a big mistake.”

Undo, undo.

Daily notification for sign-in was pop-up. Finally, Ye You opened his own “file box” in the chat room.

[Dimensional Point: 34]

Spell Card: “Poisonous Bait,” “Curse of Dreams and Reality.”

[House of Eternity’s medicine.]

Dimensional Point is more than enough.

Ye You remembered a hint that there was not enough dimensional point when he traversed the dimension.

Therefore, he should have belonged to the abnormal traversal at that time, which was why the ‘random’ phenomenon occurred.

Moreover, it could also be that it was because of the abnormal traversal that it caused the dimensional travel to enter an extended cooling-off period.

But no harm.

Since items could be transported by group members indoors, it might work for members to traverse each other.

Either way, the current situation was going in the right direction.

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