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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 06 A Basic Understanding of Magic


“You, dinner is ready.”

Gently open the door, Sora popped her head out of the gap, the soft white hair like the first snow of winter hanging down from her shoulders.

Her voice like the hidden lotus blooming elegant in the pure white snowfield. The feeling was like cleansing Ye You’s soul.

Kasugano Sora, she less proud, more fragile. There was a little bit of development trend towards the good sister attributes.

Sora happened to hear Ye You say that he like Chinese cuisine, and recently she was studying hard. In her mind, since big brother was struggled to make money, Sora has to do what she could for the family.

It was a warm winter at the moment, and the sun was warm and hanging high in the blue sky. The air was clear, and the sky was blue.

Inside the house, the freshly fried food on the dining table was fogging upwards with white mist. Ye, You and his sister were sitting opposite each other at the dining table.

“It smells good, Sora. Your cooking skills have improved again,” Ye You smiled.

Hearing Ye You’s praise, a smile could not help but appear on Sora’s face, her little head turned towards the window, “It is that true? Just making it randomly, it would be nice if You can like it.”

You ah… Ye You kind of disappointed. By the way, he really wanted to hear Sora call him ‘Oni-chan.’

However, Sora seemed to reject that form of address, and she also hated the fact that Ye You treated her like a child.

Ye You ate his food satisfied, then asked, “Have you finished reading those books I gave you?”

‘Those books’ were the books about magic and other things that Kaguya had transmitted.

Although Sora had an extraordinary trust in Ye You, ‘magic’ or whatever, it really still was not scientific.

Nevertheless, after Ye You let Sora see ‘item transmission’ once, she read the books Ye You gave her carefully with an incredible feeling.

“Finished reading,” Sora replied, the beige sunlight rushing through the window and falling on her body.

There was a shining feeling with it. Sora was excited. To be able to access these mysteries was arguably everyone’s dream come true.

“So, what do you think?”

“Hmmm…” Sora lifted her fair chin and chanted, “It is a little hard to understand. How about you? What do you think magic is?”

Ye You ate and gently put down his chopsticks, swallowed the food in his mouth, and then said, “First of all, you need to have a basic understanding of magic.”

In most people’s impressions, ‘magic’ meant waving a staff and releasing fireballs and ice bolts. The most important aspects of cultivation were something like mental strength, magical elements, spells. Nevertheless, that was not the case. There was a more decisive factor in magic: knowledge.

Magic can be roughly regarded as the phenomenon of ‘omitting the process’ or ‘simplifying the process’ to achieve the ‘result’ directly.

Furthermore, what kind of cause-and-effect relationship ‘result’ and ‘process’ had, and how they could be omitted, requires a great deal of knowledge.

It is simultaneously gathering this knowledge together, creating ‘runes,’ using ‘special elements,’ compiling the ‘process’ into a universal structure – i.e., the ‘magic’ – and then only running the magic to trigger the ‘result.’

So-called magic was such a ‘thing that even ordinary people could understand.’

Of course, mental strength, elemental perception, the architecture of the spell, and the body’s capacity were also significant. These were also vital components that could reflect ‘talent’ and ‘gift.’

So magic was indeed the miracle that could distinguish the ‘mediocre’ from the ‘talented.’

Ye You spoke softly and slowly, finished very rhythmically. Then he picked up his chopsticks again, put a piece of meat into the bowl, and said, “This is some of my basic understanding of magic.”

“Aiii~~ Is that so, even though I do not understand it, but it feels very awesome. Do you mean that magic is everyone can do?” Sora tried to understand her brother’s explanation.

Ye You nodded, “Pretty much. It is just that the ‘degree’ varies widely, and some people may only be able to make a small fireball after a lifetime of effort, so what is the point?

Might as well buy a lighter. And some can cause the elements to resonate on the first contact, architecting spell and causing incredible phenomena.”

Nonetheless, Ye You wished the Sora could learn a little bit of magic. Not to mention, having power would be very reassuring, wouldn’t it?

Furthermore, with Neet Hime as his influential friend, although she was not that good at magic, her knowledge accumulated as an immortal being was definitely not to be underestimated. With her guidance in terms of cultivation, there would be many fewer detours.

Sora frowned her eyebrows, her white transparent skin, under the direct sunlight, glistened. She was interested in magic, and it was impossible for anyone not to be. It was mysterious and miraculous.

Even if Ye You said that even ordinary people could step into the realm of magic, the fact that Sora had an inherent knowledge of its wonders still would not change.

Saw the appearance of Sora, Ye You traced the trajectory of his finger in the void. Moreover, although it did not leave any traces on the void, his finger’s rhythm seemed to contain some mystery, making it feel very otherworldly.

This was the accumulation of fifteen years of thinking about the mysterious realm, as well as three months comprehension of the knowledge that had been continuously transmitted to Neet Hime.

The traces drawn by Ye You’s fingers formed a single character. Each of which was made up of vertical lines and forty-five-degree slashes, giving it a sense of unsophisticated and straightforward transformation.

“Sora, can you see what I am writing?”

“Yes.” Sora nudged her fair chin, “this is what it called Rune.”

This rune was very much its own thing, easy to identify once you had seen it.

“Exactly. The rune contains a great deal of information in each character and is capable of communicating the elements. We do not need to delve into the principle of its ‘process omission.’ We just need to understand what each rune stands for.

Like ISA (ISA Rune), for example, which symbolizes a frozen state, all we need to do is draw out its structure and infuse it with magic to get the ability to ‘freeze’ it. By abbreviating many tedious ‘processes’ into some symbol and then combining and arranging them, we can get the desired ‘result.’ Simple, right!”

He was so excited and continued his explanation, “This is the ‘Spell.’ Like the mass-energy formula, We do not need to know how this formula is derived, but we can convert the relation between energy and quality just by using it. ‘Magic spell’ is probably similar to that. It is just that now we cannot use magic power, and we cannot stimulate the power of the runes.”

Sora put down her chopsticks. She had discovered a very crucial point that was very difficult for ordinary people to do: “You, you just said ‘infuse magic,’ right? Furthermore, what does this magic power refer to?”

Ye You blinked, “I am not sure because I cannot use ‘magic power’ yet.” But he thought whether it was spiritual power or magic power, their refers to a particular element that has the same properties — It was a mysterious substance that can be easily transformed between quality and energy

What Ye You said was ‘unable to use,’ not ‘unable to feel.’ Sora did not notice this subtle difference.

Simultaneously, there were so many different magic systems, and there was a reason why Ye You chose Rune magic. The first, of course, was that Land of Fantasy had the relevant books.

Also, Rune magic did not require much mental energy from the caster, so it was easy to get started. More importantly, Ye You had long been yearning for Rune magic. Spoke with Rune. One would think of a certain purple old woman… Not the Land of a Fantasy one.

Yesterday, Ye You were still playing FGO, and a call sign went out for Scáthach. That was why he felt sure he got a good affinity with Rune magic.

In case the chat room was connected to Nasuverse later, it might behave a common language with Scáthach when the time comes. That is an influential person.

Taking precautions is the essential operation of a knowledgeable player.

Moreover, most importantly, it was not that Ye You had to be near and far. Instead… he would not say that the magic in Land of Fantasy was simply not learned by people.

The requirements for talent were too high.

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