Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 07 Second Sight


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Magic was something that, if touched and uncovered its mysteries, would reveal that magic was also just a mass of knowledge.

It was complex and complicated and also demanded a high-level spellcaster, so it needed to be practiced.

However, it could not be rushed, and the good thing was that Ye You was now qualified to get a glimpse of it.

The current cultivation stage was mainly meditation, and in this aspect, Ye You had not slacked off since the chat room regained contact with Neet Hime.

In the past three months, Ye You found that he had not only improved his memory and comprehension, even his five senses had also been strengthened. This kind of improvement that could be felt was very encouraging.

At the same time, Ye You did not relax in terms of academics. Learning was essential, even did not know about magic, so it must not be over-ambitious.

Ye You were very conscious of this.

When he left the house, it was a beautiful day, the blue sky, white clouds, and the golden sunlight shining on the glass of tall buildings sparkling with the light of modernization. However, Ye You’s mood could not be called bright and cheerful.

Ye You have some novels on the deadline. He needs to discuss with the editor of the publishing house, initially as a writer, after came to this world, he still carried on his old carrier.

Contrary to the general Japanese light novel Abandoned Lovely, the unique web-style Dragon Proud Sky series quickly gained popularity, which allowed Ye You to debut very soon with the first prize of the Newcomers Award.

Nevertheless, the volume average reached 16,000 cannot get up, and recently there has even been a downward trend.

The industry’s average sales volume is 15,000, and Ye You is barely maintaining a passing grade. The so-called ‘highly anticipated sturdy-style genius novelist’ would soon be falling off the limelight. Well, this kind of thing is also widespread in the industry.

This time, Ye You is discussing the transition with the editor, adding cute elements to the invincible stream. However, the risk was huge, and if it failed, there might be no more light novels.

“Maybe I can write a novel about my experiences? It is still fascinating what the chat room says.” This was not only more engaging but also very realistic.

Nevertheless, Ye You thought about it on second thought, it seemed to have zero feasibility.

In Japan, where copyright protection was stringent, it was not like no one had ever thought of the novel’s chat room setting, only that no one would write about it out of concern that it would violate copyright.

Ye You proudly said, “Aii, my China is still better.”

“Eh, wait. China?” An exciting light flashed in Ye You’s eyes, “I am so stupid. Why am I focusing all my attention on the light novels over here? The potential for web novels in China is also huge, and there is no restriction on writing the same type of novels.”

“I can go to some point in China to write web novels ah!” Ye You clapped his hands and marveled at his wisdom.

Even the subsequent steps were figured out, Ye You would ask a friend of China’s to use her ID and bank card for an account at a certain point.

The steps to the editing building became lighter this time, and even if the transition failed, there was still web publishing.

Moreover, at this moment, Ye You felt himself pass through a film, then his body was slightly cold. This was?

He stopped in his tracks and looked backward in confusion.

What was this unusual sensation… “What was that?”

Ye You saw a white shadow floating in the air, exactly where it had just advanced.

It floated so ghostlily in the air, but the surrounding pedestrians were ignoring this white shadow. Ye You walked in and tried to touch it with his fingers, but the white shadow dodged away as if frightened, drifting towards the sky and hiding on the side of the building.

“That thing, what the hell is it?”

Ye You stared blankly at the disappearing white shadow and was suspicious with it.

He opened the chat room. I told Neet Hime the details of what had just happened.

Neet Hime was shocked, “Second Sight!”

Neet Hime said so, and Ye You also affirmed his inner suspicion that what he had just seen……. Was it really a ghost?

Blue Sky confused, “Second Sight?”

From now on, Ye You finally had the most direct senses that were different from those of ordinary people.

With the feeling of a leap in his heart, he has one foot in the door of the new world.

Neet Hime “Well, the names vary, but since it sees ghosts, let us call it Second Sight for now. This is another sensory organ formed after mental power is strong. It can see things you cannot usually see.

Neet Hime “Although you can only see a white shadow right now, not a specific face, and the Second Sight is still not fully formed, but after only three months of meditation, you have already surpassed many people by being able to do this.”

“And you? How long did it take you to turn on your Second Sight?” Ye You casually asked this.

Neet Hime proudly said, “I have been there since birth, no special training needed.”

Ye You speechless and typed “…”

As expected, some existences could not be compared. Ye You wisely did not go more in-depth on this topic of so-called talent. Instead, He moved on to the question of how to effectively improve his cultivation.

Neet Hime said, “Since you have already turned on your Second Sight, it will be easier to practice magic.”

“Oh? The Second Sight that Blue Sky had opened in three months? It is exceptionally gifted.” Seventeen interjected. “We just happened to have had a conversation with a certain great yin-yang master. Some of them might be useful to you.”

Neet Hime raised her eyebrows in front of the computer, and the old woman wanted to cut her off?

Neet Hime was the one who started it, whether it was teaching Ye You magic or the chat room.

So likely to let Seventeen have it so quickly.

Neet Hime aggressively typed, “When adults speak, do not butt in, kid. What do you know about, Seventeen? The Yin Yang Master is only the last branch of China Yin Yang; it is not a big deal.”

“Ohhhhhh, what is with that angry tone? It sounds like the sad cry of a defeated dog.” Seventeen responded, then Seventeen continued, “The Yin-Yang Master indeed originated from the Theory of Yin Yang and Five Elements during a contending period of a hundred schools of thought. However, countless sages have been perfected and improved and have been reborn for a long time, then become one lineage. You are too stingy if you ignore this point and cling to the last section. If Tsukuyomi were to find out that the Princess of Lunar Capital only has this tolerance, he would cry.”

[Seventeen banned for 24 hours.]


Seventeen gracefully leaned against the crack and gazed at the chat room in one of Land of Fantasy’s realms where heaven and earth meet.

Her chat room interface did not exist among computers or cell phones but in the cracks of space.

After being banned at the moment, she was slightly stunned, having never been exposed to a modern-style chat tool. Seventeen obviously did not think there was such an operation.

“Administrator, it seems like a good one.”

A playful smile then curled her lips, and she thought of the two spell cards she had uploaded. Although they were said to be transmitted to the chat room, it was impossible to just return to nothingness. There was bound to be attribution in the end, and that person, most likely, was the room leader.

Furthermore, as long as he used the spell card…

On the other hand, Neet Hime tangibly experienced the authorization holder’s majesty, which was not too tremendous. Every cell in her body was permeated with pleasure.

“Hahaha, I have always convinced people with reason, never bothering to argue with them.” With a massive wave of her hand, she continued, “Blue Sky, let us continue to talk about magic.”

Ye You typed, “…”

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