Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 09 The Useless Angel


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Blue Sky replied, “Well. The story is probably about an older brother playing a sleazy game on his sister’s computer in her room.”

“Huh? What is that? It is just a mere pervert, isn’t it?” Kuroneko skeptical, “I think you also said that Yosuga no Sora before. You are a hentai Siscon, right?”

Ye You’s bottom heart crossed the pure white and exact figure of Sora and immediately denied it. “I am not. I am not, do not talk nonsense!”

Blue Sky said, “I am just kind, and since you do not want it, I will not force it.” He typed again, “Goodbye!”

Kuroneko fast responded, “Wait…” She said, “Send me that novel.”

“Heh? Does that interest you? As expected, a synopsis should highlight the main points ah.” Ye You said silently in his mind.

Blue Sky replied, “Wait, I will look for it.”

It was not actually looking, just thinking about where it would be better to send it to the end.

“It will not be fun if she realizes something. Let us change the name Goko Ruri to Genmu Riru, and let us change the family background as well. As for the others…. Well, forget it. That is it.”

The corner of Ye You’s mouth touched up in a nice curve, “Who let you call me a hentai Siscon.”

Then let Kuroneko write her own story of falling in love with a defeated dog. Soon he sent the first chapter of the first volume of Oreimo.

This chapter mainly tells the story of the older brother, Kyousuke Kosaka, who accidentally discovered his younger sister Kirino’s otaku personality and was thus invaded by the proud and far more petite sister at night discuss life.

Kuroneko responded after reading the chapter that Ye You sent to her, “It really is still disgusting. Really, I wonder why I was expecting such words from hentai Siscon like you.”

Ah, Ye You used to think that hentai was nothing but a cute way to add to a character’s existence, but now it looks like a winter wind. Also, he already labeled as a hentai Siscon?

Ye You was a little guilty, and it seemed that every novel of his did indeed have a sister. However, that could not be used as a basis for a conclusion.

Blue Sky asked, “So, you do not, either?”

Kuroneko answered, “Is this not a natural thing to do? What ‘otherworldly fiction’, if I really believed that, would not mean I am crazy? No, because you are the one who said that, you are the crazy one.”

Well, that was true according to ordinary logic. Kuroneko, she was an otaku with common sense! It does not match her nickname of jyakigan-kei denpa-onna at all.

Ye You would not explain anything, anyway, as long as she was inside this chat room. She would sooner or later notice the abnormality and then just wait for her to beg for herself.

The facts speak louder than words. Too much explanation now will instead have a feeling of worthlessness.

Just like that, another thirty minutes passed, Ye You, who was writing the manuscript while monitoring the screen, was called out by Neet Hime.

Neet Hime start to explained, “Blue Sky, did you understand what I said? The structure of multiple spells is mainly a model constraint on magic power. The compatibility of different combinations varies greatly. It is straightforward, according to your talent, it should not be challenging to learn.”

Ye You’s head swelled.

Only in terms of responsibility, Neet Hime is a good teacher.


Blue Sky responded, “That, I think it is better to explain the basics first. For example, how to structure a magic circle.”

Magic Circle, a phrase very familiar to anime otaku, often appears in the Type-Moon world. However, in this case, the magic circle is not the narrow term used in the Type-Moon World, which is a circle that draws magic power from the source and converts it to your own use.

Instead, it is a more general term used to describe the trait that identifies ordinary people from wizards.

The precondition for releasing magic is magical power, and the source of magical power can be many different ways.

Some people were born with magic power in their bodies, such as converting from a great source or absorbing crystallized elements.

However, the most common way now, as Ye You said, was to draw free magic elements from the air.

Neet Hime agreed, “Well, that makes sense. If a magic circle was not formed, even if you practice drawing magic elements, they would dissipate because they cannot be stored. You wait for a while, and I am not sure about that. I will send Reisen to The Koumakan.”

Blue Sky replied, “Thank you very much, then.”

In the meantime, they had a rare chance to keep talking about magic. Moreover, another person joined in.

[Useless to join the chat room]

Useless said, “Hey? I thought it was a gaming group. Why is it all talk about magic? Am I in the wrong group?”

“Well? This is?” From the ID alone, Ye You could not tell who it was.

However, being accustomed to the topic of magic and like to play games, if episodes classified it, it would probably be modern fantasy.

Blue Sky typed, “Welcome newcomers.”

Neet Hime copied, “Welcome newcomers.”

“Hey, did someone else join? Welcome newcomers. Haha, I am a senior now too.” Kuroneko has been diving for half an hour and has emerged again.

“Oh, is there a new comrade joining? Is this also Steins;Gate’s choice… In any case, there is still a rough road ahead, but before we reach the ideal line, let us keep watch and hold each other up as we move forward.” Okarin appeared occasionally, and the lines were as shameful as ever.

Useless speechless, “huh?”

Okarin explained, “Ahahahaha! Don’t you get it? Newcomer yo, you are chosen for an extraordinary existence.”

Useless sent, “Cold-shoulder.jpg.” Furthermore, she typed again, “Ah, I got it, that is what has often referred to among the humans in the lower realms, chuunibyou, right?”

It was confirmed that two of them are like this but did not have to say that word out loud. Ye You silently spat in his heart.

Blue Sky explained, “In other words, as it says, this is a chat room that connects dimensions, so please be happy with each other from now on.”

Neet Hime typed, “Let us have fun together (^^)v.”

Kuroneko said, “Ah, here we go again. BlueSky, this synopsis has already been played, next.” And then she asked, “But, newcomer-Kun, which faction are you in?”

Kuroneko was probably trying to ask if it was an otaku.

Useless answered honestly, “I am an angel.”

Kuroneko’s grin was growing pleasant,” Very well, then we are enemies.”


In a one-bedroom apartment, there was a young girl who no longer has ambition and dreams.

She had beautiful blonde hair, but it had turned into a mess of fluffy curls because she had not taken care of it for days.

The girl has an angelic face, but her eyes look like crap because of the heavy bags underneath them.

The young girl was wearing a school jersey, sitting cross-legged in front of her computer, crunching and chewing potato chips.

She was staring at the scene in the chat room with a pair of large, dull eyes and an indifferent expression.

“So many chuunibyou in here.”

The young girl was just looking for game strategies. It would be nice if she could meet a big brother to exchange ideas.

In the past, she did not have to bother so much. She could just top her game up over. Except now that it was only ten days into the month, but the budget funding has already reached the end.

Ah, it was not very good. Forget the food, but no top-up… So painful.

The young girl now had a seemingly better understanding of a quote she had once heard somewhere – you cannot buy happiness with money because you do not have it.

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