Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 10 The Things I Can’t Cut Off Don’t Exist


When ‘Useless’ said that she was an angel, Ye You roughly guessed her identity. There is only one invalid angel who likes to play games – Gabriel White Tenma. The 2016 Anime (the world that Ye You in was also the 2016 anime).

She has initially been an honors student who graduated as a top student at Angel School. She then went to human society’s school to start a general education journey.

Still, after coming into contact with the game anime, the original honors angel corrupted and spent her days obsessing over the internet, not doing her job, and ultimately looking like a useless otaku.

In all these circumstances, the chat room has finally gathered seven people. Legend states that gathering seven Dragon Balls will allow you to summon a divine dragon and grant a wish.

The Holy Grail war also uses the seven heroic spirits to achieve some miracle. God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

So Ye You always felt that when seven people were gathered, something would happen in the chat room.

However, there was not.

Ah, there was still something. It is possible to do a ‘different dimension network,’ but it requires Ye You to activate it.

It requires a hundred-dimensional point. Moreover, Ye You currently only had 34 points of dimensional points. It was equal to none.

“Ah, dimensional points ah dimensional points. It is really something to love and hate.”

The chat room was currently only able to transmit text messages. The dimensional points limited a large part of it.

A video connection, for example, requires 50-dimensional points to activate. For voice chat, it needed 30-dimensional points to start. Ye You currently had enough, but it was impossible to spend on it.

“Speaking of the last item transfer, it is such a powerful feature, but it was activated without spending the dimensional points. Is it because of the first activation, which comes with a benefit?”

Ye You opened the profile page somewhat despairingly. He was surprised to find that his dimensional points had increased to 84 points.

“An extra 50 points?” He shook, “Is it because Gabriel joined?!”

Ye You was in a beautiful mood.

In the past, new members did not increase their dimensional points. Only signing in and providing special items to the chat room would increase their dimensional points.

However, the second option was unnecessary for the room leader because the things provided eventually belonged to the room leader.

In other words, Ye You can only sign in and wait for others to provide items. When others offer items to the chat room, the room leader will also increase their dimensional points by the same amount.

Furthermore, now, just by adding a new member, it goes up by 50 points!

“As it turns out, 7 is a lucky number.”

Different dimension network must be on. Not to mention, it is an artifact of becoming a Plagiarist.

“There are still 16 points to go. For signing on… It takes 160 days…”


Ye You was desperate for this mechanism that only increased one dimension’s value after ten days after signing in (discontinued sign-in make the accumulation restart).

Even the room leader could not make changes to the obtaining of the dimensional points at will.

Although the dimensional points were attached to the chat room, Ye You felt that it did not strictly belong to the chat room.

It is now midnight, the icy moon was high outside the window, and cold light was spreading on the ground.

Kuroneko and Okarin popped ahead and offline, probably going to bed. Useless Angel did not say anything and should have gone on to play the game, but just now also noted that she was looking for game tips.

The only ones who spoke were Neet Hime and Ye You.

BlueSky said, “By the way, this world also has such things as magic.” Ye You turned on the Second Sight and could already vaguely feel the unique presence in the air.

Since Neet Hime said that she could structure a magic circle, Ye You, who could not generate magic from himself, would have to draw it from outside.

Moreover, as soon as the magic circle was completed, it would act like ‘physical strength,’ Even if he consumes it, he could recover slowly.

Neet Hime responded, “What are you talking about? Your perceptions are fundamentally mistaken.”

Blue Sky was confused, “What misconception?”

Neet Hime asked, “You seem to think there are worlds where magic does not exist?

Blue Sky doubt, “Isn’t it?”

Neet Hime said, “Mmm… I cannot conclude that either because I have never been to any other world.”

Wasn’t that a self-contradictory statement? Ye You did not rush to argue and waited for the rest of the story.

Neet Hime explained, “But whether it is magic or spiritual power, they are all different forms of manifestation of the same substance, like liquid, solid, and vaporous water. Of course, their previous differences will be even more significant. Let us call them spirit power from now on generically. As long as there are intelligent beings present, there will be spiritual energy. Unless… The planet where it is located has already ‘died.’ So, no matter which world, as long as there are ‘people,’ there will be spiritual power. This is my conclusion.”

So it was a deduction. Ye You sighed. This was the benefit of an Immortal being. The accumulation of knowledge to a certain level and just making a simple organic combination could produce a huge chain effect.

As the night approached, Kaguya sat quietly in front of her computer. The cold light of the screen was mirrored on her beautiful, more than another girl’s face. It reflects a more profound temperament than the starry sky.

The corners of her mouth curved as if to laugh at herself, “Even if the people of Lunar Capital despise the people of earth and consider humans to be filthy and lowly. But ah-“

She continued, “Although there are many incredible things in this world. No matter how weird or strange they are, as long as no one is there, no one sees them, and as long as no one has anything to do with them. They are nothing more than “phenomena” that are fleeting. Talent is the most incredible thing in the world.”

Then she asked, “Blue Sky, don’t you think so?”

Who knows… He just tried to understand this architecture magic circle, this kind of deep stuff Neet Hime and Seventeen discussed. Ye You are helpless.

Speaking of Seventeen, she seemed to be banned still.

Ye You took a look, and there were still 16 hours and 53 minutes before the ban.

She felt that it seemed a bit too much to ban someone for 24 hours for something that was not even a quarrel, and then Ye You spoke up.

Blue Sky said, “Speaking of which, un-ban seventeen.”

Neet Hime agreed, “Feel free to do that. I am okay with that.”

Anyway, it is pleasurable as long as you let that self-righteous great sage to get suffocation.

Received a reply, Ye You released Seventeen.

Seventeen typed, “Thank you, Blue Sky.”

She spoke right after unbanning. Has this guy been peeking at the screen? Not bad for an idler.

Blue Sky asked, “Have you always been there?”

Seventeen answered, “Coincidence, Coincidence. The night is the only time we do anything.”

Seventeen stood on the lake, gracefully folding her fan, the ripples on the surface of the lake shimmering and reflecting the moon like water. “In return, our gratitude has been delivered.”

Neet Hime’s side, she felt that something was wrong. Seventeen came out from the small dark house. Why hasn’t Reisen returned yet?

A Japanese girl in Jūnihitoe (ancient Japanese clothes) put on headphones and played the game. Time is moving forward a few hours.

Scarlet Devil Mansion, Voile the Magic Library.

“What? The Basic Introduction to Magic Circles is on loan? Who is it?” The half-human, half-spirit white-haired girl was shocked.

“It is Reisen of the Eternity House. Are you going to learn magic, too, Youmu?” Patchouli answered her in purple tulle pajamas, the library witch.

“How long has it been borrowed away?” Youmu pursued the question.

“Just a moment ago…” Before she could finish her sentence, Youmu turned into a white light and snatched out the door.

Patchouli rubbed her sleepy eyes, “What is going on? Is everyone so interested in magic lately?”

Youmu was dashing through the forest, her hand tightly gripped on the hilt of her sword, this sword was called Roukanken, and with just one swing, it had the power to slay ten spirits.

Simultaneously, as the Chief Sword Master of White Jade Tower, she also possessed another spirit sword, Hakurouken.

This was the supreme treasure handed down from Konpaku’s family. It contained the power to sever confusion.

“Lord Yuyuko’s command… Absolutely cannot disappoint Lord Yuyuko. Blocking the reputation of the Konpaku Family, I will definitely bring the book back to Hakugyokurou.”

Jumping over the tree-top, she saw a pink-haired rabbit strolling in the bamboo forest.

Hakurouken, sheath!

Roukanken, roar!

With the passion of determination, and the two swords turned into wings. Youmu leaped up, bringing down two white, fierce lights from the sky.

[Slash of the Eternal Future]

“What I cannot cut off – hardly exists!”

“…Eh? — Eh eh eh?”

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